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‘Gek genoeg gewoon Een andere visie op stemmen horen en beelden zien’

by Tilly Gerritsma/Titus Rivas, Deventer Price, 2007, Netherlands.

Book Description:

The phenomenon of hearing voices and seeing images or visions is much more widespread than is commonly thought. Nonetheless, mainstream psychiatry continues to treat such hallucinations as evidence for a mental disorder. ‘Gek genoeg gewoon’ tries to show how outdated this view actually is. Experiential expert Tilly Gerritsma describes her personal process of hearing voices and related phenomena, and how she learnt to deal with them, through the aid of ‘the voice’. She shows that hearing voices can be seen as an opportunity for both psychological and emotional as well as spiritual growth.

Psychologist and philosopher Titus Rivas gives a comprehensive survey of theories about hallucinations. He endorses approaches that offer resistance to a one-sided biopsychiatric view, such as social psychiatry, and emphasizes the reality and normality of paranormal experiences. Hearing voices: an opportunity for emotional and spiritual growth!

About the authors

Tilly Gerritsma (1953) is a mother of four sons. She’s a member of the staff of Stichting Weerklank, and a counselor, and she also gives lectures and workshops about hearing voices and extrasensory experiences.

Titus Rivas, MA (1964) is an author, researcher and teacher. He’s affiliated to Athanasia Foundation in Nijmegen. Ankh-Hermes previously published his book ‘Parapsychologisch onderzoek naar reïncarnatie en leven na de dood’ .

152 pages., pb. Dutch Ankh-Hermes, Deventer Price ca. € 12,50 ISBN 978 90 202 8464 5

Meine Stimmen – Quaelgeister und Schutzengel. Texte einer engagierten Stimmenhoererin

(“My Voices – Pest and Guardian Angels. Texts of a Committed Voice Hearer”)
by Hannelore Klafki, Antipsychiatrieverlag, 2006.

This is the document of an unusual woman. It includes her passionate texts on hearing voices, her unveiled biographical memories, her texts critisicing psychiatry and her expressive sculptures.
“…my voices educated me to become a power woman. At some point I decided to stop being a victim.”
Hannelore Klafki died too early in September 2005, so this book is in memory of her life and work within the hearing voices movement. Only available in German.

Ausbruch aus dem Angstkäfig – Ein Stimmenhörer berichtet

(Escaping from the Cage of Fear – A Voice Hearer’s Report)
by Andreas Gehrke, Paranus Verlag, 2003.

For over 10 years Andreas Gehrke fought with intrusive voices from heaven and hell. In more than 15 psychotic episodes they held him in their power. This book is an amazingly precise and enlightening account of his struggles with his frightening world of voices – and his escape from his “cage of fear”. It is only available in German.

Stimmenhoeren – Botschaften aus einer inneren Welt

(Hearing Voices – Messages from an Inner World)
by Irene Stratenwerth and Thomas Bock, Kabel Verlag, 2002.

This book gives a comprehensive overview about the experience of hearing voices by taking into account what voice hearers say and how they cope with their voices.

It is only available in German.

Recovery – Das Ende der Unheilbarkeit

by Michaela Amering und Margit Schmolke, Psychiatrie Verlag, 2007.


“Vorhersagen sind schwierig, besonders, wenn sie sie Zukunft betreffen.” (Karl Valentin).

Das gilt auch für die Schizophrenie. Mit den Daten der Verlaufsforschung wird nicht nur das seit 100 Jahren tradierte falsche Diktum der Unheilbarkeit von Schizophrenie ad acta gelegt, sondern auch ihrer Gesundheit. Persönliche Erfahrungen (…) sind sehr wichtig für die Entwicklung von neuen Behandlungsansätzen. Genesung – Recovery – definiert sich dabei weniger durch die Abwesenheit von symptomen als durch den Zugewinn an Lebensqualität.

Allen Genesenden gemeinsam ist die Erfahrung, dass sie die Hoffnung auf Besserung nie aufgegeben haben. Ihre Botschaft: Hoffnung macht Sinn. Es ist die wichtigste Aufgabe psychiatrischer Träger überhaupt, die Hoffnung auf Besserung und Genesung zu erhalten und die psychischen Widerstandskräfte zu stärken.

Entendre des Voix: Guide Pratique

by Paul Baker, Mouvement Les Sans-Voix/Association Ecrivains, Poetes & Cie, 1999

French language translation of the introductory booklet to hearing voices, “The Voice inside” by Paul Baker. Published by the Mouvement Les Sans-Voix/Association Ecrivains, Poetes & Cie, Geneve, ISBN 2-88462-038-9. To order, write to: Mouvement Les Sans-Voix, Case postale, 235, CH – 1211, Geneve 17 or email Theresa Krummenacher [email protected]

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  1. Ana Laura Martínez Gardoqui

    I´m very happy to find the Intervoice movement, I recovered the hope for the health of my son that is hospitalized in this moment and I´m devastated because I don´t understand the truth about that.
    My problem is that I´m from Tijuana, México and need the information in spanish if that is possible.
    Or maybe there are a group in San Diego California that is near here.
    I´m desperated, frustrated and very tired.

    Thank you very much for your answer as soon as possible,

    Ana Laura

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