2018 World Hearing Voices Day

This year’s World Hearing Voices Day coincides with our 10th World Hearing Voices Congress, taking place in The Hague (Netherlands). With its focus on human rights, the Congress asks us to […]

2018 Congress - The Hague, Netherlands

2018 Congress – The Hague, Netherlands

Living with Voices: a human right! The 10th World Hearing Voices Congress takes place between 12th and 15th September at The Hague (Netherlands) and has the theme Human Rights. Hearing […]

2017 World Hearing Voices Day

2017 World Hearing Voices Day

In a world that can feel intolerant and unsafe for many of us – especially those who are from marginalised communities – it was only fitting that our 2017 World […]

2017 Congress - USA

2017 Congress – USA

The 9th World Hearing Voices Congress was hosted by the Hearing Voices USA A Revolution of Unseen Voices August 16-18, 2017 @ Boston University, MA Summary of the Congress Dedicated […]

2014 World Hearing Voices Day

There have been some really exciting developments in the World Hearing Voices Movement over the last year. New groups and initiatives are being developed across the world – including Bosnia, […]

2009 Congress – Maastricht, Netherlands

The 1st World Hearing Voices Congress took place in Maastricht, Netherlands in September 2009. It was this congress that led to the formation of Intervoice. Summary of the Congress Presentations in this conference […]

2010 Congress - Nottingham, England

2010 Congress – Nottingham, England

The 2nd World Hearing Voices Congress was hosted by Hearing Voices Network England and Asylum Associates. Raising Our Voices – Speaking Our Truths Intervoice Day 2 November, Congress 3 & […]