Treatment Approaches & Professional Help

For those who seek support from mental health services, it is vitally important that these services have the latest information available to guide them. Whether you’re a voice-hearer, family member […]

Recovery & Self Help

Whilst many people are not distressed by the voices they hear, and these voices are a positive influence in their lives, there are others who feel overwhelmed and controlled by […]

Join Us - Become a Member

Join Us – Become a Member

Whilst everyone involved in the Hearing Voices Movement is a member of it, Intervoice – as a registered charity – has a more formal membership structure. Members have the right […]

Useful Resources

In this section, we have gathered together a range of resources and websites that may be of use to you. If you have any suggestions to add to this collection, […]

Recommended Publications

Recommended Publications

There are many high quality publications on the issue of hearing voices and other associated topics, in this section you can find the books and documentary films that we would […]