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The Intervoice Newsletter is a great way of finding out what is happening in the movement throughout the world. If you’re not already signed up to our mailing list, you […]

International Publications

‘Gek genoeg gewoon Een andere visie op stemmen horen en beelden zien’ by Tilly Gerritsma/Titus Rivas, Deventer Price, 2007, Netherlands. Book Description: The phenomenon of hearing voices and seeing images […]

World Hearing Voices Day Archive

The 1st World Hearing Voices Day was held on Thursday, 14th September 2006.In November 2005, Louise Pembroke, a voice hearer and psychiatric survivor from England proposed that INTERVOICE should hold […]

National Networks

National Networks

The International Hearing Voices Movement that Intervoice supports is truly international. It brings together people who hear voices, their supporters and concerned citizens from across the globe. If you would like […]