Positive and Pleasurable Voices

Elisa Gatiss, Robert Dudley, Bryony McGregor, and Mark Freeston (2006) Positive Experiences of Voices University of Newcastle Upon Tyne. UK
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Sanjuan J, Gonzalez JC, Aguilar EJ, Leal C and Os J; Pleasurable auditory hallucinations Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica 2004; 110 (4); 273-278
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2 responses to “Positive and Pleasurable Voices”

  1. Rachel Te Matapuna

    I am unable to access ac opy of the Gatis, Dudley et Al 2006 .. can you assist?
    Rachel Te Matapuna

  2. Phillip Stacey

    Hi Intervoice,

    I have been working in the public mental health sector for years working with voice hearers from a psychological framework. I’m also a member of ISPS and collaborate with psychologically minded health professionals, some I’m sure you already know.

    I have moved to a university to teach and start a program of research on positive and supportive aspects of voices, and on what makes HVG successful. I have an Honours student who is about to start a research project on positive voices what environmental factors these versus critical and hostile voices.

    We have some local support from NGO’s (Communify and Richmond Fellowship), and we’d really appreciate support from Intervoice.

    Kind regards,

    Phillip & Rachael

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