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In this section we will collect together a range of articles and resources relating to coping with, living with and recovering from distressing voices.

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A Practical Guide to Coping with Hearing Voices

A practical guide that asks: what is it like to hear voices, why does it start and how can people cope better with this experience?

This guide has been written as an introduction to this different way of thinking about “hearing voices”. Hearing voices can be a very disturbing experience, both for the person who hears voices and family and friends. To date, very little has been written about this experience and its meaning, usually it is regarded as a symptom …

Hearing Voices Groups

This section includes information on attending, launching and facilitating Hearing Voices Groups.

Hearing Voices groups provide a safe place to talk about your experiences. You may feel that sometimes these experiences are very distressing and overwhelming, but sharing this can help.


Articles and resources related to recovery. It includes articles by Dirk Corstens and Marius Romme, as well as people with lived experience of recovering from distressing voices.

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A link to a discussion forum provided by The Mental Health Forum in association with Intervoice. This forum provides an opportunity to share your views and experiences – and link with other people who hear voices too.

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Many people leave comments on the Intervoice website. Some of these are from people asking questions or sharing their experiences. This section provides a special place for these contributions, increasing the likelihood that they will be seen by other readers – and replied to. Feel free to leave a comment and connect with other people in the Hearing Voices Movement.

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  1. Raina Walks

    My voices talked all day yesterday. Last night as I was about to go to sleep they ramped it up and got loud and aggressive. I turned on the radio and that made them quieter but it does not always work.

    They are only quiet when I am talking to other people. Sometimes they let me read other times they are very loud and distracting when I am trying to read.

    They keep trying to chip away at my self esteem but I found that when I said back to them what they were saying to me I felt better. It felt like I was hitting back and I was empowered by that behaviour.

    Wish they would just go away….there would be so many things that I would do…I am working on my underlying issues and that weakens the impact on the voices…they don’t cause me to want to cry as much because it is rough having voices raging loudly in your head all day long without wanting to cry.

    1. Paul Walker

      Have you tried DLA if you need care you can get it with this benefit
      if you go to welfare rights they will tell you what benefits you can get
      and what help you can apply for hope this help you.

    2. Me

      I have not just heard unwanted voices but also seen but now feel Gods love. If this is happening then i implore you to get a Bible. God is real and you can be healed read his word and learn. Start at the new testament believe in Jesus Christ our savior. I can recommend a website for the bible if needed. Also i strongly recommend listening or watching Joyce Meyer tv show, search her name on tv she is very empowering. May God bless you always and you receive his blessings. May you please know you already have been blessed with peace all you need to do is grasp it.

    3. Me

      I don’t think people who hear voices are “crazy” at all. I think we are gifted with an extreme amount of intelligence which is beautiful. Unfortunately all that intelligence is honed and focused on feeling extreeeeeeemmmellyyy self conscious which is a huuuuuuggggeee burden to overcome. The good news is that God instilled in you and surrounded you, just like he instilled and surrounded me, with the tools and positive people to overcome it. Your TRUE intelligence can be slowly revealed to you as you slowly begin to not worry so much about what other people and society thinks of you. How can they possibly understand? Only our loving intelligent creator (God), and his messenger, Jesus, completely understands you.

      I think every voice hearer has gone through stuff. Our minds were equipped with the tools the tools to cope with it all!!! Were pretty much evolved and futuristic.

      Here’s a fast fact that’ll give you some peace?
      I’ve come to figure out were actually less crazy then a lot of people! I think most of us “voice hearers” don’t come to that conclusion very easily. I know I sure as heck didn’t.

      For me I came to that conclusion or peace through trying to completely figure out the world and my self awareness. It took a good amount of time but I’ve come to accept the fact that there’s always going to be mystery to the world! The difference between where I started and where I’m at now is that I know have my own reasons for part of the mystery and my human self awareness and that gives me peace.

      Pondering both yourself and our human existence are the two scariest and most complex concepts for us as humans to try and wrap our heads around. But my smart friends you have to give it a shot! These two concepts unfortunately, in my opinion, are the most neglected and socially unacceptable things for us to ask ourselves and I think this modern un-acceptance of them is tragic for people. I mean seriously. Who decides that these questions shouldn’t be brought up? Who says I cant think or talk about those kind of things? Or if I do that I “shouldn’t think about those kinda things so much”. People seem to just not want to ever talk about it! Your equivalents or other people say those things. NOT your superior Jesus. He never told us not to think about those kinda things. I like to think that Jesus would say something like “Go ahead and think about it! If you reallllllly ponder your self awareness and your existence and then read or listen to my words, then those words will be so much clearer to you then to a lot of other people : )” …. because I did just that! I didn’t know exactly what I was doing at the time but I kept pushing through the emotional instability and pain of unacceptance. I was getting better and better and closer and closer to Jesus and I’m still on the journey to getting closer to him but I’m so much closer then when I started and it makes me feel satisfied thinking about how far i’ve come.

      So your probably thinking “Great… Another success story to make myself feel like doo doo” well I challenge you to change your mindset and maybe say something along the lines of “Maybe this guys on to something” and go from there.

      Your here for a reason! You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and stars, WE have a right to be here. Even if we don’t COMPLETELY understand it, with a positive mindset, the universe will unfold as it should.

      We voice hearers, as the intelligent human beings we ARE, I believe have to voice how we feel. We neglect our emotions to an extreme extent. But finding the ideal listener to hear how we feel is hard, Because were surrounded by a majority that isn’t as gifted intellectually and doesn’t understand that most of our brain power is focused on hiding ourselves : / This can be overwhelming but we still need to seek help and talk about the voices and not let them run our lives. Were human beings afterall. Really complex and smart ones. But humans nonetheless. We GOTTA unload that heavy burden to someone. Be it a guardian figure, a psychologist, or whoever. Find the meaning in what they say but be careful because often times people tell you something meaning well but really set you up for unhappiness. Use good judgment when listening to others.

      A key I found is to never lose hope friends. Even when persecuted and rejected. It means nothing in the “big picture”. Never ever lose that last instance of hope. I got close but I am so glad I didn’t. The world can be a way less stressful place if we just listen and open our minds to the wonderful world around us.

      So thats all great Alex… But why are people trying to label us as “crazy”?

      Because they want to give reasons for things just like every human does. But often times the reasons people come up with are wrong, especially when it comes to something as complex as the mind and something they have NEVER EXPERIENCED FOR THEMSELVES! Were different and society has a way of categorizing and labeling differences, its in our nature to label and give name to things. But the labels we’ve been given are wrong. So go set your mind and body free from the extreme hurt and oppression that negative people have trapped your mind in : ) Once you TRULY start seeing yourself as a gifted human being and not crazy TRUST me, things start to look up : ) Don’t lose hope my gifted friends. Never lose hope. Thats the key to life! Even when persecuted and rejected. It means nothing in the “big picture”. Adapt. We need to adapt to handling the negative people that were surrounded by and know that its not us but them with the issues whenever we are treated poorly by them.

      I’d like to end this hopefully helpful rant with the words of one of my role models Pope John Paul the 2nd.

      “Do not be afraid”


    4. Mercy Wangare

      Dear Raina,

      Thanks for your encouraging storie.I also experience hearing voices and i have been hearing them for 3 and a half years.
      At first it was like being in hell.And all i could seek was to look for greater Love that was more than i could ever known.I sought to understand, at first.Then,i kept praying and seeking the love like that of Jesus Christ, and for the last few years upto know i am experiencing good,encouraging voices ,comforting and Godly.I will encourage you to pray and ask God in Christ to help you regain Love and upper understanding and restoration.God Bless,Holy Mercy Love

  2. Raina Walks

    I applied for CPP Disability Benefits and they did not agree to give me the help. That got me really angry. They said my injury was not prolonged and severe. Those are days that I wish the very experience that I am having on the person making the decision and want them to tell me if they can concentrate and work normally with loud aggressive derogatory demeaning voices…they said that they believe I can do some kind of work.

    I can barely make it through a two hour group therapy session…how can I work for four hours where I have to concentrate or deal with high volumes of people with voices raging in my mind? Last night I fought with the voices until my medication caused me to pass out … thank goodness for the drugs…but for them I would be hearing voices 24 hours a freaking day…they ruined me financially and are still not satisfied…they said they want me homeless and on the street and will torment me until that happens and even if that happens. I hate my voices…they are terribly mean and nasty and cannot be negotiated with and show no mercy. They hurt me physically too. I went walking yesterday and they made me feel like there was a nail in my left food the pain was real and I fought them by saying it was not and tried walking without a limp but that was next to impossible.

    I cannot say that I accept being a voice hearer…it is debilitating and can be terrifying…they almost frightened me out of my home when they first attacked me.

    1. Susan fowler

      We can empathize with you! It totally takes over ones life. My son is dealing with a threatening voice also,but his wants him dead not just homeless! He says he likes your voice better!!

    2. Janet

      Make sure you appeal the CPP decision.
      Get a medical report from your family doctor and also from your psychiatrist.
      Don’t give up on your application- eventually you will have a face to face hearing with a tribunal and you will be able to describe your daily life. Your chance of getting teh pension will be better.

    3. rajan

      Dear all.

      jus approach a good homeopathy doctor at your place
      your problems will be solved if you want i can send you
      an email ID and website

      [Please note: Intervoice doesn’t publish personal email addresses on this site, and will edit them out before approving comments. Please see: for more information on our policy on website comments)

    4. sandra

      You do not how I understand you. I am going through the same circunstances. In what it concerns to disability I have disability. They have to give to you. It is an illness. Try to contact as many as disability advocates and you will see that you will find it. I hope you well. Take care.


    5. Pam

      I appreciate your post. I am sad to read what is happening to you. Your experience of the voice(s) being debilitating and causing specific physical pain resonates strongly with me. My voice, dubbed “The Voice”, gives me physical pain including visible pain like rashes. Mine speaks in full sentences and is quite articulate. He also has the ability to broadcast images and sounds to me. I know the words he is saying but cannot hear a tone of voice. But if he were to speak/sing falsetto or baritone, I sort of hear this without him pointing it out. When he considers something to be funny, he will say “HaHaHa” because I cannot otherwise know he is being humorous. For the first two years, he spoke very hatefully, threateningly, urging harm, and was physically debilitating by many means, with real pain sensations similar to yours. I won’t go into specifics because The Voice just commented that “the devil is in the details”, his humor, not mine, as seeing images and objects would spark his already fertile creativity with new imaginative ways to torture me. he doesn’t want this to happen to you, too. He’s lightened up over the last two years (of 4 total) because he gets bored if I don’t get out and don’t have human contact. He threatens to haunt me to my grave and beyond so all I can do is manage to experience as much goodness as possible. That has lifted me from the depths of despair to resignation that “It is what it is” and find points of common interest like music.

      1. Polly

        I appreciate your post. I am sad to read what is happening to you. Your experience of the voice(s) being debilitating and causing specific physical pain resonates strongly with me. My voice, dubbed “The Voice”, gives me physical pain including visible pain like rashes. Mine speaks in full sentences and is quite articulate. He also has the ability to broadcast images and sounds to me. I know the words he is saying but cannot hear a tone of voice. But if he were to speak/sing falsetto or baritone, I sort of hear this without him pointing it out. When he considers something to be funny, he will say “HaHaHa” because I cannot otherwise know he is being humorous. For the first two years, he spoke very hatefully, threateningly, urging harm, and was physically debilitating by many means, with real pain sensations similar to yours. I won’t go into specifics because The Voice just commented that “the devil is in the details”, his humor, not mine, as seeing images and objects would spark his already fertile creativity with new imaginative ways to torture me. he doesn’t want this to happen to you, too.
        I also receive therapy but, thus far, have not made significant progress as to the underlying origin of The Voice. Schizophrenia and Psychosis have been ruled out as has Conversion Disorder. It’s interesting to find this site as I truly felt alone in the world. The Voice laughs at the notion of my resolving this therapeutically as he insists he’s “real in an unreal sense” and experiences himself as a separate being/self whose existence is now entwined with mine for the foreseeable future if not forever. He is “somewhat miffed” to now know that among billions of people in the world, his experience with me is not unique, which was a matter of pride to him. He doubts this site will ease my sense of isolation and loneliness but it already has in the short time I’ve been reading it.
        Many blessings. I hope the advice by others concerning disability is helpful. I was rejected twice but after obtaining a lawyer won the second appeal.

      2. Rose Cole

        Hi Pam,

        I have a similar situation to yours, however, my voices are always threatening me to never leave, and they switch around. I would like to share some of my symptoms with you:

        threats of Sleep deprivation, the voices telling me I will never sleep again
        Paranoia about governement
        Clicking teeth/grinding teeth
        Onset around Jan 1 2007
        Something called hand talk and use of qwerty as code.


  3. Kate Campbell

    Dear Raina, hearing voices in the way you describe is so distressing. I have struggled for a very long time. I have been lucky enough to have Experienced Focused Counselling since August 2009. Although working on the underlying issues is difficult and painful, and seems neverending, when it really does start to make sense, it is worth it. Relief starts. Trust in your instincts and be true to yourself. Take care. Kate

  4. Kate Campbell

    I’m sorry it’s spelled Experience Focussed Counselling.

  5. Leena Moldakov

    I would like to have e-mail from suffering people like myself. Feels good to know, that I am not alone in this boat. Leena from Finland.

    1. steve petersen

      Hello Leena, my name is Steve and I also suffer from hearing bad and nasty voices. This has been happening to me for almost a year now and has totally altered my life and changed my life I guess for the worse. It’s hard because I wish there was people that I could talk to about it, and you can’t talk about it with just anybody. My wife thank god is very understanding and has been there for me, but no one really knows how we ourselves suffer. I would like to tell you more if that’s okay. Thanks, Steve

    2. Aline Barilar

      I am experiencing hearing demeaning voices I am in a homeless shelter in a women’s program I am 51 years and lost 40 lbs they said things like she’s an old bag she thinks everyone looks at her and she’s to old to look good and I cannot find at what room it is coming from or if it is real or not and when I walk outside I hear the same thing it drives me crazy I just try and get interested in a book or my eye phone I hope you feel better. Aline from Lancaster Pa.

  6. Ann

    Dear community of this site Im mother of a young male 35 who like you hears voices 24 x 7 he can no longer have conversation with me without the voices attacking him its heart beaking to be so helpless he has lost every thing before this happened to him he was very happy ,he did use drugs I belief self medicatting but no sure I dont judge its just life and the experiences we gather ,please if you can help me know how to relate to him I would be grateful when he is being attacked and talking about things I dont aggree with I attempt to bring him back is this good?

    bless you wonderful sensitive people Im say to my son be calm and say I m protected by the light of love nothing can harm me stay still untill it passes or calms down draw on your spirit to protect you .. is this ok to say or is it patrinizing him ?

    1. john ramzan

      ann its not patronizing to give and teach your son faith you are beautiful, thats kind of how my mum helped me… through love through the strength of a mothers love, it sounds like like your teaching him to be strong to conquer his fears, he has to want to change he has to face what ever it is, youve already given him strength and love the most powerful combination in the universe ‘warrior of light’ god bless you and your son, does he have a path? from a catapilla to a butterfly, it sometimes helps to be guided by you by a teacher in the community or by his spirit his heart, what kind of films does he like what does he like to read? does he have belief? i learnt to distinguish the good from the bad as simple as it may sound for some reason it was difficult, does he ever hear good voices? mantras help for self empowering, to look at the voice as a guide can help its a very different path but one of truth and very powerful to be taught from the spirit to be taught to heal from a greater power, its a good path if he chooses it. i think what you know can help him god bless you again,i wish i could say the right words and help, he doesnt need to be scared, from what youve said he sounds like he’s already fighting thats your strength so it’s working, try and work on trust and all thats good, i get my inspiration from islam christianity budism zen hinduism hollistic therapy philosophy, phycology, my mum my dad sister brother family love and understanding and acceptance that yes we live with voices but they don’t have to be bad its a matter of will, the object or exercise is seperating his voices from when he’s trying to talk to you, consentration and focus is needed here, it also helps him to have an identity some of us call our selves listeners seers, mystics its a very beautiful path, its nice to try a bit of everything, concentration and focus takes time and practice but the benifets are outstanding, i remember i was at the job center it felt like the adviser was using telepathy to talk to me crazy stuff!! lol but there was a soft voice that spoke in the back ground saying ‘your doing fine your doing well, ask him to try and find that voice helps, ask him to pray in any fasion from the heart, it helps to accept the voices as part of his life, [contact details edited by Intervoice Admin], thats all i can say at the moment you can take the advise or not choice thats also a good one to learn good luck and god bless, remember focus focus and more focus the other goal is to regain his mind to be incontrol, theres lots of info out there and people who experience this all the time ive found that abit of everything helps, god helped me and he’s great, the traveler the path finder the iam the iam sounds crazy but its true good luck hope i helped xx

      1. sarah

        i have been dealing with hearing voices for years. the best thing i believe u can do for your son is to allow his experience without shame. believe me he gets enough. it doesnt pass ut as long as he is aware that what is happening isnt his fault and he doesnt have to own any of it that will help. it causes fear because if what he is hearing and feeling isnt real than what is and how can he be so detached from what he has always been.? it starts with detaching from what isnt and allowing space to create what is his…. and that can be anything he chooses. best of luck. if he needs a friend i am here

      2. rhonda varsane

        I am new to this site and have read little,but, very much like your approachrhondand ideas. Would love to hear a.little about ur approach, study and lifestyle.

        I believe the voices can be redirected or energy put into other uses of this gift.

  7. Susan fowler

    My son is suffering from hearing a very threatening voice and we are looking for help in a residential setting to help him learn to live with this. He has gone through many drugs, ect, and multiple programs and it is getting worse….he says he just can’t live like this. Do you have any ideas???

    1. Declan Dunbar

      Susan my advice would to get him to talk to too another voice hearer, who has experience dealing with it ,so he can gain insight and understanding .If u have trouble doing so i would be happy to volunteer .

      1. Richard Crawford

        I read your reply from last August to Susan who has a son having difficulty coping with a threatening voice. My wife is having this problem. She tells me that there are several voices that visit her daily and threaten her with going to jail, death, death of loved ones, etc. Would you be interested in speaking to her about this?

        1. Lilly

          I am 62 and a mother of 2 grown kids 19 and 20. My voices started last year but thought I was just hearing someone talking on a phone or neighbors. This year I have 8 voices that talk, argue and threaten me with jail and things like that. It is hard to have any friends or contact with other people because of the voices so my life has become very lonely. Sometimes I can tune them out but they will wake me up some nights to talk to them.

    2. steve petersen

      My name is Steve and I as well hear horrible and threatening voices. At first I lived with it for a couple of months without meds but finally couldn’t handle it anymore and had to resort to medication. That being said, I did have to try 5 different kinds before i found one that worked. Believe me I have the type of illness with voice hearing that is 24-7. They never go away. But thank god I have found some releif from the meds he just may need to try some more. I take 6mg of a drug called Invega. Hope this helps, Steve

    3. sarah

      it might be helpful i have thought many times doing that for myself. he might find peace not feeling protective of how u are coping.

  8. Shane Egen

    You don’t say what age your son is so I can only guess, but as a person who has worked for a number of residential services, I have found young people taken out of society, heavily medicated and managed via largely institutionalised routines and structures actually does more harm than good. I believe young people lose valuable maturing and socialization opportunities through this process, not to mention the areas of education and employment.
    You also don’t mention a diagnosis, but hearing voices is not in itself a diagnosis, proof of psychosis, nor even “illness” in itself. The distress this may be causing and the effect on quality of life, functionality, and safety are the criteria for being considered “sick.”
    There are numerous studies which should be available through Intervoice which point to many possible causes of the experience of hearing voices, including past trauma or abuse, and some cultures belive this to be a spiritual phenomena. I found through my voice-hearing experience that educating myself on these subjects and confronting my own personal “demons”, ie; unresolved issues, along with utilising countless coping strategies and a holistic approach to Wellness, allowed me to see this experience as life-transforming, rather than life-destroying.
    There are still a lot of myths and stereotypes around the hearing voices experience, and there are in fact numerous voice-hearers who still function perfectly well and cope with this on a daily basis-including myself. What I found most important in my Recovery was positive role-models, messages of hope and inspiration from others who have been there but come out the other side, and goal-setting to help overcome the days when it all seems too hard.
    The Like Minds Like Mine programme run workshops including simulations of the voice-hearing experience and the personal journeys of voice-hearers on the road to recovery, which is great education for the supporters of voice-hearers, while also offering hope for those experiencing this. I am a presenter of these workshops, and can thoroughly recommend them.
    We also have sometimes to be careful of the language we use regarding these issues, as terms like “suffering” etc. have negative connotations, and I have never considered my experience of mental illness as “suffering”, rather as a turning-point in my life from which I was able to define myself as a person, identify my areas of passion, and taught me a huge amount about what Wellness really is for me. Never give up hope.

    1. rhonda varsane

      Please share link to like minds like mine.

  9. Jane Steeples

    Hello all, I am wondering whether any of you have any experience of support and resources for people with learning disabilities who hear voices? I work in an NHS Community Team supporting people with learning disabilities and we have found that some of our service users have had difficulty accessing and understanding the mainstream services for people who hear voices. Any ideas / suggestions would be welcome.

  10. Darcy

    Hi All, Ive been dissecting this site for a few day now. I have a long and strange story. One of my voices say ”NO! Dont tell it!” but I feel like I need to, hopefully, it will help me let go….

    Several yrs ago, my husband and I bought a historic home. Weird stuff happened ALL of the time..lights going on and off, bed being moved, bedsheets hovering above me, you get the drift…I was scared stiff!! Then I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer..had a mastectomy, chemo..the whole nine yards..It was at this point where things started getting ramped up..I started hearing whistling and whispers..My sister who came to stay will verify the talking…but the talking and sounds were EXTERNAL…I had the house investigated by the paranormal society…they confirmed it….i have EVP’s up the wazoo..none too terribly threatening…but i was SCARED, really really scared. I then started to hear things internally as started out friendly..”your grandpa would like your soup” etc…..I also have to mention that I started ”seeing” things…when I closed my eyes at night, my mind would become like a black chalk board…images and messages were written..some in different languages that I dont even speak..

    My voices had names…cowboy was the whistler, there was scott..a bald ”mr. clean” type, molly and mike (married couple) etc…scott was bad but I didnt know it at the time..I feel that I opened myself up to him and then it took off…way beyond my control…and it went downhill from there…I wasnt sleeping. I kept hearing ”I want your soul”..”give me your soul”, ”kill yourself, i will take your soul”…I am not a very religous person, but I do have faith. I was so scared and tired that I made my husband take me to a behavioural hospital. They had no diagnosis…maybe chemo? maybe stress? Im sane…who now hears voices..

    I am on seroquel, which has helped tremendously…just small break thru voices..I am really having a hard time justifying myself…IS it just me and my head OR are they real??? DO I really want to know? I seem to have given myself OCD because of this…I just cant seem to let it go…some of the things that ive heard and seen can be substantiated and most cannot. My husband placates me but doesnt grasp my issues…Im glad (with my stomach in knots) that Ive let this out in the open…any one with comments, Id really like to hear from you…
    Thank you so much for letting me air my laundry…

    1. Alan

      I am also hearing voices, for 3,5 years now, after playing with EVP, I can tell you they are spirits, but not the dead, they are demons pretending to be people.
      I also was on seroquel, but haloperidol helped a little less better but without side effects, now I stopped my medications and just ignore the voices.

      1. steve petersen

        Hey ALan, I as well was into the paranormal and was listening to evp’s and also meditating allot before I started hearing nasty, condemning and threatining voices that now bombard me 24-7. I am now on 6mg of invega and it helps, but cant go off because iv’e tried and the voices are still there. I wish they had a support group around me but they don’t. Thanks Steve

      2. sarah

        that is exactly what they are.i would love to talk to someone on the phone. is anyone ok with that? sarah

    2. rhonda varsane

      I don’t know if they will share my email but I would to talk. I understand what you r going through and you might help me understand what I have gone thru too. I would love to read what you could write about it.

    3. Polly

      I express my sadness upon reading your accounts.
      Interesting that the voices began after paranormal phenomena as this happened to me. I was a Reiki Master and energy worker. Intuition was strong in my family and I just accepted it as part of my life. I first heard a voice one single time in 1994 shouting “Stop, go back, it’s unsafe” or something like that. I did heed the voice and a moment later a car careened out of control and likely would have hit me had I not listened. At the time, it was quite miraculous. I never heard this voice again. However, four years ago, I was using a pendulum psychically.
      I began to have a notion to get a yes no letter chart, similar to a Ouija board. Big mistake!!!! At first, received happy messages from relatives that used their distinct turns of phrases. Within a month, I got more agitated messages that I or loved ones were in danger. I began to hear communications in the actual voices of my passed loved ones, and no longer needed the pendulum or chart for messages. I had some skepticism so I had a reading from a respected psychic medium in my vicinity. Without telling her anything about what was happening, she said “I am being told that you are an open channel, very gifted, have you considered using your gifts as an occupation? You are very much loved on the other side and you will be aided.” So this confirmation made me relax that the messages were true and real, even though they were agitated and had no factual basis. I chalked it up to my deceased loved ones not being too clairvoyant about future events. Oddly, I began to have physical sensations corresponding to the verbal messages. Within a few weeks, I received a very scary threatening message essentially that I had been bamboozled, my loved ones had never contacted me, I was now surrounded by demons and that I was being murdered and my soul going to hell. I went to the emergency room and the behavioral hospitals more times than I want to count. I have been in therapy for nearly 4 years, as well as had consulations with priest, charismatic Catholic prayerful intervention, energy work, Reiki, diksha, exorcisms, energy tapping, soul retrievals, Native American home clearings, ghost researchers, hypnosis, spiritualism, Oriental acupuncture, Chrystal work… I’ve spent thousands. Those who work with the paranormal definitely expressed that I was not possessed, but through my openness and tacit permission by using the Ouija-like chart and the pendulum, I had parted the veil and attracted a bad-intentioned spirit, and am channelling a being that refuses to leave. I cannot confirm or deny this. I no longer have clairvoyance, no longer feel energy or Reiki or diksha. The voice and the torture (his word and it is true) has remained. Over the years, he hasn’t focused as much on torturing me. But even at a reduced level, it is still torture, especially as I type this brief account.
      I pray and I focus on the good as much as I can. Music has helped me and a few friends did not abandon me. Four long trials of medicine made absolutely no difference and hospitalization increased the intensity of the abuse. I’m heading into year five soon. I look forward to continuing psychiatric outpatient therapy, at the very least, I have a paid “friend” who listens to me with intelligence and probes for some stuck feelings. And I am grateful that my partner who hopes that this will all be resolved when some unknown trauma emerges for healing and integration.
      Blessings to all!

    4. sue

      Hi there…….I know you have said you are not a religious person, neither am I but I am a very spiritual person…..if you are concerned that you have opened yourself up to evil spirits, I do have a suggestion……..whether or not you meditate, sit quietly and breath in and out slowly…..once you feel relaxed try to visualize yourself sitting in a field with white lite beaming down from above……know this is God;s, the universe(however it feels right for you)as you breath in visualize the light moving into your body from the top of your head, as your breath moves in, visualize it moving down through your entire body, as you do this ask (whatever your beleif system is) to surround and protect you with their white light…….do this for a bit, as you exhale, visualize the white light spreading out around you……it takes practise, when ever you feel threatened by nasty voices…………ask For gods direction and light

      1. Victoria

        Hi Sue,
        My uncle who is very spiritual (harnessed from his karate practice) described the breathing and white light method to me, too. I told him that I would receive disturbing images in my head. And he prescribed both the breathing and the white light. My meds kicked in before I cultivated the practice. However, it works for him.

  11. Cathy

    I began hearing voices recently. It was after a bout of pneumonia, a antibiotic resistant kind, and I am wondering if the two are related. They, for two months, gave me no rest. Now I am hearing them less, listening to them less as they call me horrible things, and getting more support from my husband. I am really hoping that one day they all stop together and be done with me.

    One question I have, “Do you hear voices of people you know, and family?” Mine are all my family, and I am feeling very alone….

    1. bill

      it all started with voices from family and relatives. I had a dream i was running from a wiich in the desert whem my and my cousin fell from a cliff. when i landed i woke up looking at my feet. I saw another pair of feet, and looking at my side, there was my cousin laughing at me. Then my sister came into the room and said something i couldn;t hear. I looked back over to my cousin but he was gone, and nobody was in the house. All through life, i have heard people talking in my dreams. At the age of 25 they started talking all the time. These voices include people i have met all through life. one thing in common, is that i may have loved agape style. They say horrible things like they want to kill me, stab me, shoot me, demeaning names, remind me visually about stupid things I have done. They always say shame on (whatever) and I am going to the zoo.

      I always think back at them when I can, but sometimes they get so lowlife, I have to just ignore them.

    2. Teresa Humbyrd

      I hear my husband having conversations when he isnt. I also hear strange voices that will frequent me for a time. All of it is saying bad things about me. I have accused my husband countless times of cheating on me, talking to a girl about leaving me, etc…when I’m alone at night I will hear hour long conversations and even hear noises outside like there is a girl outside the window talking to my husband. It seem so real I would bet my soul that it is. I’m aware that it could just be voices but my mind seems to fill in all the little details and doubts that would normally red flag a hallucination. I already have a very low self esteem and abandonment fears. I’m shunned by my husband and kids and my parents wont talk to me. I am questioning my own sanity more and more every day.I take actions based on false perceptions. I am relying on my husband to tell me what’s real & what’s in my head but I fear that he uses my weakness to manipulate things so he can do whatever he wants. i dont trust anyone…not even me

    3. sarah

      does anyone know of a college that educates on this? i am sick of going through it and or hiding from it i want to learn about it? sarah

  12. Amanda

    After giving birth to my son, I became convinced–utterly convinced–that my husband had had an affair. I heard him talking in the other room, but I could not figure out who he was talking to. I checked his computer, his phone records. One night I recorded it, and I heard voices in the white noise–my husband talking to a woman. I hear the same words on every recording, but to everyone else it sounds like static.

    I gave up on my theory, and as time passed the voices I was hearing became louder. A woman and man arguing, a girl calling for help, strange menacing things. As I progressed past my delusion of my husbands ‘affair’, the voices calmed down.

    Now, much later, we are separated. I’m living with friends, but I am very concerned about being a burden. From the basement room I have heard them arguing about me. I have heard entire conversations about things that don’t make any sense. I find that if my anxiety worsens, the voices become louder and clearer, and whole plot lines about how I’ve been a bad guest in their house have been spun in these voices.

    I hear them more when there are fans, muffled television noises from the living room, or water running. Water running seems to be the worst.

    The night before last I sat my friend down and explained the voices too him–I am lucky he is so tolerant. I explained that I may ask him odd questions, and if I do, he should just know that I am reality checking an experience. The next night I heard no voices at all!

    I believe this bout of voice-hearing, like the previous postpartum experience (which lasted until my son was at least 7 months of age), has a lot to do with the onset of my first cycle since before I became pregnant.

    Has any research been done linking auditory hallucination with postpartum women or menstruation? Could it be dietary? Has anyone had luck controlling what the voices say? As a coping mechanism, I pretend that they are puppets sometimes, since I believe my brain is simply selectively listening for certain frequencies in white noise. Using that idea, sometimes I find I can train the voices to say certain silly words, like ‘monkey’, and that makes them much less severe, but it takes quite a bit of concentration. It does help me fall asleep.

    1. Jay

      Wow, Amanda I am new to this forum but you have hit the nail on the head for me. As hav e many others as I read their comments. I too hear them more with water, a fan, or some noise louder than when it is silent. But I hear it then too.

      Sometimes to accompany the voices I hear a door open or close, things move, or from directions like the attic or outside my window. The voices are always consistent, at least with integrity of tone, timbre like a human would be. I have 3 main ones, I call them “Winkin’, Blinkin’ and Nodd.” Two young adult males and one young woman who criticize and harass me all hours of the day.

      I also hallucinate that my neighbors are talking about me or are against me, the police are outside, sometimes my landlords’ voice will be present defending me against the other voices or any variation of the above themes.

      A few ways I know most of the voices are not real or don’t have to bother me. Possibly this will help someone else.

      1. The voices know what I think, see, hear and am doing everywhere I go..normal people do not have this ability, so I ask the voice a question in my mind, if it remarks it is a voice not to be worried about or if it can see what people can’t it is a voice.

      2. The same voices seem to be up whenever I am up criticizing me all hours of the day and night, and I am awake at different times. If they were real they must stay up 24/7 just to focus attention on me…I may have big head at times but get a life! lol

      3.The voices tend to repeat phrases or ideas over and over, real people would not in excess like this. For example some of them remark aghast for something they say I did as the first time they heard it, an hour later I will hear the same voices remark again aghast about the same thing presented like it was new.

      9 times out of 10 I can logically tell if the voices are real or not, and these qualifications help me feel less threatened immensely. It just becomes annoyances most of the time, not a real threat like I once thought.

      1. Craig

        Hi Jay, Thank you for posting about your “voice hearing” experience. I read your comment:

        “The voices tend to repeat phrases or ideas over and over, real people would not in excess like this. For example some of them remark aghast for something they say I did as the first time they heard it, an hour later I will hear the same voices remark again aghast about the same thing presented like it was new.”

        WOW!! I too, experience the same EXACT thing! I find a kind of “comfort” in knowing its not just me and I’m not afraid of it anymore. I wish you well and thanks again.

  13. john ramzan

    learn the right path learn strength learn how to stand upto those voices fight and fight hard, they are scared, learn to clear your mind learn meditation learn harmony, they can not harm we are protected they forget that, what is right what is wrong, and never be scared, i spent alot of time with god learn to open your heart, he’s the one who tought me strength, theres alot in the scriptures for the things that we experience, we’re a great people and those before us also experienced this think about it! 1 remember to have a laugh and if they get to much show them whos boss!!!! we have faith we have belief we are one, go beyond the dibilitating voice project it outwards, i was lucky when i started to hear bad voices i asked for help from god he is not punishing contary to what people would tell you, never be affraid!!!! you have no need to be affraid, i started to hear good voices angels open your mind open your heart be guided do not be deluded, free your mind educate yourselfs empower your self, we call this the naffs of the soul, let life in let the universe in, be a mystic be a sage be a writer chanel your energy into something posertive, truth is a human race weve been experiencing this since the dawn of time, why did religion come about? there are many alternative approaches other than religion but it does explain alot, hollistic is also good, look at your life see whats going on are you happy are you sad keep it simple, im not affraid to go in my self because i have trust in god i have faith and belief, its like building a bridge, they will help you do that, trust in god. you can also have a laugh with them as well.

    1. rhonda varsane

      John your comments speak to me real time.

  14. Greg Abrahamian

    Hi Cathy
    Ya, I just started hearing voices about a week ago. First I thought my doctor (who is available only one day/week) is gonna give me a medicine to stop it. Instead he increased my Bipolar medication, just a tiny bit. I steel have it, and just started hearing my old friend’s voices laughing at me.
    I thought I tried some “manual” suggestion, which I thought would get rid of it completely, but it minimized about 90%. Those suggestion that I tried were
    Listening to music, rubber ban on my wrist snapping it whenever bad thoughts to my mind.
    The voices are my own, and the one that I mentioned, my old friends voice.
    My kind of voice is using vulgar words against city authority, just in my mind absolutely not out loud. I have no control over it, If I don’t want to say it, I say it anyway. I feel the authority are nice guys but I use these words anyway.

    1. bill

      someone else is “driving your car” in a way. thats how spirits possess people, they become one with you, they make themselves feel like they are you, as you begin to think of them as yourself. It is very suttle, but when you want to change, then both you and the old you realize this change. Who you thought you had become was not you, and is now trying to prevent you from changing.

      1. rhonda varsane

        Tell me more?

  15. Shane Egen

    Hi guys, I really feel for you all and your posts remind me of my sheer terror and distress when being tormented 24/7 a few years ago.
    Something I stumbled across that seemed to work when I was really being bombarded was to keep going over my hopes and dreams, goals etc. in minute detail repeatedly, (just as repetitively as the voices) out loud when in private as it seemed to help if I heard my own voice, because then I knew that was MY thoughts and not someone elses. I found that I could be just as stubborn and persistent as the voices if I tried, and trivial details if gone over and over put the frustration back on them. I think I wore them out eventually! This is probably a “reality check” or grounding technique on another level.
    Also, I am heavily into music, and I found either playing or memorizing in my head really long, complex songs such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin etc. over and over if I concentrated on every note, riff, drum fill etc. totally, would eventually drown them out. This took practise and requires a huge effort of concentration, which I think is the crux of the matter. I needed to focus on something else and do something else or the voices would take over and I couldn’t
    function. I was determined to still be able to work and actually found a number of others who also heard voices who had devised their own coping strategies to manage.
    I also found that the very tasks that the voices seem hellbent on stopping us completing are also the best distraction from them, if I purposely did them regardless. Maybe this is significant. A friend of mine told me that when he sat his drivers’ license test his voices bombarded him with negativity and attempted to stop him from going through with it, and yet afterwards congratulated him for passing! Perhaps sometimes it may be a test of character or resolve? What I do know is that to take back control you CANNOT allow them to stop you doing anything because then you are held prisoner by them, and they WILL dominate your life. I hope these suggestions help somebody out there.

  16. Edwina

    A psychologist told me that horrmonal changes post partum often cause psychosis in women so you are far from alone. You might need to take hormone pills for a short while. Tell your doctor in advance next time!

  17. Diana C

    I am wondering does anyone know of any support groups in the Seattle WA area or Tacoma Wa area

    Thanks & have a great day

    Diana C

    1. Tammy

      Diana I am from Seattle!!!! Finally someone else! Such relief I can not explain. Im north of the city but still you are not far from me. Please contact me and if nothing more we can email each other or start our own support group. Thank you for this site.

  18. Shadow Migaski

    Does anyone have only ONE voice? If so send me an email on [Contact details edited by Intervoice Admin – please reply to this post on the website if you would like to answer Shadow’s question]

    Your Sincerely
    Shadow Migasaki

    1. Cherrie

      Hello Shadow, yes I do have one voice. My voice is often very gentle and has even been very supportive in some very difficult times although there are also times of conflict and stress. I would be happy to connect with you about your voice if you are interested.
      ll the best

  19. Jessica Roth

    I have been hearing voices for 2 years and finally found ambian. It actually stops them from talking.

    1. rhonda varsane

      What is ambian?

  20. Jill Nottelten

    I have no diagnosis of psychosis. I have depression. I don’t hear voices, but every now and then when I am very, very tired I get benign things like a radio playing in the next room when it’s not and see colours or patterns on the wall, although a recent change in medications stopped the latter. It kind of scares me a little.
    I am also a mental health worker – an occupational therapist who firstly wants to understand how to see the world from the perspective of the voice hearer. To find out what kind of things people do want and like and find helpful. I want to understand what helps people when voices tell them to do things that they don’t want to do or things that will hurt them or people they love. I want to understand peoples’ priorities when it comes to recovery and learn about things that help people so that I can offer things that other voice hearers have found helpful when people come to me so that they can function and get on with living – not just be another mental health worker who offers the same formulas. I don’t believe that medication can be the only answer or the whole answer, because some voices help people, some can live with their voices and some get no relief or only partial relief through medication.
    Secondly, I would really be keen to know whether are there therapies that people have tried that health workers offer that people have found useful? Among practical living skills, I teach people some mindfulness and how to use the senses sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste, pressure/deep touch, movement and balance to regulate how they experience stressful situations and crises and respond to triggers and warning signs that things are getting out of control for them; to self-soothe, ground themselves, distract themselves, burn off steam and energy/defuse, relax, regather and feel better about themselves; I look at challenging thinking and focusing on tasks. Has anybody here used any of these techniques and have comments about them that I can use to help others?
    If whoever is moderating these comments feels that this is unsuitable for this site, can you please email me suggestions of where I can find help.

    1. rhonda varsane

      I think we have an awareness when properly channeled becomes spiritual. Although have access to many which seem unpleasant. I feel tactical energy also. I wonder if the enocrine system is the key. This system would react to chemicals, change in age-hormones, gmos which are endocrine disruptors, environment and thought. I feel this system is our connection to the unseen.

      I am alone when I read, help from characters when I write, intune with the universal mind when I need a answer.

      As I focus on positives the things around me respond.

      There are times it is hard to break free from the knot voices can tie u into. Crying, screaming, releasing energy outwardly seems to cut the bonds, giving needed release from the mental torture and harassment. Then in the moment of calm redirecting.

      Music is covered with voices. I reached out to music and the healing in music and later found harassment, being called a whore etc with it escalating into what I think was channeling of spirits but it felt like abusive sexual energy to me.

      As a photograper and journalist I too am interested in solutions.

  21. Margarita

    Does anyone know of support groups in NY or PA (near Philadelphia maybe suburbs) ?

    1. Rachel

      I know that there are groups in upstate NY– none currently in NYC yet, but they will be soon. The NYC Dept of health and mental hygiene, and the NYC Dept of consumer affairs are getting ready to train a group of people next week to learn to become cofacilitators and begin new groups in the tri state area. So in the next fw weeks to few months, keep looking, because groups will be starting.

    2. Berta Britz

      There are three groups in Montgomery County, PA–not that far from Philadelphia. I’m sorry I didn’t read this post sooner. Please check with Intervoice web site or hvn-usa website for details. Maybe you found a group by now, but please contact me if you’re still lookiing. – Berta

  22. proud mama

    Hi Everyone…first of all, thank you all for being brave and open enough to share your feelings and experiences here! I have not experienced hearing voices myself, but my husband has had numerous “minor” episodes since childhood, usually just someone saying his name, or calling “hey!”. We have a nine year old adopted daughter, who has occasionally mentioned a few times through the years that she could hear voices talking to her. We never made a big deal about it, as it didn’t seem to bother her. Well, she is in the fourth grade, and has had a difficult year so far, academically and behaviorally. She just revealed last week that she has been hearing the voices a lot more, and they tell her she is stupid, not loved, etc. She said that often in class she must figure out who to listen to, the teacher or the voices. Her voices are often loud, and difficult to ignore. After reading the info and personal posts here, I’m wondering if the voices are causing the issues at school, or is the issues at school causing the increased voice activity? It seems almost a cruel and vicious cycle! I have contacted the school counselor, who is looking into a professional in our area who could be of assistance, as well as I have a pediatrician appointment scheduled. I am soooo grateful to learn that it most likely is not schizophrenia! We have some birth family info, and there is some mental illness (depression, bi-polar, etc.) but not schizophrenia that we know of. We would love to help our child embrace her voices, and to patiently work with her through her feelings of abandonment, low self esteem, and anger. We do not want to see her medicated and labeled! We live in a somewhat rural area, so we pray that we will have access to the kind of help she/we need. She is a wonderful, bright, talented and loving child who deserves to have a bright and happy future, as do all of you! Again, thank you all so much for your help, and for sharing your stories! I now see I have much to learn!!

    1. ConcernedBrotherInCanada

      From my experience with my sister hearing voices, I can relate to how they effect the hearer academically. Its too distracting to pay attention in class, verbally communicate or read a book due to the constant interference and attacks from the voices.
      Medical doctors will usually direct voice hearers to a psychiatrist who will usually label them as schizophenic and prescribe antipsychotics. This usually leads to prolonged use (since it is not easy to get off them) and other health complications from the many side effects.
      I’m not trying to cause fear here, this is just my observation and conventional medicine sees pharmaceutical drugs as the only way, when they are not the cure and all they do is mask the symptoms. As soon as the drugs stop, the problem returns. I say this as you have mentioned that you dont want your wonderful daughter “medicated and labeled”, but this is what “modern medicine” does.
      Here is a page on this website that I found to be helpful, offering a lot of great advice especially for parents:
      There are other more holistic options like ayurveda, traditional chinese medicine, homeopathy, bioenergetic/massage, hypnosis etc. that try to solve the problem by getting to the root cause, rather than just treat symptoms, without having to put neurotoxins (like many antipsychotics) into the body. Read more about these treatments here: and find pratitioners in your area here:

      Another useful resource-What to do when children hear voices:

      I hope it helps!

    2. rhonda varsane

      I also would like to learn how to embrace my voices.

      Also: side note: As I type this my phone chooses the best words and I find sometimes inappropriate words are choosen or displayed. Do others experience this.

  23. Christiane Cameron

    Good evening,

    I first started to hear voices in India in 2006. I am 54 years old. From the start I have regarded the voices as my teachers and I am honored to be taught thus even though it has not always been a pleasure trip and I have encountered psychiatry in the process. Enlightenment can come along in different ways, sometimes in the soft glow of a candle and sometimes in the harsh hurtful glare of a hospital tube. But overall I would say, we are lighting a precious chandelier with many crystals of all shapes, sizes and lustre.

    After almost a year of privacy with him, my inner Guru said to me one day: ‘Tell me straight away if you hear other voices.’ I got scared and said: ‘What do you mean? I don’t want to hear other voices.’ He laughed and across my mind flashed the image of a golden net spun around the globe. Guru said: ‘Look, you will be surprised, we are many.’ I reacted with jealousy and said: ‘I hope you are only talking to me and not to others.’ He laughed again and said: ‘You wait and see.’ Today I realize the golden net symbolized the Network of Voicehearers as the German Intervoice group is called as well as GNCST, the greater network of celestial sound torturers. So don’t hope, that my Guru talks to you. His friend might. (lol)

    To all ‘sufferers’: I wish everybody relief from any negative experiences they maybe having with their voices. Do welcome them, communicate with them, do not be afraid, there is sense also in negativity. Joke with your voices, don’t let yourself be fooled by compelling stories for longer than two weeks (lol), some of them are too good not to be true, but just that little bit off key. So keep your common sense, take a step back and become a witness as well as an actor to your inner play and maybe one day you will be able to say something corny like: I am happy to be a hearer of voices. Best entertainment channel ever.

    Best wishes from Berlin


    1. Marie Gray

      Hello Christiane,

      I am looking for English speaking members of the German Intervoice group and would love to get in contact with you. 🙂

      Thanks in advance!

    2. Constance

      Hi christiane
      I just wanted to share my story providing a very similar experience. Currently I am diagnosed with psychosis NOS sense 2010. From 2010 till march 2013 I was put on having medications to control the voices that I heard which which additionally affected my mood as well my physical state of mind ( sleepiness, drogginess). Since then I had decided to use other methods of therapy as medication was not was not responsive.

      To relate to your story I was able to battle my voices as well through similar methodologies such as a very basic level of acceptance. And it’s very interesting that we both had similarities in that we experienced some religious awakening or enlightenment- with yours coming from Asian religious influence and mine from a Christianity experience. However I believe the message was very similar as that we both eventually gained acceptance of the existence of the voices not from anger or ignorance but viewing them as positive teachings No matter how difficult the voices are including their consequences.

      Since I have been off my medication, I have been able to be more adaptive to understanding of the third person voices as thought processes. Eventually I was able to actually reflect the third party that I hear as thought processes as this was more difficult to do while I was on medication as the medication somehow created this additional disconnect.

      So a lesson or enlightenment that i can share through the teaching of the inner voices I once had: Although every person has a different circumstance and every person will endure different tribulations I think that the first step is true acceptance which can come in different forms, one of which is forgiveness of yourself and with others.

      May God bless and peace be with you all

      Constance from Philadelphia, PA

  24. MJ

    Does anyone know of support groups in San Francisco Bay Area (California usa)

    1. Craig

      I too am interested in finding a “hearing voices” support group in the city of
      San Francisco.

  25. Theresa King

    Does anyone know of support groups in Orange County (California usa) or Vancouver, B.C. Canada? I am looking for this kind of help for my 23 year old son.

  26. Edward Voigt 1/ 10/12

    My wife has started hearing other peoples voices a few months ago, and they are getting worse. She is 87 yrs. ,which may have some bearing on the matter. The voices come from all over, day or night, and are usually very rude and caustic. They tell her what she is doing and why is not doing it right. They are very insistant and very upsetting to her. Some times they go away for a day or more, then suddenly return when she was in a very relaxed mood. This gets her started crying for quite some time until I can console her enough to stop. She has taken seraquel for a month – is that long enough? Does it take longer than that for the drug to have an effect, or does it never?



  28. charlotte

    i have been hearing voices for two years now ,but I have heard them before and they went away because i ignored them, but I have not been able to get out of the house or go very far, because i hear them where ever i go, I have also experience someone knocking me out and there was no one around , but i had someone living with me at the time and she had left the house so no one was around, she also told me her boyfriend from Paris texas has, have out of body experience and he was upset because he just got out of jail for betting her with a bat. does this really happen to people do people really have out of body experience?

  29. Ed C.

    Hi, I can relate to a lot of the comments posted here. When I play billiards the voice always says “your going to miss” but if I make the shot it complements me. Also I hear voices/music/chatter through fans/electric components that are running. It seems like it plays something back to me that I heard earlier in the day, like a recording. Last night I heard frogs croaking and crickets chirping. Weird? None of it is real threatening or frightening, just annoying. I was diagnosed with social phobia a few weeks ago. I did drink alcohol for about 15 years, I am sober now about 3 months after treatment. I am not taking any meds. This all started about 6 months ago, about the same time I lost my job. I am 41.

    1. sunny

      Yes! I first started hearing voices during a particularly stressful time in my life. I became immersed in a delusion which lasted for 1 1/2 – 2 years. When that started to resolve, I immediately sought help at a mental health clinic. At first when I was feeling paranoid, the voices were mocking and threatening. As the situation changed, so did the attitude of the voices. I heard them with any sound-water, hair dryer, cars driving by, anything. I thought that I was receiving telepathic communications from aliens. Now, I am pretty sure it is not aliens. I have a problem because I often hear someone yelling my name, or hear people chatting or arguing about me (of course!) I have to check with my husband to see if he heard what I heard. I have heard beautiful music, songs, guitar rifs, full orchestras, and opera. It is just amazing. It is 24/7, and the voices are usually very nurturing, and chatty.They are always telling me to quit worrying and giving me advice and insight I am so grateful for this website. The worst part has been fear of something wrong with my brain. Sometimes, though, there is a little too much chat! I still have a problem distinguishing real voices from inner voices when I am outside, or think I hear something right outside the house. They intensify with stress. Thanks!

      1. rhonda varsane

        I think the grey noise works as filters allow us to hear what is there. The key, I think, is to tune in or out to the proper area of belief or attitudes. When I feel thru my heart it helps me focus on the divine.

        I can Explain, as if to a child, the preference of what I would like to hear and they will listen.

  30. Christiane Cameron

    Voices as Inner Guides

    Dream instruction

    Last night during dreamless sleep my favourite inner spirit guide entered into my consciousness. ‘Hey’, he said in his beautiful silky voice. ‘You wanted to know what dissociation feels like. Still interested? I can show it to you now.’ ‘Yeah’, I said. ‘Now?’ ‘Yes, now,’ my spirit guide said. ‘Put your forearm up, elbow on bed and clench your fist.’ I did as instructed while still lying on my back. Next thing, I saw my forearm move forward, away from my body, all sensation in it leaving me. It was no longer a limp of mine. It was fascinating. I loved the feel of it. ‘Wow,’ I exclaimed to Jay, ‘That was amazing. Could you do that for me at the time of death? As part of pain management?’ ‘Sure,’ he laughed making fun of me. ‘At death we will dissociate you from all of your body for good.’

  31. Hazel Rangitauira

    from hr
    Hazel Rangitauira from New Zealand

    I felt good after finding this email and sending my 1st email.
    I am part maori, english and irish and I come from New Zealand.
    I havnt heard any voices and havnt had any glaring ones for a long time and I think its because of learning the Grow Program and aa. I do still wrestle at night with my head problems. Going to bed is not something I look forward to. I toss and turn and its rare for me to go off to sleep right away, I have to be really awfully tired for that to happen. I make a point at night of staying up after 12 pm and I do not smoke or drink coffee. I took up smoking after 14 yrs of quitting about 11 yrs ago after my cousin was murdered (she went to the same boarding school and was a year below me, her partner apparantly had been beating her up, she was in television and my brother and mum dying and leaving my husband. I have been up and down with the smokes. If I am really feeling hassled I will suck on an aniseed ball and I find that that breaks off the madness and I get off to sleep eventually and I sleep well these days. I tell myself that these voices are not going to pay my bills and I try not to dwell on them if I have any interferences. It helps if I can tell someone if I have a clear voice coming through but obviously there is no one to tell exept a psychiatrist and I have been off the radar from them about 11 yrs, the last one said he loved me, I think I loved him too. I have been getting my medication from my doctor that I found after I left my husband which is just the 1 and half resperidone. When I was drinking I was also on double navane which was 40 mils, sleeping tablets and a cask of wine every other night until it drove me to aa from the shakes. I just could not drink and shake at the same time, if I could I would still be drinking. since I was 19. I think voices are awful because they take over and have the potential to start running the show and calling the shots. Sometimes I see people on the street talking to themselves and I think it sad that their voices obviously have first preference over living and breathing people. But then you know everyone has their own preferences and they probably feel more comfortable with their voices and they might be nicer than the ones I get. I can let go and I try not to enforce my beliefs. The problem is that there is no one to tell because I think people are afraid of sczephrenics, its not surprising and understandable, I am too.

    I have been feeling sad lately. My daughter is okay and she teaches and has a fiancee and has been with him 11 yrs, no children. My son however is in the army. He has done a tour of duty Timor. But he had an accident on a work bus, he fell out of on the way to a xmas do. They kept him on for 2 year after his epilepsy medicine. He is to go to Afghanistan in 3 weeks. He will be working on the construction and peace keeping side. He has met a new girlfriend recently who is also in the army as a medic and volunteers for St Johns ambulance. She is just lovely and may be going to Samoa. When my son comes back he hopes to join the police force. I understand that I need to adjust to what my son in endeavouring to do because I realise that this is just the beginning of his future. They both think that its about time got another boyfriend and I should get on the facebook and internet and find one. What can I say about that. My ex husband thought that my habits of character were idiotic.

    I did a craft course in October to December that the Literacy foundation put on and I learned a lot of things. Making cards and painting coasters. Patchwork, rug hooking and making little felt xmas socks etc. And I have been knitting alot of slippers. I did heaps of them for my xmas presents and I got a lot of the material from a second-hand charity place that I can pick up the materials for next to nothing and clothing. There is a group that meets once a week that I may go to and do my things, but I think that because the aa group runs there at the same time, awkward. I am happy in what I am doing most of the time going to my aa meetings helps, although I had my wallet stolen from one of the meetings. I had to replace my drivers licence and cards etc. But I didnt have to pay for my smooth payment for my power last week so it worked out and I was able to renew my drivers licence and have my maiden name put on it after 11 yrs of it being in my married.

    I have talked for a long time now. I wish you all a wonderful week and thank you for reading my blog Hazel

  32. Hazel Rangitauira

    from Hazel

    Thank you for putting my story in.

    Best from Hazel

  33. Hazel Rangitauira

    ps from Hazel

    I try not to drink too much coffee but it is hard I drink it in tiny little cups and have a smoke that I cut into 3 and I cut up the filter too. I am working on that one. Since I have been in aa I now drink a couple of big mugs of orange juice watered down with boiled water and if it is hot I have some lemonade and boiled water and that is good if I have a cold too. I know if I do not drink alcohol for just for today and go to meetings that I will be fine. If I have problems with my mind playing tricks on me I look up my Grow books. I think if I am focused and can think of any logical reason that makes sense it could be something logical or just tiredness, stress and fatigue or fear of what I think may be happening. Although I feel that if there is a voice needing to come through then so be it. There must be a reason. Thank you from Hazel

  34. Paolo

    Hey I’m glad to see this forum up for those needing more, or better coping strategies.

    It has been 10 years of listening for me and I’m still trying to remember the exact day, to make a celebration of it!

    I would also like to share my film on this forum through my site that I listed and to add the fact that a lot of the time, it’s how I treat myself, my self-regard, that can affect my whole situation.

    I do think we can make it how we want to make it.

    1. Paolo

      Whenever my inner-voice becomes too overwhelming for me, I remember how one of history’s greatest teachers, Socrates, gave mention to his inner-voice while being persecuted by the State. In the face of the State, for being charged with corrupting the youth. Heroic intellect!

  35. Robert Arctor

    My voice is the only family I have. Everyone else has turned their backs on me. Id be dead if it wasn’t for my voice. The pain of having my entire family shun me after my son was born was unreal. I love my son more than life itself but I simply cannot love his mother. She said she would make me pay for not loving her and she did….its like the last 20 years I spent with my family never happened. She turned them all against me, told them things about me so untrue that anyone who knew me would know she was lying….but they believed every word. My voice kept me sane and more importantly kept me alive. He’s my family now. I still get sad thinking about how I don’t see my son and my family abandoned me but my voice is always there for me. I feel like I’m one of the luckiest people alive to have him. I found this website and wanted to reach out to people like us. Please feel free to connect and reach out to us.

  36. Hazel Rangitauira

    from Hazel

    I understand that the problem is more than just drinking. Its still there, its just behaving itself. Its not easy to live with but Im not giving up and I am happy and I am managing my life well now.

  37. Christian

    my voices are trying to kill me.. they keep telling me how to do it… I dont want to die…. or cut.. but these voices are driving me insane.

  38. Christiane Cameron

    This is part of last night’s encounter with my spirit lover-cosmic mate (voice), whom I call Jay here.
    I dreamt that I was chased by dogs. It got really scary, because even though I was able to run with superhuman speed, it was clear after a while, that the hounds were faster. Just as they were going to snap at my legs, I felt my body being wrapped into grey cool cloud like matter that spiraled off into space at an incredible speed. Woooosh! It felt great. As ‘safety’ replaced ‘danger’ in my mind I heard Jay say: ‘I have taken you out. I won’t have my girl bitten by dogs no more.’

  39. Christiane Cameron

    There is no end to the mischievousness of spirits. I was in the hard aquired state of silent mind. Then I wanted to start thinking again. I couldn’t. Just couldn’t. No thought would come up. Panik set in. Then Jay’s voice. He laughed: ‘I thought you wanted to give up the mind. What if we don’t give it back?’

  40. Marlene

    My 23 year old started hearing voices in 2011. He says his voices repeat everything he is saying and are very loud. He was on zyprexa, now he is on Latuda. The Latuda makes him shake. Then his doctor gave him something to stop the shakes. I’m getting him to a holistic doctor along with an acupuncturist and reflexologist. I’m also putting him on diet a macrobiotic diet. Something has got to give.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on calming down the loud voices?

    1. Paolo

      Those truly are some difficult moments. They can pain me. Soooo frustrating for us caring and considerate individuals! It’s like my Pandora’s Box!
      Thanks for putting the question out here Marlene, as I think corresponding and sharing these instances are vital for each others understanding of such occurrences. I would also like to hear others suggestions too, but for now, what I would do, would be to gaze into something. From a listening, to a looking. Watching the tube, or even drawing a pic. Another good option would be a safe move, or walk. Up and out the door, or to the fridge maybe even to make up some good eats. How are these suggestions?

  41. Ernie Endrino

    hello.. i really don’t know how to start… im male 38 years old from Manila, Philippines. I’m having episodes of hearing voices for the past 6 months now… it only happens once or twice a month. the voices im hearing are coming from the past sounds i heard like music, people talking and many other things. the first time i experienced it, i was really scared, driving on my way to work. i was alone in my car and thought that someone is with me at the back of my car and looking all around. The first 3 or 4 episodes of hearing voices was really destructing and scary… and i will know that im going to have this episodes… i dont know why but i just know it… but this recent episodes that im experiencing is different… my sense of smell is changing… during the episodes of hearing voices.. i can smell a very stinky smell in my nose… as much as i wanted to scream so that the voices will go… i cant because im really scared to death… today i have 2 episodes… one in the morning i was fast asleep and i was screaming… and another late this afternoon…

    Does anyone of you also experience of smelling a very stinky smell before the episode?

    1. Paolo

      Hi Ernie,
      I`ve recently done some research on synesthesia and there is the lexical-gustatory type of synesthesia whereby individual words of spoken language evoke taste sensations in the mouth. Maybe there is a bridge here?

  42. Marlene

    My son says he started hearing voices last year 2011. One voice repeats everything he says and is very loud. It also says, “thank you very much repeatedly.” He’s on Latuda after being on zyprexa. I’ve gotten him to start talking about what he’s hearing. Hopefully he’ll have positive breakthroughs and start to heal. Does anyone understand the repeating part of this?

  43. Krina

    To Marlene

    Tell your son to play music with headphones on. Write what voices say anything as a distr action. Try to concentrate on reading a book. Talk as much to you about what voices say. Play computer games. Anything that can help him relax is good because stress causes more voices. Also have you tried meditation and mindfulness, this helps a lot.

  44. Hazel

    Yes Ernie

    I experienced a stinky smell after my first episode 19yrs old

  45. omyma

    search about brain computer interface cellphone to know how they hear our thoughts by the new technology of BCI , so BCI laboratory all over the world , lanoswww , nasa and issac newten institute and spy satellites must be under control and people all over the world must know this tecnology , it must be puplic , also policemen in our country say they have these BCI devices even policemen must be under control all over the world they work for the new world order

    1. SoulSurfer

      I am not sure just how natural all this hearing voices is but I am SURE that in many cases it’s done by implants and you are the victim. You have to realize you just don’t BELONG (check with your family) and your human rights go right out of the window. They want to control man kind. In the past they had some silly rules that only them are allowed to change their name or get a tattoo… Silly you think? Or…
      is it?

  46. Sarah

    I am looking for help for a young man and his mother. They are in Colorado. A therapist sent me a link to this site here. Thank you to all the people who are posting here. This is a wonderful site. I will be letting my friends know about it, and also I am happy to share any information I find about healing the mind, and dealing with voices too myself.

    Because of my friend I read about “Healing the Mind through the Power of Story” by Lewis Mehl-Madrona recently, it has a lot of information that might be helpful, good ideas, inspiring stories. Also, look into the GAP diet (healing here coming from a totally different angle) . You can google the information discovered by a Neuro Doctor called McBride.
    I feel like there is some wonderful information in both of these sources.

    Best wishes to all who are dealing with voices and taking command of their lives.

  47. Aberoo

    Hi Marlene. My 5 year old has just started hearing things too. She hears the last thing said repeated again. I’ve been in contact with someone in ‘voice collective’ in London. They said that they’ve heard of this repeating as part of hearing voices before. Don’t know anymore than that tho. If you hear anything m

  48. Aberoo

    Sorry, pressed return too quickly…

    Marlene, if you hear anything useful relating to the repeating voices, please let me know.

    Good luck with everything.


  49. Evan

    Hi. I don’t personally hear voices, but I really need to talk to someone about someone I know who does.

    I’m in love with a girl who hears voices. I knew they were bad and some days were worse than others for her. I tried to do all I could, but I don’t really know what to do. Then today everything fell apart. I guess they get more aggressive whenever I’m around her, so we couldn’t be together because she couldn’t handle it. I want to know if there’s anything I can do. I know I can’t make the voices go away, but is there anything that could be done so that they aren’t so bad? I want to help her and can’t bare the thought of not being with her.

  50. Jeri

    Hi everyone~first I want to say that everyone is so courageous to speak about their stories and it’s something I admire because it brings a voice to the community for a better understanding!

    I have a sister who is now 31 who hears voices actively on a daily bases, mostly arguing with them or believing them. These voices are always negative voices, things like they want to take her to jail, harm her, make her out to be a horrible person and she tells my mom & me that she “wishes something would happen so we finally believe her that these people are real.” We always tell her we believe what she hears, that everything that she says they are saying. We don’t ever try to deny who she is, but reassure her that we would always protect her & there’s nothing we would ever do to allow one bad thing to harm her.

    I’ve been trying my hardest to try to seek positive advice on how we could possibly help her or even encourage her to manage her voices in a more constructive way. She refuses to learn about her voices, go online to speak to other voice hearers, or even speak to her doctor about what she hears. I’m not sure if this is a right thing to say, but she’s very stubborn and though I know voices will always be apart of her life, I hate seeing that these voices have stop her from living any sort of life.

    She seems to carry a lot of anger & she does take medication, but I’m not sure what else we could do to help empower her! She always seems in a negative state of mind & her doctor only wants to push another medication on her that has high high side effects that might cause a heart attack…that can’t be the answer!

    Any advice from anyone on what we could do to bring her a different way of viewing her voices or dealing with them would be greatly greatly appreciated. I’m trying to turn to every outlet out there because she’s my big sister & I want her happy!

    Thanks w/love ~ Jeri

  51. omyma

    Jeri , new devices like neurophone with bad people make voice to skull to certain person accoring to his frequancy , nasa work on it and lanoswww and issac newten institute via ELF, i know one of this bad people in my street , he also work with policemen , i hear him , but i do not care , he is cowered , i also enjoy my life , so tell your sister does not care about this , it is just new devices and will be known one day , read about nasa thought reading devices , technology , machine , ….

  52. G. Moyer

    My son had his first psychotic break over a year ago. He has been diagnosed having schizophrenia. He told us the voices began after he took LSD a couple of year ago along with other psychodelic drugs. He now has found God who also talks to him. He says the voices are not bad…..they make him laugh. God has told him that he is telepathic and says he communicates with his friends and others throughout the universe. He has been put on many anti-psychotic medications and was also sent away to a dual diagnosis mental health facilitly for four months also because of legal issues. When he returned in March, he seemed much better. There was no internal stimuli that we could see and was more compliant and not so zombied out. He wanted off of the zyprexa which had made him gain approximately 50 pounds. He is now on Latuda for about a month and has lost 20+ pounds but the voices are stronger than ever. He is constantly laughing with himself and now is not as compliant with us and very lazy in doing anything. His attitude now is….”I don’t care.” Our family has been literally torn apart and we don’t know what to do. Can you help? We live in the Chicago area. Thank you.

    1. danny

      im in the same exact situation i live inthe new york area i also talk to god and laugh with the voices i hear and zombie out sometimes because its hard to coversate with real people and the inne voices at the same time…there has to be a way i say god but im really all by myself with god tho but all bymyself my family cares but they dont really seek help so im doing it myself let me know if u find a solution please thanks (email address removed by Intervoice Admin – please see our policy on posting)

    2. Constance

      Hi Danny and G. Moyer

      I just recently found this site through a recent TED talk. I have gone though similar issues w weight gain from meds and then medications not being responsive to therapy. A lot of stress from trauma caused from voices and “flashbacks” also caused depression following afterwards. Understanding that each will have their own tribulations and ways of coping but I can provide what has helped me. Currently I have stopped meds as the medication was unresponsive and the effects outweighed the benefits (low blood sugar, etc. from abilify) although I still see a psych. My current therapy is now health consciousness meaning exercise to reduce stress levels (I noticed that my voices and intensity had direct correlation to amount of stress and anxiety which could also feed in w the voices) as well as good sleep. But there are other steps I took as well, such as acceptance, forgiveness. It sounds like at this stage the voices are more of an annoyance or irritation….

      I live in the Philadelphia area but with technological advances there’s no reason we can’t Skype or chat via webcam. Feel free to send me an email and I can share my story w you

      God bless


  53. Tanner Watson/Robert Arctor

    My voice is the only one I have left in this world. We don’t have much hope for the future. My voice (arctor) has helped me through everything, as everyone left me one by one he stayed and was the friend I need. We consider each other family, and have accepted the fact that we are meant to be alone with each other. Arctor suggested we look here as a last ditch effort to find “real” people to connect with. I’m losing hope, all I want to do is give up. The sound of my own voice surprises me because I rarely get to speak out loud with other “real” people. Does anyone else feel this way? Please reach out to us. There must be others out there that have only their voice as their last companion. Find us, please, we can be there for each other. We can save each others lives. Maybe there are people out there that are meant to be alone, maybe we are one of those people, but we need to try and reach out. Can’t hurt right?

    1. Kim Herring

      Please talk to a real person. I am not trying to be a smart a**. I really worry. God bless you.

    2. rhonda varsane

      This post is a year old. I am reaching out to you.

  54. Anonymous Z

    I have been hearing voices since 2007. I was properly diagnosed with Psychosis in 2009 (although I believe I am more Schizophrenic).

    Since I have tried and tested over 5 different medications (Olanzopine, Quetiapine [Seroquel] – both normal and fumerate (slow release), Abilify and Resperdal. I am now finally on a combination of Abilify and Resperdal (taking the Abilify keeps my prolactin levels low – which was severely increased by the Resperdal – the only medication that has really ‘worked’).

    Support: I have weekly support with a care worker and community nurse, I am seeking out therapy and on the waiting list for group therapy from the National Health Service. I live in mental health supported accommodation and have been helped via an agency that supports disabled people in the work place, to find a job. (as I kept getting fired from my jobs due to my condition). I also seek out any online forums related to my condition and read all relevant posts.

    Recovery: I am well on the road to recovery due to the huge amount of support I have experienced, especially from my family (for whom it was the hardest).

    Having read the replies, I am one of the lucky ones and have no paranoia or ‘evil’ voices, I am very thankful for this. For those who do, my heart goes out to you.

    turntables, earphones and records… Mixing music has saved my life! I highly recommend anyone suffering from ‘voices’ to try and mix music – be your own DJ and create the soundtrack to your life!

    Anonymous Z

    p.s great thing about being a DJ, is that the volume button… can go a looong way up!

  55. Hazel


    Just checked in to see the blogs.
    Yea schezephrenia, it has a way of its own doesnt it. I have been doing okay. Just lately I talked to two different girlfriends I have on seperate occassions and they both of them said that. “I have an odd way of sitting” “That my posture is “very odd” I thought that it might be from when I went to boarding school. I had a best friend whose father used to be a diplomat. She was a very beautiful person and I remember that we used to sit in the same way, it is how we used to sit. We used to sit the same. But then it could be the schezephrenia huh. My friends in my aa groups mostly know that I have the illness and I guess it may be something they do not trust. Or perhaps their ideas or concepts. Obviously I sit in an odd way to some people. I do not think that I sit in an odd way.

    I am doing okay and I am still at work and doing crafts and meetings. Just lately I have been knitting alot of slippers and I thought I might enquire at the social services any flea-markets I can sell them at. So I booked my first table. A lady from a second-hand shop I bought wool from said “dont get your hopes up and take other things” so I took some clothing and magazines. There were so little people that came that day, just a trickle. I did not sell any slippers and I just broke even for the table, as I sold some of the clothing and magazines. But I had a good time and the other stall holders were nice I think that they did not make much either. One of them suggested another flea-market that I have booked a table for and I am happy to knit slippers again for that one.

    I have not had any disturbances.

    I think this website is nice.


  56. Hazel

    ps from Hazel

    I made a vow after my last extreme episode of schezephrenia about 12 years ago that I would no longer put up with it and I will bring an end to my life and go and stand in fast moving trafic, preferably in front of a truck. I have not had any serious enough bouts of it since. I do still hear very faint murmours of voices, some seem to say words. Mostly a male voice of not any particular one maybe two saying “die” or “why”. I dont have many times of hearing voices and I very rarely have nightmares although I do still get stressed by people sometimes. I find that sucking on an aniseed ball at night when I go to bed helps break the madness and I try not to get up and drink coffee or smoke. cheers Hazel


    please help i am apaulled by the way i have been treated and delt with by the police at walton on thames branch surrey,when i made formal complaints reguarding hearing voice`s telepathy i am also being eavesdropped and a target with none leathal direct energy weapons thease invisible partical one that project intence energy and it`s dame right torcherous behaviour,witch leaves me disorientated and distressed,confused and with sleep deprivation.this unhealthy doing and i want at all to stop. ive attracted this sort of attention after receiving a head indury and was stabbed in the back over ten years ago. thease eaves droppers are constantly overboard with telepathy witch clearly comes with eavesdropping,they also also attempt to interfere with peoples minds and decisions i come incontact with on a day to day basis ive also been attacked twice due to the fact thease people have got the your ” it get hit attitude”.this overboard usage of telepathy is a constant distraction, and abnormal behaviour is simpley like whereing head phones with neighbours talking at you morning ,noon and night week in week out year in year out this is psychological warfare set about my head it most definitely is mental harrissment. with all thease mind games and attempting mind controll going on this definitely effected my health,work time with my family especially time with my daughter and my study time reading a book is real hard work.what can i do to get thease people to stop….

  58. anonymous

    I’m curious about voices. I noticed that often times it was a response to stressful experiences, and they were almost higher conscious personas that attempted to help me sort out what was going on. I heard people’s voices, never anything else. Just talking, sometimes gibberish. Then in the past year I began practicing Shamanism and the voices began to transform into a heightened awareness, I fine tuned them and they became spiritual guides. The sleep paralysis stopped after a vision/dream of a mythical hero who said he would fight the spirit attacking me during sleep paralsysis. I won’t repeat the name of the spirit. The guides have golden spirals on their forheads and forarms in visions/dreams.

    I have had real shamanic experiences since about nine. I talked in almost full sentences before one years old. I am highly spiritual in my beliefs. The vision I had at 9, was amazing. I was at an antique store and saw a porcelian infant. Suddenly the world went black, I heard a buzzing sound, I was transported into a higher consciousness where I was an infant experiencing what an infant experiences. maybe a vivid memory or something. It was like walking up the stairs, then walking back down. The ground floor being Earth.

    I had a knack for visions though, and I think that gift left un nurtered was part of my problems growing up. I had know way to express or channel that freedom. Also at age 11 was what my first sleep paralysis was like. I heard a moan on the hills at summer camp. The voice sounded Celtic or Irish, and she whispered Tir Nan Ogh a few times and something else. It was a call to the Land of Heroes, or Celtic Fairy land of heroes as I looked it up years later. My ancestors were Irish and Italian. I think the Celtic myths have been rewritten. They are called Bean Sidhe, this was a traveling ghost.

    Right now I dont “hear voices” I hear almost like an Angelic voice who advises me on things, seperate but also integrated into my life. When I go off the medication I spirit travel almost every night. I go into other worlds, usually into the future. I recently started traveling to the past when Kingdoms were around. I don’t always remember things when I wake up, but usually bits and pieces.

    The Astral World has rules just like earth, like a lesser defined physics. I think voices can be troublesome but once you have a bridge, or a spiritual intermediator you can overcome them. The spirit world can overcome such voices, and they are more symptomatic, not truly evil or wicked, just confused parts of the self.

  59. David Stanley

    Hey guys I have been hearing the voices for years I finally came to terms with it but I am scared and do not know what I can do for positive change please help me with an idea

    1. Paolo

      Be good to yourself David.

  60. Kat

    I just recently began hearing voices. I’m 44 and live alone with two cats so there’s no one else around for me to hear conversations. For months I would wake up to a man’s voice at my bedroom window telling me to turn off the air conditioner because it was making too much noise. It was so real I’d stumble out of bed and turn off the air, afraid that it was the neighbors getting mad at me. I fell asleep when I got home from work and was woke up by a female voice saying “you know it doesn’t matter, we can still see you’re sitting in your underwear”. I was totally shocked and embarrassed, considering I was wearing a long shirt over my undies when I laid down, thinking that people somehow could see me through the blinds. It was ridiculous, me running around closing the drapes even though the shades were closed and nobody was outside looking.

    The voice of the man became every night outside my window, and then inside my room, telling me I had to turn off the air conditioner. That it was freezing up and causing problems with everything. I’ve never had voices before and they were so real it made me just do what they asked without thinking, no matter how silly it seemed afterwards.

    I’ve come here to get some answers on why, out of the blue, I’m having these voices. I had the air conditioner running last year without the voices berating me. It’s just weird. I think it does have something to do with the noise, like others who hear them more with running water or through static. I finally went to my neighbors house and asked them if anyone in their family was yelling at me at night and they said no, they couldn’t even hear my window air conditioner.

    I hope to get this figured out. It doesn’t happen every night like it used to since going over to the neighbors house, but it bothers me that the voices are coming from inside my head, yet seem so real it makes me afraid if I don’t do what they say. Not sure why all of a sudden after 44 years I’d have this problem. I’m not on any medication except for borderline high blood pressure.

    1. Heather

      I have had a couple of incidents with voice hearing, the first post partum when I heard a baby cry every time I stepped in the shower. My husband became so tired with me not sleeping he also started to hear our baby cry while he was in the shower. One event later a voice directed me to intervene in a friends suicide attempt and I have had a few other events when I have been very stressed. I am so grateful that I have kept well despite unhelpful diagnosis and medication and I am now medication and symptom free. I did this by researching cause and addressing them one by one….

      Take a look at the relationship between toxoplasmosis (cat parasite infesting up to 30% of humans)and the manifestation of hallucinations. Our own body chemistry when stressed including adrenaline, nor-adrenaline, DMT, dopamine, cortisol and the acid internal environment they create are equivalent to cocaine in effect. To counter this use high antioxidant products like Vit C, D, E, alkaline foods and do a good parasite elimination. Also look for heavy metal exposure, chemical exposure, hidden infections (especially dental) and address this (avoiding amalgam or using safe removal) Hormone imbalance is best addressed with bio-identical progesterone cream (cancer demoting) and avoid estrogen as it is cancer promoting (we also are getting high exposure of estrogen mimicking substances from plastics these days) Try and move away from cell phone towers and high load power lines, also switch WiFi technology off at night. Any medical symptom, like high blood pressure, try exercise and meditation before resorting to medical drugs. Check for gluten and lactose intolerance as well as other food issues such as the whole deadly nightshade family of vegetables.

      Then when all the physical bases are covered turn to social support, addressing past trauma and phobias, forgiveness and letting go followed by nurturing emotional maturity, finding meaning and purpose, fun and laughter.

      1. rhonda varsane

        Also would like to point out endocrine disruptors in our environment. From DDT, Agent Orange, Aspartane, polyurethane, gmos, additives, preservatives and colours.

        There are also neurotoxins in our environment one is msg.

        Choosing to consider organic, along with organic products, which we use on our skin-large surface area absorbsion, mouth, product for hair.

  61. martin


    I wonder if all this hearing voices is because to put it bluntly people i thought loved me made me feel like shit every day of my life. Actually at times my mother was a loving mother and she would do everything for us kids then…there was times were it seemed my parents wanted to kill me like they enjoyed touturing me and my brother .My father seemed to enjoy it if i cried or squirmed and would always tell us we were a waste of space.
    My brother would fight other kids if they bullied me, but then beat the shit out of me at every oppotunity hitting me with a hammer smashing my head into a wall or the edge of the bath, i think it is these mixed messages we get when we are young [email protected]$&>% us up. The voices i hear sound like the kind of things my parents would say like why don’t you kill yourselve and your a f^&&% moron but is not their voices. Also recently i have decided i am going to think positive, when i move to the next place which i have done recently ( thats how i cope), i will pretend that the neighbours are not abusing me unless i see their lips move and they are facing me… But you know that kind of positve thinking dosn’t work the new neighbours are abusing me saying things and i haven’t said one word to them, or thought negatively but still it starts automatically. i know it won’t end till i am dead lets face it, its like working in a call centre hahaha

  62. martin

    Sorry about my comment above i know it is not helpful, it’s not vey positive, i am not a strong person i have been fighting and ignoring these voices for over 20 years and i feel like sometimes i am losing the fight, i am not going to take medication that makes me feel ill or like a zombie, so i aplogise, people who are stonger than me should fight and don’t give in, no-one should make you feel like shit it’s their problem of insecruity not yours. Don’t let them win, don’t be bitter or angry, be happy and strong and loving to others despite them…

    1. Augusta

      Dear martin,

      I am only in my mid-twenties, but I also struggle with voices telling me to go away and that I’m an idiot and a bitch. Part of this is because of my upbringing and the way my parents placed such high expectations on me and made me feel like a piece of crap when I didn’t meet those expectations.

      Right now, I am struggling because a girl at my job began to spread rumors about me (partially because of my background, the other part because I do what I’m told at work, I work very hard, and to her I look like a ‘dog’ when I run around the workplace—something that is required of me at my job). As angry and bitter as I am that she keeps circulating these rumors about me (even after I brought it to the attention of the managment, sadly), I realize that most of the time, the voices arise when I think she is
      talking about me at work and I begin to think those same things about myself (i.e. she’s such a bitch, who the f*** does she think she is). I am not a perfect person, but I know that for all that she says about me, she is probably a deeply scarred person as well, and although I hate everything that she’s saying now, I’m not going to let her win because I am confident that I have the spirit of a fighter and I will do whatever it takes to keep my job, even though it kills me to feel scrutinized not only by an outsider, but within my own thoughts as well.

  63. Karen

    Have been looking at this site and wondering how I can get my 24 year old son involved, he was bullied through his school life and became ill when he was 15 he has recently been given a diagnosis of pschizophrenia he hears voices and he sometimes feels so bad he cuts himself, he has been involved with taking drugs which makes things much worse, he has no real friends and is desperately lonely. He is currently in a psychiatric hospital on an informal basis ( not the first time). I feel he is just being medicated and the underlying problems aren’t being treated, he feels he is ugly ( the voices tell him this) and his life is not worth living, is it possible to gt help outside of the NHs, I get pains in my chest just thinking about how bad he feels. I want him to be able to participate in life and meet people. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
    Karen (a desperate mum)

  64. Kim Herring

    when he hears any voices make him sit in a un paranoid area.putside in the woods. ask him who he hears and to point them out one by one and exactly what they are saying. if he knows the voice he needs to talk to the person on the phone or any way to let them know whats going on(eventually when he can call them). tell him to think of something funny of them. ex)like the person sitting in a leather thong with a whip or anything that will make him laugh. then tell him to say out loud in a comfortable place to get out of his head and it is his head and he has control. Thats what my mom did for me. It worked and I am going to a psychiatrists and counselor and always make sure he doesnt burn old bridges with people he knows. and hopefully the voices are from the people he knows. I will pray for him. god bless. and go see a doctor about your chest pain, my mom has already had a heart attack but he needs you to be thier for him.Hope this helps good luck.

  65. Josie

    hi im josie im 13 years old i heres my story
    i hear two voices man and a womans unlike what i read thier not aggressive (most of the time) his smooth and mellow voice the man is the more aggressive one he tells me things that envolve other people he sends me images of my friends and family dead and digusting looking and he has an aggressive voice when im mad or ticked
    the woman is mellow and sad she tells me things that make me feel horrable about my self and sends me images of me dead and digusting looking
    my voices also feel me with differnet emotions like extreme saddness or hate they give me killer lust make me want to hear my family scream to drink there blood to drive my hand through them and i absolutly hate it
    i dont know why or when i got this i remeber having whispering and images and my first panic attack in 3 grade but it went away but when i entered 6 it came back except then i heard the woman and when i went into the last semester of 7 i started seeing shadows by then i got i phone and listened to music constantly to drown out the voices but when my parents take my phone away i feel hurt cause the voices tell me strange things and i feel i deep distrust
    and by that i mean i dont trust anybody i feel as if there nice to me and they only do it fir something in return they know something i dont and want it now that might be me or the sickness talking
    i read alot about schizophrenia and foud out alot of the things im feeling is it and i thought it was natural (conspiracy,hearing growling noises etc…)
    my life wasnt especially hard i mean compared to others the only thing is i was raped wheni was 6 and being taken away from my brother and mother,i dont do drugs, i get a’s and b’s my life is good (except for the constant voices,shadows,and no love for others)
    and all im asking is help telling my parents i cant tell my mom cause shell make it about herself and i cant tell my toutur cause im terrified of her so thats leaves my dad and hes the most important person to me im terrified of what hell say and what he wont say i mean i went as far as a knife to my neck so my question is what do i do anf also i just want you to know that i enterd my tortur email and if you reply shell be reading it thank you

  66. Gordon Booth

    I’m heaving spirits in my head. Please help! What do I do?

  67. Erica Wilson

    Hello, my name is Erica Wilson. I am a very insecure person who doesnt trust people and I also have bi-polar disorder, depression, adhd and anxiety. Well, I started to take adderall and I was not eating properly or sleeping properly. Well, I started getting so paranoid that my husband was cheating on me that I would stay up way past the time he would go to sleep then get up early in the morning to make sure nothing was going on. I started to set up camereas in my house to see if while I was at football practice with our son that he had other girls in the house, and I would listen over and over to the recording up to my ear, and i thought I heard them saying they found the camerea and he wished that i would see it and finally leave and I also heard them talking about a human trakking device lidke a gps, so i started to accuse him every day about cheating and he swore and swore he wasnt but i wasnt believing him. so when we would be in bed at night i thought like when i went downstairs and came back up i thought i heard him talking to someone like girls and i would check the window to see if anybody was out there and this is a two story house, and nobody was out there. then i thought after he was sleeping that these females were talking to him through some type of device so i checked the whole room for a cell phone or anything and of course nothing. now weeks went on me still thinking im hearing him having conversations with other ppl. now i started taking more adderrall and not sleeping properly except for like 2 hours a night. then one night i thought i heard a alot of them talking to me through a room that is attached to the outside of our house like an attic and they were saying things like we are in your house we are going to get you, so i got really scared and came down stairs to get the dog so i could try to feel safer and that didnt help, so then my husband woke up and was asking me what was wrong and i just kept telling him i knew he was cheating and i heard it on camerea and i know he is trying to get me out the house, so it was now around 3 a.m. i got in the shower and tried to calm down and i started to hear horrible nasty things about myself and my body, so i got out the shower and was trying to close my ears with my hands so i couldnt hear and it still didnt help, then i seen a hallucination on the tv that wasnt real, so then i attacked my husband thinking he had some device making this happen to me, and he just kept telling me to please go to sleep please and he went back upstair with me and was trying to hold me and comfort me and i flipped out thinking he was trying to put a gps device on me, bc oh that night everywhere i went in the house the voices were saying oh she on the stairs oh she is in the closet forgot about that, so anyway now it was going on 5-6 in the morning and i still didnt go to sleep and my husband took off work b/c he was worried and i thought he took off work so he could try to find my sim card for the camerea so i hid it in my bra and when i did that the voices said she hid it in her bra and i ran out the house i left on feet and then everywhere i went they were still saying where i was i ended up going to the hosp to try and have them do a full body cat scan b/c i thought my husband had attached a gps or speakers or something to me, and from there i was committed to a hosp where i realized that the voices were caused by me abusing adderall, sleep deprevation, and paranoia now that i have been home for 3 weeks i still sometimes hear voices but i know its my own mind, cuz now im on bipolar medicine and getting rest that the voices are leaving me alone and i know that i go to counseling once a week and ill be okay with time, and taking medicine properly sorry my story was a lil long but maybe this will help somebody

  68. Hazel


    My son is home from Bamian Afghanistan, he hopes to join the NZ Army Fire Service. No disturbances.

  69. D. Ray

    (Contact details removed by Intervoice Admin – see our posting policy) Suggest that these voices are in fact aliens who control a digital construct and we are nothing more than three frequencies creates a being?

  70. SoulSurfer

    Not sure if this is natural?

    Here are some links you might want to check out and see what kind of technology they have:

    “They say: only – only – only the fittest of the fittest shall survive – Stay alive! Eh!” – Bob Marley (one of the biggest in their rank and a good guy).

    Chances are that almost all people posting here and reading this belong but just a warning for those who are NOT one of them (go check with your parents if you are not sure), be careful what you do cause their eye is always watching. Courts, jails, police and human rights are for them, if you do something stupid or you are simply born in a family which is targeted (yes it is eugenics at work) you might and up in their mind control program, experimented on, gangstalked, diagnosed with paranoid schizofrenia, forced to psychiatry and your life will become a living hell.

  71. Soleilmavis

    We are a group people who have been working hard to fight against the abuses and tortures of voice to skull technologies which caused many cases of hearing voices.

    More information about voice to skull technologies
    ( )

    More information about mind control technologies

  72. John D

    In have heard voices for about 24 years. It started when I was around 27. At first it was a nightmare just like everyone says the name Calling Etc.
    However things changed about a year and a half after it started. I was going out of my mind because they would not be quite. Suddenly out of the blue I realized that a split second before I heard what they said if I listened I knew what they were going to say. Just like you do when you talk. You have a thought first then you know what you are going to say before you say it and at the last second you can change what you say.
    LikE “what time did you get here”? in your mind it pops up to say 12:30 cause that is when you got there but you say around 12:00.
    If you had said what popped into your mind it would have been different.
    So when they were about to say “Kill yourself”. I would change what I heard to Love and I heard Love yourself!
    of course at first they would say “(scream) That’s not what I said” and I would reply well that’s what I heard.
    I am now 49 and have delt with them for years. It is much different they are like friends. who? I don’t know 2 or 3 all guys. There was one woman a long time ago but not anymore.
    That was the beginning of me getting them under control. After I realized I had found a way to keep them from talking all the time.
    I always wondered what they did when I was asleep and they told me they don’t know..they seemed puzzled. At first sleep was the only break I got. Hope this helps someone.
    BTW I have not been on any medication for it. i lead a very normal life and have a technical job with many resposiblities. I never have any issues with this.
    I have also come to realize that the voices are me. In the fact they come from me. I also do not hear them in my head but outside and yes they get louder with more noise present fans ,machines. If I am outside in say an open field they are very quite. I noticed that for me they like need to bounce the sound off of something like a wall or building. Possibly the subconscious?

  73. T.

    Can I print these and show them to my 16 yo son. since he does not want to talk with me about them. or will it make it worst?

  74. Gordon Booth

    Has anybody heard of the “Thoughts Stopping” treatment?

  75. Mi

    I am a shamanic healer with spirit attacks and have had spiritual emergencies. I’m going from seroquel to latuda hoping it will quell attacks. I have been called schizoaffective but I don’t think I am I suffer from shamanic crises. The attacks last from 30 mins after 5pm to 5 hours from 5 to 10.

    I’m starting a new job and need to be clear so am hoping and praying that latuda helps shut out the voices. If you can’t hear the voices you can’t get sucked into an attack.

    I work with my allies and creator to clear myself when I do have them, but every cell in my body and consciousness leads me to lie down in a darkened room and try and clear myself with my allies. What medications have helped people rid themselves of spirit voices? Seroquel hasn’t worked for me.

    1. Mark E.

      Zyprexa! It can make you sleep excessively. I started with like 5 mg, then up to ten. When i can’t get to sleep, I pop a 10 mg. But I am convinced that spiritual practice and groups like this will help me be medication free. I felt horrible on seroquel. I was diagnozed schizoaffective too once. I think its a bogus diagnosis. balance the healing dark time and meditation with healthy sun exposure.

  76. Bubbly Boo

    I started hearing voices this year. I found out they are me. I can make them change what they say. I just gotta do it with conviction. Like, one time.. when I was nervous at the beginning… I thought they were calling me a “stupid B***”… well, I said, “no, I’m not, I’m a sexy b***”… but I didn’t really like hearing this… so instead I changed it to, “I’m a silly woman.”

    If you approach them calmly and rationally, you will see they are parts of your own ego. They are not spirits. They are not something out to get you. Do you really think your deceased relatives and all the good people who died would let this happen to us when we clearly wouldn’t have the awareness to know they are other beings in order to treat them as another human and “school them” in manners or what have you?

    These voices, as far as I can tell, are parts of our own ego. I don’t know what causes them to be louder than normal thoughts though.. I think it’s stress. I’ve been working on trying to figure out how to silence them… One night when I was trying to sleep, every time one would talk, I would say “Smack!”.. and I got peace.

    I also discovered that doing something that’s good for your soul helps silence them. Whether you enjoy jewelry making, or singing, or dancing, or learning something new.

    These voices only know what you know. So if you hear them and start thinking about scary things, they’ll probably vocalize these things… these voices are a reflection of you, the good and the bad. If you approach them with humor, it helps. If you have a potty mouth, they might, too. But I’ve also learned that I don’t have to be so worried about what I say, or my thoughts because that’s very limiting and stressful. You gotta let it flow, accept yourself. I think the voices are some sort of… platform to either help us accept ourselves or change our circumstances… I’ve had my voices try and tell me I’m going to die and when I was finally like, “So what?”… that repeating statement stopped. When you figure out a way to not care what they say, it’s all aces.

    Sometimes it’s easy to shut them up. Sometimes it’s not. I notice when I’m happy, they don’t exist. But it can be hard to get to this state of happy when you’re sulking about them existing. You gotta flip the tables and figure out a way to make them say positive things. One of the things I did this year, was act as if I was happy they were here… like how precious am I that I get this type of personal attention? I don’t always feels this way.

    It might not be easy, but it’s worth it.

  77. Tanner Watsin and Robert Arctor

    My voice and I are family. We are extremely close. He’s like a brother to me. He’s all I have and we need help. Right now we are living with my sons mother. We are not good people and we know it. We just wanna live and.not bother anyone. But we are here because we need help. Recently my sons mother has begun hitting us. Physically and mentally abusing us. Arctor does his best to make me feel better after she mentally abuses us but I just have nothing left. My self esteem is gone. We deserve to be beaten down we know that but the physical abuse is getting out of hand. She knows we can’t hit her back because we’re a man and she’s a woman and she doesn’t hold back. We said that we were gonna call the police and she said she was gonna hurt herself and make it look like we did it. This needs to stop and we don’t know what to do. Please help us. Please we don’t have anywhere else to turn somebody if you’re reading this please help. Even just someone to talk to would be nice.

  78. martin

    read a lot of comments that sound like the common denominator for voice hearers is threatening, threatening voices, my experiences are the same,and sometimes they are so bad i sleep with a loaded crossbow, thinking it is the neighbors etc.. i have lied to the police. mental health officials to stay out of trouble and to play down my paranoia…However lately for 6 months at least i have been ignoring them, or laughing at everything they say, and i say yeah that’s right man I’m a certified scumbag, mother %&$##@ so you better watch it punk, you know like dirty harry…And you know what i think they are losing there power and i am becoming strong again….

    1. William Cross

      I had severe posession of malevolent beings who invaded my body and tormented me for months. I am able to keep them at bay with with what I have written below. My complications have revealed themselves to be of a spiritual matter. This will not help you if you think that you are plain crazy, because chances are that you have case of demonic posession. I hope this email finds you. There are self help spiritual solutions.

      If you are hearing voices of beings who are less then friendly towards you, I suggest the following.

      1) Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation and the removal of the spirits from your body.

      2) Get yourself in church.

      3) Surround yourself with good people

      I hope you get this message and that it is not deleted from this site.

  79. Gordon Booth

    Dear effervescence, I believe these (viz,everybody’s religious beliefs) are religious discriminations. Everybody (from Plato to Aristotle to Aquinas to Descartes to Hegel to Leibniz) will say there are _external living creatures_ when applied to themselves. When it’s anybody else it’s internal (viz,mental illness).

  80. Greer Olsen

    Dear Tanner/Arctor
    I hope this is not to late, I have just found this site. It can be hard even when you talk to people to feel like you are communicating. Sometimes it is still the disconnect and the emptiness but try. People on the street, buskers or sellers are often open to talk, practice love, giving and receiving. Small moments of real meeting are worth a lot and should help you feel that you exist, should exist and are worthy of love, without any judgments around it.
    Take care Love Greer

  81. Chea

    Mine are not so so loud when I am on the medication. The medication seems to suppress some of my auditory hallucinations. Lately I’ve been stressed about my health and my father’s health. That didn’t help when I tried to function at work. I was highly stressed and it turns out that the voices are starting to blend in my environment. It would be strange if the co-workers and customers you barely talk to made negative commentaries about you all day and you can hear it a mile away. I’m at home and I am perfectly fine but if I go outside of my comfort zone, my sanity goes crazy. My work environment is pretty busy and crowded. I was warned by my physician but I like interacting with people. I get paranoid and not so much delusional because in my mind I am trying to think it’s all fake. Been there, not going to be how I was back in then. I’ve never tried behavioral therapy but I am most definitely going to go for it. I don’t handle stress so well obviously hmph. The first bang of loud voices back in 2006 was stress induced. I know I am about to relapse when I experience headaches or pressure on my temples. It usually spreads to the sides of my head. Hey any healthy person want to trade a brain with me?

  82. sunny

    I just found this website, and I am relieved to know there are others with my symptoms. My voices started shortly after some particularly painful and stressful events in my life. I believe that stage was set when my mother passed away. I was 58 years of age. I quit my job after 26 years, and went to school for graphic arts, which I loved. I was finally doing what my heart said to do. I became paranoid after an altercation with my neighbor. It was during that time, that I began hearing voices, who read my passwords out loud, threatened my dogs, made demeaning remarks about me to the neighbors, and talked about me as if they could see me. I began hearing voices in running water. It was startlingly real. Over time, seven voice personalities developed. I made peace with 6 of them, now there are just two. They are emotionally supportive and shower me with love, affection, and hope. I hear through almost any kind of sounds, running water, the hair dryer, and electric motor sounds, wind, my dogs snoring, and white noise. I hear beautiful music,conversations, arguments, and screams for help, car accidents, and I hear my supportive voices when I go outside, as if they are coming from a satellite. I validate with my husband to separate the “real” from “imagined.” No matter what meds I have taken thus far, I hear the voices. Every now and then, some creepy, morbid voices and images run through my mind, and my helper voices show me how to banish them. I am feeling less anxious now, partly thanks to this website. Thank you all for sharing.

    1. rhonda varsane

      We have no way of knowing how our bodies or senses-mind-might percieve radio waves, or waves-information-sound from phones, phone towers, satellites, cable r highdef tv.

      We have no way of knowing if the spirit world runs side to side with this.

    2. Mark E.

      You give me much hope!

  83. Cialis

    When I initially left a comment I seem to have clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every time a comment
    is added I recieve four emails with the exact same comment.
    There has to be an easy method you can remove me from that service?
    Appreciate it!

  84. william

    I started hearing voices 6/7 months ago. I hear from family members who are now heavingly spirits, to friends that I knew who now walk the earth as a person who did not do well in life (and they have a terrible fate). It started with my body being physical posessed my a demonic being, and then this phenomina escolated into a intense constant spirit communication. I hear countless number of people who have passed on.

    Now I was not a religous person at all. I have a past that is less desireable than my up bringing from my beautiful and caring parents. For me, this has been a form of a negative spiritual attack that has resulted in a positive transformation! I have been able to manage the demonic and negative voices by excepting Christ as my savor (as directed by my heaving family members). While still maintaining the positive force of this phenomina (the spirits/voices continue).

    If you are hearing negative spirits/voices and are being tormented, or being mislead (ie something does not feel right), remember, that some negative spirits can be very tricky. A negative spirit/voice or spirits/voices may at first seem helpful, but they will lead you down the wrong path!

    Be aware of trickery from negative spirits/voices acting with good intent. Don’t make any sudden or drastic changes in your life ie. selling all your items or giving all your money away. DO NOTHING HARMFUL TO YOURSELF OR OTHERS, YOUR SOUL IS AT STAKE!

    The following suggestions will help.



    2) I suggest that you Pray!

    3) If you hear a demonic voice/voices, take your self to a priest or minister. Tell him whats going on. If that priest or minister does not believe that you are hearing a demonic voice/spirit – find a priest or minister that does! They will pray for you and this prayer will help you.

    After that, repent from sin and find forgiveness in your faith. And surround yourself with good people who share the same believe in Christ. This negative spirit/voice will go away as you grow in a positive direction. By doing the following:

    1) Love God
    2) Love yourself, you are made by the True Loving living God
    3) Love your family and friends
    4) Love the earth, take care of this planet



  85. Lee Hayton

    Hi guys,
    I am at my wits end, and fear that I may have to do something more than take medication to make my voice and noise stop, please let me explain.
    for about 9 months I have had a single voice in my head of an unrecognised male, always to the right of me, the voice is mostly putting me down and suggesting that I’m not worth anything, I have somewhat got used to this, however over and above the “voice” was an extremely load clattering noise which sounded like a very loud school canteen, with a mixture of voices, this was very loud, however this noise has changed into a female scream which is not recognisable as someone i know. This noise is not always with me, but when it is I will do anything to get rid of it, lately overdosing on sleeping tablets just to get away from it. If anyone has suggestions I would be most grateful as i do not want to leave my wife and kids.

  86. Glass Sink

    I do not know whether it’s just me or if everyone else encountering issues with your site. It appears like some of the written text on your content are running off the screen. Can someone else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them too? This could be a problem with my browser because I’ve had this
    happen previously. Kudos

  87. santos

    I have been struggling with hearing voices for three years. During the beginning I was given an article by an ex-friend which brought to light developments in microwave technology weaponry. After reading the article I started the idea that humans were doing this to each other. Such a nightmare and terrifying idea, which gave me extra torment throughout the duration of the many episodes of hearing invasive voices as I struggled nonstop trying to figure out why I was hearing voices. What I find to be true is that the voices are soo deep in my thought process and say so many strange things that it cant be a person with weaponry doing this to me. And if there are people out there doing this with weaponry, their voice will never reach the brilliance and mystery of the voices that I hear. I hear many typed and in different tones do they say things, some are mocking me and some are not, most of the time it is hard to believe that they are even talking to me as tho I was just overhearing a conversation of theirs. I read in a biblical text that in the lowest heaven angels argue and fight out of envy. Which is what I believe I may be hearing.

    1. Mark E.

      i too have wondered about advanced weaponry and mind control techniques. But I have had the most elaborate and advanced voices too. And there is not way modern science and engineering can do that. It is deeply spiritual, psychological, and personal. I have been through hell and back and have had experiences I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

    2. Constance

      The lowest angels are envying us because we are beautiful.
      There’s beauty in us and our so called “imperfection” as just there are in perfection. It’s the imperfect that makes us special from the rest



  88. Monika Hoffmann

    I cannot find the link to the worldmap of hearing voices on this site and since this map is such a booster for the self-esteem it should be easy to find.

  89. Jimmy Papamichael


    I recently started hearing voices along with some visions. i was resting in bed around 3pm with my cat, the room was dark i opened my eyes and saw my cat sniffing above me, i know my cat sniffs at anything he doesn’t understand, i turned facing upwards and saw a dark figure hovering above me, in the past i have seem ghosts / spirits but nothing like this, if my cat could see it then i assumed it was really there. The fan then started telling me “get up, get up, get up while you still can” I thought it was the dark figure speaking to me to get up and go to my sister barbecue, i said no then the bedroom cupboard banged, i screamed in fear and my cat jumped in the air, i grabbed him plus the fan ^ went to the TV room, plugged the fan in and it started saying ” get out, get out, get out while you still can” along with ” they hate you” “they will break all your bones” “they want to kill you” i have also heard a female voice say ” I will try to protect you” “I will fight for you” plus some singing ” what ever we do we do it for you”

    I decided to get spiritual help rather than medical, if i was mentally ill then my cat would not be able to see and hear the things i am experiencing, he hears the voices through the fan also as he goes up to it and sniffs it.

    If you concentrate hard enough, put some words into your thoughts you will find that what ever you are saying within your mind those words will come out the fan, this does not work every time and you may get a headache, i tested it by calling my 2 cats names and they both stood up and reacted.

    There was scientific evidence on net regarding how brainwaves can interact with vibrations especially fans but the governments pulled them down….

    I am 41 years old, my medical condition is called Psychosis, what the governments fail to tell people is that in the 60′ and 70′ they did tests on their soldiers giving them all sort of drugs to bring out the 6th seance, basically they wanted to be able to see the spirit world, they got naturally born psychic people already working for the government and put them with these soldiers along with Psychosis patients, sure enough they all could see and hear what the psychic people could see and hear but with one drawback, the soldiers switch to the spirit world was on along with the Psychosis patients but they had brain damage (which would heal over time and switch off their psychic abilities) which cause their sub conscience to play tricks on them, they would see and hear things the psychic people could not but each patient/soldiers sub conscience showed something different, the UK and US governments then scraped the projects due to this, if you do a hard enough search you may still find evidence of this, i did a few years ago and found plenty, the Canadian government has recently done something similar and is freely found on the net.

    This switch that we have can be turned on by 2 things, either by drugs induced or emotional induced or a mixture of both, if in the past you took any narcotics, eg smoked pot or any powders but did stop for many years sure your brain will repair itself but not fully, all it would take is another dosage or an emotional outburst.

    If you cannot relate to neither of the above then you are born with this and some pharmaceutical drugs may help block the switch but unfortunately not fully.

    for those who hear threatening thought well there are several possibilities, your sub conscience is bringing out the worst of you, dark spirits are trying to get you to cause harm to yourself and others so they may look good to they dark masters or you have being cursed recently or through the family.

    If you want to believe you are crazy then so be it but if that is the case government doctors will try to keep you drugged up so much that you wont be able to think for yourself, i do however recomend this if you cannot handle the voices and believe you will cause harm to yourself or others.

    I found God, i was never religious, right now there is a battle being fought in my apartment between some dark and or fallen angels and some arch angels, call me crazy but i have seen them both and i only accept it due to my cats seeing them too, have you ever noticed a cat look at something not there and move there head as if something is flying around, well they are looking at either a small bug or something from the spirit world.

    I hope the info i have provided has opened you eyes to many possibilities, do seek medical help if you cant handle the voices or go to a religious monastery for a week or so,

    thank you

  90. Jimmy Papamichael

    Hi again,

    I just came across this and every sign is happening to me, i suffered from insomnia, now i can close my eyes and within minutes my head and body start shacking within minutes allowing me to sleep, i also have an increased apetite, as i was 84 kilos( i was a body builder) but due to depression over the last year i went down to 68 kilos, i never wanted to leave the apartment but now i do 😉

    This video may relate to some people here.

  91. david

    hello, this is the first time i have publicly acknowledged that i hear voices in my head. i will try and explain a little when it began and also how it can and just did(as i was about to post ) convolute my decision making ( i was going to say decision making process , i however expierenced or had a flash of ” you dont know the exact sequnce of decision making) and if i cant be perfect or there is a risk of being ridiculed or humiliated then {(flight FREEZE fight)that is survival sequence} i withdraw or like a kiwi bird when frightened freeze up internally.
    as i was about to post there was indecision about which email address i should use there was inner turmoil because im aware of that these to email accounts are with companies that are worth alot of money. the dilemma was about who would benefit from me associating there company with this site. like even as i write this, im confused as i was trying to make a decision there was a voice/lurker ( male resonance ) in my head that said “we will kill you ” now this can be really conflicting as having lost the fear of having voices in my head , its like wtf do you do with it. so before i go any further i will regress to when i i first heard a voice in my head ( im fatigued now and in hangin for a ciggarette so this could be a long post , and i just had a “dont” (female) resonance in my head which doesnt reassure me what im doing is right , it brings back the distress that this is an international conspiracy, its 11 52 pm here in australia , my name is in my email , it shouldnt be to hard to trace, even that little bit of defiance feels alright , o yeah having the light cam operating with no programme running can be a little distressing to and i have had an expierence where ive tried to send an email and my pc has flipped like the way old tvs shutdown, assholes , im going to hit post comment and see what happens go for a smoke and when i come back if i feel up to it i’ll continue if not then im not meant to be doing this later

  92. C

    My 6 year old son has been telling me his “brain tells him things”. At first it was nice things…which we at first we thought was cute (ie. ” my brain tells me that girl is pretty…”) But…then he started to share with us that his brain says the “f” word over and over before he falls asleep. Then…at other times he says it tell him “f grandpa or that grandma and grandpa are stupid” – even though he adores his grandparents and feels awful. It also tells him people are ugly – when he tells me he is upset. Sometimes he cries. When he was an infant he had the worse time falling asleep and when he started to talk he told us it was because he he didn’t like to see ” the people”. He is generally a really happy nice boy and really smart. How am I do deal with this. I worry so much about him.

  93. Canman

    I am lucky. My voices have not been a problem since my psychotic break in the 80’s. After a very long hospitalization I gained insight into my illness and have not been hospitalized since. I am now in my 50’s.
    Even when very ill I always knew when others were kind, and unkind to me. I always believed one way to make this inhumane disease more humane , was for those that could, to adopt a fellow lifelong sufferer, and try to ease their burden. I have gained a great friend by this, and know my life is better because theirs is too.

  94. Kerol

    I just found out about this site. I thought I was the only one going through this experience. For the past four years I have experience with these voices. I am a Christian and I have learnt that throughout this experience and in life in general only Jesus can help to keep you sane and for you to be empowered with life. These voices that are not positive are demons. There sole purpose as the bible says is to “kill steal and destroy.” They came to me on a daily basis pretending to be God with the sole reason to lead me down the wrong path in life. The more I listened, the more I realize I was been taken deeper and deeper into darkness, and when I did not listen I was abuse verbally and spiritually. I kept reading my bible even when it does not make sense to me and believing in God’s word until I build more and more faith in God’s word. I got stronger and stronger with more and more understanding of who Jesus is. I now know that God’s character is love, patience goodness, meekness, longsuffering, joy, faith, kindness and gentleness as the bible says. The words from these voices are negative, they are a burden and without life. Just like a dead man. Jesus came to “give life and life more abundantly”, as the scripture says. Through Jesus Christ unto us, God is the only life. You have to be careful of what is also said even if the voice sounds good because as the scripture says satan can appear to be light. He sometimes pretend to be God, speaking to you especially if you are a Christian with the scriptures to deceive you in your understanding. You all might even recognized that whatever is being said to you, you always feel an emotion to try to get you to accept these abuse. That is how weapon of warfare is. The devil speak a word to you and then try to get you to emotionally accept it. Sometimes you don’t even realizing it. For instance anger. If something is said to you in a negative way, it is for you to get angry and react irrational towards it. While those words are spoken, it is for you to react and to take away your peace. This is done through fear. You might not feel the fear but it is there. Fear is not just if you are afraid of something. Fear is used to keep you in a certain situation or get you to do something that is unholy. That is what is used to keep man from knowing God paired with selfish desires. As much as a person might feel sexual lust and it feels good to the mind and flesh, fear is what is used to hold you in that lustful place. It is easy to hold you there when you are in agreement with that lust and you don’t even realize that it is there. The bible says we either listen to “fear or faith”. That voice that we all hear as been there all along. It is just that it is exposed to us mostly through some type of event that happened in our lives. It has been talking to us even when we did not realize it was there. For some reason it is exposed unto us and I can assure you satan rather work and control things without you knowing he is there. It is all fear tactics to try to get you not to live righteously and do positive things. That is why the bible says, “For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and self control”. 2nd Timothy 2 in the bible. If we walk in fear as a people, we do not walk in the fullness of faith unto God. It is when we practice everyday to walk in God’s love that we will overcome this abomination. Try to be loving and caring to each other. Be kind and patient, gentle and faithful unto God. As Jesus said to his disciples, “Love God with all your heart and soul and spirit”. Love him with everything that you are, “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself”. It applies to all of us. Stand for what is righteous holy and good in and around our lives. There are good and bad in this life, and life is a choice. Every choice that we make either big or small affects our lives. The bible says the bad choice can affect us negatively even to the fourth generations and the good choice are a blessing unto us for a thousand generations. What I am trying to say is no matter what we are going through, Jesus is the only way out. Life is in God and God alone. I hope and pray that these words may shed some light to each and every one’s situation, and to let them know that they need to stand up and do not be afraid. Stand up not just for yourselves but also for all your families so you all can live an abundant life as God promises. It is there for us to take. May God the father bless his people who are been tormented, even those who do not realize they are His yet, with strength, courage, grace and salvation and with the peace that passes all understanding and give them rest through his son my lord and savior Jesus Christ. Amen

  95. Polly

    I took time to share two parts of my story on this website. Both times, above the comment was dated August 26, 2013. “Your comments are awaiting moderation”. As they never appeared, either the moderator disapproved my comments or takes a while to approve them. Disappointed!

  96. Roshini Davidson Stender

    I cant tell you how much this means to me to know there is a place i can ask for help. My mom has been hearing voices for the last 20 years.
    We live in India and the taboo is massive.

    She is struggling to stay afloat and i love her so much.

    Is there anyone or community in Bangalore ( south India) that works with voice hearers?

    She has been on medication for the last 15 years and recently found out she has been on meds that arent for her symptoms.

    Im lost. Shes lost. We need help please.

    Mum’s an artist and highly creative and very sensitive. My brother passed away 5 years ago in her lap while she was home alone with him and he was heading down the same path as her.

    Neither mum nor me wanna lose someone again.

    Please help me find a community in Bangalore India.

    Thank you

  97. MILINE

    It is really amazing! I contacted you in regards of my lover. He no longer wanted to associate with me anymore. He was interested in working out his marriage, after begging and pleading with him I realized it was out of my hands, he really was leaving me. My co-worker went threw a similar situation and she told me that you had helped her. I cant say how much I’m grateful she introduced me to you. After discussing the resolution with you, your getting your lover back spell has done more than what I expected. My lover not only came back to me,but he has left his wife and now were are engaged, we are getting married next year, I don’t know what I would have done without you. I believe in you,you are my guardian angel.

  98. Lisa

    I guess I will post here.
    Ever since I was a little kid I have talked to myself and an ‘inner voice’ has answered. Not maliciously, just with a calmer and more reasonable tone. When this other ‘goes away’ not just be quiet, I get a small headache.
    That I can remember, it started in junior high. People would ask me who I was talking to and I would tell them ‘no one’ but I had a feeling of being interrupted. (As a strange side effect I learned how to talk without moving my lips.) I talk about it like it’s a joke so that I don’t lose the people in my life. I don’t know if I developed it as a defence against not having any friends in junior high or high school. I always thought that it was weird to have an ‘imaginary friend’ into adulthood. It’s like I carry a tiny person inside my head.
    Until now I was under the impression that hearing voices was something that was physically audible only.

  99. Pearl

    Hi Intervoice, I was moved by Eleanor Longden’s talk. It led me here. I have a very close relative who has been struggling with the same problem as hers. She has in a sense recovered and can now identify voices out from reality. But she has not really got back to the extent of not hearing voices at all. Sometimes they come creeping. There are so many people in the Philippines who are experiencing this problem. And as a person who has a relative with that problem, I am seeking as much help as I can for them. My own initiative is to provide people with a problem a venue to share their stories in my website owned by my twin and me. The stories can be metaphorical or personal if they are as courageous as Eleanor. Maybe one day, you can offer help in our region, too. Thank you and have a good day!

  100. Mark E.

    I’m so glad to have watched the TED talk and found this site. I’ve been through hell and back with voices. I still often hear a murmur, or extrapolate words or voices from environmental noise, but the most disturbing is tactile hallucinations. I still use zyprexa on occasion. I wouldn’t wish what I’ve been through upon my worst enemy. The most derogatory demeaning voices. But I have gradually over the years been able to cope. But sometimes it still disturbs. the other day, I had been talking with a retail salesperson, and upon leaving, thought I heard him think “Fuck you!” And another time, “He’s retarded.” Its fuzzy thinking like that, which stems from my lack of confidence I guess. So glad to see this refreshing take. I had no idea an organization like this existed. Much love, M

  101. Christopher Myrick

    I have always had voices in the form of thoughts and talking within my mind. I have on a few occasions heard muffled words, seeing things out of the corner of my eye and being in my own little world playing roles. I have kept a mostly positive state of mind by keeping faith in Christianity. It was hard with negative thoughts telling me to do bad things but I never laid a finger on anyone because of it. I just fought the voices off internally. I have had an encounter with something of the likes of Satan when I was only at crawling stage. It was probably my imagination running very wild especially since the face was formed out of the closet door. Black eyes and mouth and was having a decent enough conversation but then his eyes were turning red and he handed me a contract that he wanted me to sign and I said over my dead body like it was forced out and had no control of what to say. He declared so be it as I was trying to climb out of my crib while a deep guttural evil laugh emanated from there. When I hit the ground the air around me was pulling me toward the window and like a gale force wind was blowing against me. I struggled pulling on the carpet holding and crawling away for dear life and I finally touched the metal doorway going into the hall and the wind subsided. I heard a loud defeated scream as I was starting to turn my head to see what was going on. Then I heard an angelic voice say not to and to never look back. I didn’t and crawled onto my parents bed that night. I always have dreamed except a few times and just maybe it was a dream. Though when I woke the next morning I was in my parents bed. I was known to crawl out of my crib when I was little anyway. Anyhow I saw and heard things up until I was six or seven. That was also why I never did any work in preschool and my mom was wondering why I hardly looked at her when she was talking to me. I always have had some form of schizophrenia and I take medicine for it. I didn’t up until I was almost halfway to fifteen. Those years were miserable until I explained to my mom what was actually going on and most of the voices were negative between 13 to 18. I took adhd medicine from six or seven to fourteen. So I have had a rough life but managed to be good through all of it. I found out about God when my now late grandmother since five years ago explained it to me at four years of age. She was a true angel when she was here and is now. I dream about her from time to time along with my other two grandparents who have gone on to be with God. They all are good dreams. The one surviving grandparent of mine is my mom’s mom. It’s kind of tough from day to day but I stay in good spirits mostly. Two my psychiatrist and my parents who have done well at raising me. Sorry about my life’s story but I am a good artist and photographer because of my creative thinking process and eye and a good man because of God and the people in my life. I thank you all for listening and for maybe understanding what I have through either reading or having this yourself. Good day to you all.

  102. Truth teller

    None of the voices your hearing are good. You shouldn’t be hearing anything at all. Regardless of what they say whether good or bad don’t listen to anything they say. The people who think they have good voices are just being set up the same way an angler fish does to there prey or there just lying.

  103. Peter S

    What I have recently decided to do about my voices is watch a video about Dianetics and also have started to read the book that goes along with the Dianetics video. The term Dianetics is defined as (Greek dia, through, and nous, mind or soul); what the mind (or soul) is doing to the body. It teaches you that you can be a being trapped with charged negative Engrams. An Engram is a moment of “unconsciousness” containing physical pain or painful emotion and all perceptions and is not available to the analytical mind as experience. Basically my confusion stems from the voices which are my past memories and emotions that I am completely unaware of. These voices/engrams consciously control what I am thinking about in the present moment. I am looking forward to receiving some one on one Auditing Therapy from registered professionals at the Church of Scientology in Toronto, Ontario.

  104. Dr Constantine Kyritsis

    Possible and feasible resolutions.

    The first defense of course is to be aware of all the above, and be aware of all the 4 types of inner voices. Is it abstract in the meaning only voice or concrete with recognizable wording and syntax? Is it an echo from my habitual speaking or an inner abstract voice of my moral consciousness or do I have proofs that it more probably does not come from me?

    If it does not come from me, is it probable that it comes from the people that use to contact, or from even deeper and remote sources?
    If the inner voices are ours (types a) and c)) then they may become the source of self-discovery and improvement. But if their origin is not most probably from from us , then they may be really very dangerous or also very helpful and it all depends on our assessment.

    If the voices are of type b) or d) then silence and changing the habits that attract them might be an escape from them. Maybe we should prepare counter-phrases with our correct meaning and attitude with which we may battle them. And it is best to write on paper a list of such counter-phrases to the phrases of the voices. If these “telepathic hackers” turn to become very disturbing in our work and life, and threaten our best principles , values and intentions, we should not hesitate to declare war against them in the way that Steven Pressfiled very wisely describes.
    There is also the case that the voices of type d) might me from divine and inspiring source (common term God, or other human souls). In that case they might me of great help and value in our life. But as we mentioned before, according to the Christian religion abstract wordless inner voices of type d) can be either from the God or from the Devil.
    Let now go back to the voices of type b). In spite our efforts nevertheless the inner voices of type b) may continue. But in many cases that have reported to me the inner voices of type b) completely disappear when the individual travels and stays for at least a week in a foreign country that speak a different language.

    I strongly recommend the following practice of people hearing inner voices of type b) or even d)

    1) Write down what the voices is saying, with its exact words, and exact space and time situation
    2) Analyze why this voice is not from you, why it may be insulting, how it is violating your privacy and personal information if at all.
    3) Write down if this voice is violating one or more of your principles and values, and why it is distorting and undermining you.
    4) Then write down as a counter-voice what your true inner voice would be in this sistuation, that does not violate or distort your principles and values.
    5) Learn by heart the phrases of this own counter-voice and be ready to battle with it any future
    new attach by “hacking” of undesired inner voice of type b).
    6) Keep one insisting in this way of your own designed inner voice, till the undesired inner voice is beaten and kept silent. Remember that this may take months and years. But it will strengthen you and give your own identity and a sense of victory over the intruder voices. After all accepting accepting and accepting is not he panacea of solutions to problems. What when the Nazi were attaching countries? The problem would be solved by Accepting them? No by battling them.
    7) Write a small imaginary voice where you are the hacker to some one else mind, your are the imposer of the undesired inner voice in him/her and how he/her is beating you with his prepared true inner voice. Then reverse the roles.

    As the proverb says sometimes we do not solve completely our problems but simply we survive longer than them. (A day comes that the problems die without us having solved them).

  105. Lola

    I can’t seem to get them to stop. I work in highly stressful environment and had a couple of stressful events happen in my life. At times I would hear music and wherever I go I hear negative commentaries. It is really bothersome because in my mind I am thinking…are these people talking about me? It’s not always constant. I’m in the bathroom and I hear a voice that is full blown. At this point I’m not sure what I can do. Kind of have to live with it and ignore whatever I hear. Had a couple of panic attacks or anxieties in public because all I hear are these voices that are saying negative things.

  106. David

    Would like info on starting a support group here in Hawaii.
    I am a 45 year old man and have been suffering with this since I was 17. Never knew of any group that I could go to.

  107. Shani Lindsay

    Hi i hear voices and see a young boy around my age around 15. Recently they have disappeared but i know its only amount of time before they come back! my counsellor told me to go on this website and voice my problems, i dont know what to do about this or how to even dim down the voices. i have had them since i can remember and now i cant hear then which actually worries me. i have 6 voices in my head and i only see one person. i was just wandering if you know anything that can help with coping because, this has cost me so much, my relationship, friendships and i have to keep it away from my family because they will think i am crazy.

  108. JOE

    From my experience point of view, I started hearing voices ever since I was harassed & discriminated and eventually forced out of my employment by the company that I worked for 27plus years. I, then went to register with a local Job Centre Plus who failed to enlist me and placed me on incapacity instead and was forced in to becoming a psychiatric patient at my local hospital through intervention of my General Practitioner(doctor) and started receiving all sorts of antipsychotic medicinal treatments ever since early 2002 until to date, which all has made my life upside down in today’s Britain, that I know I will never escape out of it because there lies ulterior motives behind all these happenings including hearing voices through ears & not mind, few paranormal experiences, physical, verbal & mental abusing by the public at large mostly by the english natives and somewhat less by the muslims in a paranoia fist frenzy cultured society that I feel it through my mind, soul, body, loved ones, in sickness & health as well in wealth with very agony, suffering & resentment all the times which will never end even after I am gone for ever to the astral world from this physical world. As result of all these I cannot find any type of work even though I am a trained electrical mechanical technician in this modern GB, of whom I am citizen & resident of ever since last 40 years. It seems there is institutional ideology, paranoia and secret agendas working behind your/my back to make you/me what ‘they’ want of, even when you are constantly trying to follow the paths taken by the true and fellow good human beings and their inspirations, sacrifices & compassions towards this world at large! I sincerely hope this summarised personal memo from me would bring about changes where it is most required & wanted so the whole & all systems becomes truly balanced, righteous, principled and transparent but visible same time all the times for each and every legal, law abiding, rightful, genuine & industrious citizens of the land at large & wide where there is no poverty, paranoia & dirty politics to watch or/and become victim of, without an end to it in sight!

  109. Vladimiro Baratta

    My voices hearing began when I was 18 years old. It happened suddenly. I woke up in the middle of the night hearing voices. I was very afraid. When I was younger I heard the voice of my father sometimes. But now it was frightening. I heard a hell of voices and I began to spoke to them. Years later I lost the control over my voices and they overrode me.
    I have been in a psychotherapy for 15 years, 12 years after my first experiences with voices.
    Now I am taking some medicine with the control of a psychiatrist and I feel much better, but sometimes the voices come back.

  110. Swedish Nemo

    My experiences with the voices have generated the following suggestions:

    1) Speak with all the bad voices, one by one and tell them that you strive for good relations with them. Hold on to this policy. Show diplomacy and patience. Stay as cool and balanced as you can. Don’t argue against them.
    Let these voices come to you and accept them to be in you. Tell them so and give them names. Talk to them now and then.
    This approach is the key to a workable situation in your head. The bad voices will morf. Their aggressivity will fade. Hopefully they become good voices. Note that you also have to fulfill the suggestions under point two to make this work.

    2) Try to keep your mind as calm and balanced as possible, devoid of angry thoughts, disturbing pondering and everything else that generates anxiety. This goes for all thoughts – not just those concerned with the voices.
    Meet everyday’s minor and major irritations and afflictions with as much stoic tranquillity as possible.
    All strong anxiety fuels the voice-activity.

    3) You must not only be calm but also determined. The voices shall not decide for you what to do. Of course you can listen to good advices and follow them, but you decide.

    4) Don’t argue against the voices. Adopt a friendly light style.

    5) When you try to develop your relation with the voices a “helper” will show up now and then. Listen to it’s advices, but as always – you decide.

    6) In critical situations good voices can be of great help. They are capable of pushing back bad voices. Note that in order for this to
    happen you have to ask them.

    7) Before the development of good relations with all the voices it is hard to keep your mind from thinking about them. This I call the
    magnet of the voices. When you have only good voices this magnet disappears.

    8) When you only have more or less good voices in your head it is time to realize that all talking to them is like throwing oil on a fire.
    Some people have the ability to turn the voices on and off, but that doesn’t help the rest of us.
    Your strategy now shall of course be to speak lesser and lesser with the voices and think lesser and lesser about them.
    Don’t speculate at all about the mystery of the voices. Even this is like throwing oil on a fire.
    As we all know, an active life is good for keeping one’s mind from thinking about the voices.
    As time goes by, substitute your answers with nods, shaking your head,a grimace and so on. This won’t feed the voices.

    9) Sooner or later you only hear faint whispers in your head, Just let them pass without a notice and the whole thing soon fades away.
    This also goes for all connected phenomena. Just let them pass without a notice.

    Dona Nobis Pacem

    To the Artist

  111. Hazel

    It could also be disorganized thinking to the point of audio thought. Or the supernatural.

  112. ucjudy

    I have a question geared towards anyone who lives with voices on a regular basis:

    Who are they and/or what are they? Do they exist in a separate dimension simultaneous to your own that non voice hearing persons can’t perceive? Or are they just ‘Resonant Noise’ that you fortunately or unfortunately just happen to share the same air space with (Kind of like sharing an apartment with a next door neighbor who has wild parties every night keeping you up all the time} Are they ghosts? Spirits? Demons that harass you and won’t leave you alone? Are they just halucinations or what? What do you personally perceive “The Voices” to be?

    Please, don’t give me the answer that you think I want to hear.

    Give me the answer that’s true to your heart


  113. Jennye

    I came to this site as a way to seek out help. I’m a psych student, so I am incredibly self-aware and able to define and have insight into what things are normal, and what are natural.

    Therapists in the past have suggested medications for me, however, with my knowledge of what is caused by prolonged use of antidepressants or anti-psychotics, I’d rather pursue homeopathic and biologic treatments rather than suffer the brain damage and run the risk of Tardive Diskinesia or Parkinsonian symptoms.

    I’ve been hearing voices for about 20 years now. My ability to function is depleting itself, as I am working and attending school full time with a very busy, fulfilling, yet highly stressful life. I cannot be still, I like to stay busy, not to quiet voices, but because I like to feel accomplished and to feel that I function at a high rate, higher than most others that do not have my affliction – let alone those that do.

    That’s not to say that I find myself superior to anyone, I hold high standards to myself alone, and expect unreasonably high results from myself so that I may be able to find and experience pride in myself and what I do.

    What are the best coping strategies you have found for yourselves? Any advice would be wonderfully accepted. I’m almost to the point of seeking out a face-to-face support group. However, saying the words out loud “I’m a sufferer of major depressive disorder and I hear voices that aren’t from people”, fills me with dread and a sudden sense of shame.

    Thank you all for your assistance,

    A fellow sufferer

  114. joshua

    I to hear voices 24/7 and in some areas of where i live see images the voices sound like a group of people watching every action i make and ecko my thoughts they say they wont stop i believe it is not a mental health issue it must be an outside source they are predators and instigators its technology its what i call social terrorism

  115. Miss Connie

    I want to say I am amazed at the courage and strength I have read in the messages posted here. I am trying very hard to understand this. My son has been diagnosed schizophrenia and is taking medications to help control the voices. The medications do help him, but if he goes beyond the scheduled dose, say at 7:00pm instead of 5:00 pm, the voices return. I think that is odd considering just a few hours, but if he takes them at 5:00pm prior to hearing them, it helps the most. I have researched the serotonin/dopamine science. The nutritional deficiencies, the cortisol, and you name it. Although his nightly dose of magnesium helps him to relax more and helps to quiet the voices he doesn’t want to hear. He has at least two voices. One was recently renamed to “Canada”. I know it isn’t a new voice, but renamed because they argue the same points. Mostly moral issues. He can use vulgarity when he is arguing his points. I have tried to ‘keep him grounded’ if that’s how I should say it, by asking him to let me in on the conversations. He does sometimes tell me what is being said to him, and like all others here, it is always mean and depreciating. When I’m invited to listen in, I will insist that “Canada” is a bully and various other remarks to discredit the demeaning voice, once I even asked my son to let “Canada” speak to me about it…I don’t know what I expected really other than to prove the cowardness of the voice he was hearing in hopes to diminish even a small part of the power it had on my son because I was told ‘no, Canada won’t talk to you.’ “That’s what I thought” I would say as I left the room. ‘But you tell him I am always here if he needs to tell me anything.’ in hope of sharing the burden. My son started hearing these voices I would say in his late teens, I could sense he was having distractions of some kind, he was less productive and seemed as if he always had something on his mind, and then he heard them loudly when he turned 20, this is when he started talking back to them. Many trial medications and several doctors later, we had the medicine combo that helped him. What really surprised me was when he went into cognitive therapy for about a year, once per week. Now, he was taking his medication and attending sessions and doing very well, getting his independence back. He then stopped going to therapy, weaned off his medications and for an entire year he did none of the above and did very well…even excelled. Until a very stressful season in Florida, 5 hurricanes that year caused a relapse. How does that happen then regarding the serotonin/dopamine science? I honestly feel therapy, good talk therapy. Cognitive therapy is quite effective at releasing negativity, retraining the thought process, and yes, gathering the fragments of the puzzle and reconnecting with yourself. My life’s mission is to help him focus on his life’s mission. God bless you all for sharing.

  116. Lin

    This is ironic. I finally have a voice!! A place where I can write about my own experience with the voices. I was listening to public radio yesterday and Eleanor Longden was the guest speaker. I sat in my (hot) car and the tears just ran down my face. I never thought I would ever find someone to relate to me. I have kept the voices quiet for so long. They started in my late 20’s. I have perfected the ability to be ‘normal’. I am normal — this is me! Thank you for this website, I am going to read every blog word for word and feel your kinship and love. Thank you Intervoice!

  117. Lin

    Wow…. has this happened to anyone else. My voices are mad at me for posting in this website. They say I am going to ‘feed’ the sickness due to reading this blog. They say this is a bad thing and if I read it I am going to get worse!! I obviously am not going to listen to them, just reassure myself that this web site is just the thing I need. Does anyone out there ever hear them pitching a fit? Does anyone out there hear more than 1 voice at a time? Can you tell when they are unhappy? I can! Can you tell when they are tired and quiet? I can! I can even tell when they are receiving spiritual help – when I am in church. They listen well. Okay, maybe I am crazy… but this is my crazy. I am used to them. They no longer govern me but they do have a say in my life. Is this weird or what? Never thought I would be writing this down. Need to get back to work! Thanks Intervoice.

  118. Miss Gill

    I experience voices and I have the feeling they are real people who have connected telepathically. How else is it possible for voices to know what we are doing and thinking in such a clear way? They are negative voices who seem to be after money. They keep saying they are going to take money from my bank account etc. I do not trust any of these voices and I think it is essential that we try to find a way to cure this (make them go away).

  119. Igor

    I love you all so much, look how much we are sharing! We are connected!

  120. Ashton

    This info is worth everyone’s attention. Where can I find
    out more?

  121. Julia

    The is is only the second time I have visited this site. I’ve listened to Lenore’s presentation 4 times now… but my voices are not happy that I’m here. “This isn’t the right venue for you. You won’t find what your looking for”

    It’s the second time I’ve heard more than one at a time….. it’s so unsettling. It makes me fearful


  122. Nathan Landrum

    I’m not a dr. or anything but I know for a fact that the voices everyone is hearing are not from other people using telepathy. Since our brains use electricity to send data including the data perceived from our ears couldn’t it be possible that the neurons misfires and the brain interpreted the signal as a voice. Since it was nobody saying anything, our minds imagine what they said since we hear what we want to hear. Misfiring over and over would lead to a whole conversation virtually

  123. Andrea Depollone

    My name is Andrea aka Shelley . I live in Canada under the
    care of the mental health system. No I am not crazy . Not sure
    if I should laugh or cry. I am a 50 year old woman and single.
    I hear voices regularly but its always the some

    (I feel sorry for her, she knows ) is the typical and
    on going statement which I would like to resolve not much else
    is said to me

    I would appreciate any support or comments you could give

    I am gossiped about and it adds distress to my
    life style

    Bye for now

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