Treatment Approaches & Professional Help

For those who seek support from mental health services, it is vitally important that these services have the latest information available to guide them. Whether you’re a voice-hearer, family member or worker – these books will share some of the latest ideas around working with people who hear voices. It also includes down to earth information on medication use.

Psychosis as a Personal Crisis: An Experience-Based Approach

Marius Romme & Sandra Escher, ISPS, 2012

“In the entire book, there is a laudable effort to free voice hearers from social silence and stigma, and to promote their participation in self-help groups and forums with other persons who live with or lived through similar experiences.

For this reason, this book is also of fundamental value for the persons who hear voices, for their family and friends. It is also necessary reading for any person interested in this innovating therapeutic avant-garde approach because the Hearing Voices Movement is one of social liberation.” – Manuel González de Chávez, From the Foreword.

Making Sense of Voices – A guide for professionals who work with voice hearers

by M. Romme and S. Escher. Mind, 2000.

Marius Romme and Sandra Escher triggered a seismic shift in the understanding of voice-hearing. They put the powerful case for accepting and validating people’s own interpretations of their voices, and showed how such interpretations often enabled people to live with them far more effectively than bio-medical approaches. This handbook for practitioners builds on this work. It combines examples with guidance on the various processes involved in enabling voice-hearers to deal with their voices and lead an active and fulfilling life.

How to Set up and Run a Hearing Voices Group

DVD produced by Working to Recovery. Find out more about how you can set up and run a successful hearing voices group. Price: £30.00 plus p&p. You can order the DVD here

Doctoring the Mind: Is Our Current Treatment of Mental Illness Really Any Good?

Richard Bentall

Richard picks apart the science that underlies our current psychiatric practice.

Alternatives Beyond Psychiatry (2007)

Edited by Peter Lehmann published by Peter Lehmann publishing.

Reflects current approaches to self-help and non-psychiatric alternatives in cases of acute emotional problems.

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  1. Trinidad Sandoval


    I have my father with schizoaffective syndrome diagnosis and 10 years ago. The right now is stable to treatment with drugs but I would like to discuss alternatives to aid you in your healing.
    I don’t speak english
    I speak Spanish.

    I hope I can send information


  2. Rosangela Santos

    Dear Sirs,
    I’m trying to discover something like you studies FOR YEARS! My loved son has been diagnosticated with schizoaffective since 10 years ago and I tried to keep him without medicines durant 5,5 years. I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!
    Please, do you have brazilians who think like you?
    I would be very much happy in find them. Please, let me know their adresses.
    I don´t speak english very well, I speak portuguese.

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