Hearing Voices Movement

Research and articles on the topic of the hearing voices movement and its development.

Christine Assiz (1991), Heard but not seen; Independent on Sunday, 6th January 1991.

Mike Grierson (1991), A Report on the Manchester Hearing Voices Conference November 1990 Hearing Voices Network

Adam James (2001), Raising our Voices: History of the Voice hearing movement. Handsell UK

Gail Hornstein (2009), Agnes’s jacket: a psychologist’s search for the meanings of madness. Rocdale Books

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  1. Josinalva

    Dear AlexThank you very much for getting in caocntt and for letting us know about your commitment to setting up a branch/group in Jo’burg. This is great news and we will be willing to assist you in any way we can.Meanwhile with respect to information, I suggest you look at some of the literature on the hearing voices approach and other resources on setting up groups. You can find a selection of publications on our site here you can purchasethese directly or via amazon/ or the publishers.I would recommend the following:Living with Voices 50 Stories of Recovery, Professor Marius Romme et al(2009) PCCS Books/Birmingham City University, UK (Good section on role ofHearing Voices Groups and recvoery)How to start and run a Hearing Voices Group DVD, Working To Recovery (2010)The Voice Inside A practical guide for and about people who hear voices,Paul Baker (2009)Working with Voices, Ron Coleman and Mike Smith (2007)Best wishesPaul Baker

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