Voice Hearing and Life Events

There is a wealth of evidence linking distressing voices with adverse life events. The following is a selection of these studies and review articles. The relationship between trauma and beliefs […]

Working With Voices

Whilst research into ways of supporting people distressed by the voices they hear has often focused on medication or time limited CBT – there is a growing number of studies […]

Research & Review Article Summaries

Whilst there is a growing body of research to support our approach to voice-hearing, we’re aware that much of it remains in published journals instead of being shared with the […]

Research Requests

At Intervoice, we receive a number of enquiries from researchers who are looking for people with personal experience of hearing voices to participate in, or advise on, their research. Once […]

Share Your Ideas for Research

Background Part of the mission of Intervoice is developing positive, hopeful messages that promote acceptance, tolerance and understanding of voice hearing experiences. One strategy to achieve this involves the generation […]