One of A Million Campaign

Hearing voices is a normal though unusual and personal variation of human experience. Hearing voices makes sense in relation to personal life experiences. The problem is not hearing voices but […]

Patsy Hague: Inspiration

Patsy Hage heard voices and was a patient of Marius Romme. It was Patsy who started the whole investigation into the meaning of voices in the Netherlands. Patsy’s story is […]

Share Your Story

At Intervoice, we have been really pleased at how people have used this website to share their own stories – after all, people’s personal experiences of voices, visions and recovery […]

Intervoice Newsletters

The Intervoice Newsletter is a great way of finding out what is happening in the movement throughout the world. If you’re not already signed up to our mailing list, you […]

World Hearing Voices Day Archive

The 1st World Hearing Voices Day was held on Thursday, 14th September 2006.In November 2005, Louise Pembroke, a voice hearer and psychiatric survivor from England proposed that INTERVOICE should hold […]

Join Us - Become a Member

Join Us – Become a Member

Whilst everyone involved in the Hearing Voices Movement is a member of it, Intervoice – as a registered charity – has a more formal membership structure. Members have the right […]