2016 Congress – Paris, France

8WHVC_Paris 2016_poster-imageThe 8th World Hearing Voices Congress is hosted by REV France, the French Hearing Voices Network.

Making History, Owning Our Stories

19 – 22nd October 2016,  Paris (France)

See: www.paris2016.revfrance.org for up to date information, or e-mail [email protected]

If you are coming to the congress and would like to link with other participants beforehand, you can join this closed Facebook Group:



  • Wednesday 19 October – Intervoice Day & Evening Public Event (plenary conference)
  • Thursday 20 & Friday 21 October – The World Hearing Voices Congress, made exclusively of workshops
  • Saturday 22nd October – Public Forum

Wednesday 19th

10h-16h Intervoice Day: « Honouring our past, sharing our futures”

On the river Seine

At: Au pied de la Tour Eiffel, Ponton des vedettes de Paris, Quai de Suffren

Underground, line 9, Trocadéro Station or Line 6, Bir-HakeimStation-RER C, Champ de Mars Station. Walking access by Iéna Bridge or by Bir-HakeimBridge.

Intervoice logoIntervoice is a charity that supports the International Hearing Voices Movement. During the Intervoice Day, we will have the opportunity to come together, as members of this movement, to share experiences, hear about new initiatives, discuss challenges and think about the where we want to go in the future.

During the day you will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear from national Hearing Voices Networks and find out what’s happening around the world
  • Find out about interesting initiatives, including:
    • Donatella Miccinesi (Italy): Educational-training courses organised by users and carers
    • Christian Gebel & Olivier Kremer (France): Nurses start a Hearing Voices Group within a secure unit
    • Akiko Hart (UK): Setting up Hearing Voices Groups in detention centres & working with asylum seekers
  • Take part in ‘Open Space’ (an opportunity to take part in smaller discussions on issues that are important to you, with topics chosen by participants)
  • Find out who has won this year’s Intervoice Awards 
  • Share our experiences of being in the movement and think about the future

Cruise from the Eiffel Tower to Bercy at 3pm.

18h-21h Public Event: Making history, Owning our stories

The Hearing Voices movement as a liberation movement for everyone

In the Cité des sciences de La Villette

with Paul Baker, Ron Coleman, Vincent Demassiet, Yann Derobert, Eleanor Longden, Marius Romme, & Myreille St-Onge

Thursday 20th &  Friday 21st World Hearing Voices Congress

Seven Steps Off The Beaten Track

Workshops in Maison des associations de solidarité (13e)

When you register for these two days, you are presented with the opportunity to live through a 7-workshops-journey exclusively designed for you!

Workshops facilitators include:

Mette Askov (DK), Ivan Barry (DE), Nejma Benamore (FR), Lien Boetje (NL), Richard Breton (CA), Lara Brglez (SI), Berta Britz (US), Linda Brown (US), Peter Bullimore (UK), Arturo Cannarozzo (IT), Ron Coleman (UK), Dirk Corstens (NL), Sherry Craig (CA), Fulvia Crivellaro (IT), Michelle Dalton (IE), Brigitte David (FR), Gaia DeMarzo (IT), Yann Derobert (FR), Anne-Laure Donskoy (UK), Emanuela Dova (IT), Pascale Laurence Ducos (FR), Marie-Christine Dufour (CA), Alexandre Dumais (CA), Cece Egan (UK), Kate Fiske (AU), Lisa Forestell (US), Eve Gardien (FR), Eleanor Gilbert (UK), Les Gilbert (UK), Katheuryne Grefford (CA), Isabelle Hadengue (FR), Will Hall (US), Julien Hennebo (FR), Xavier Hernandez (FR), Lucy Johnstone (UK), Alain Karinthi (FR), Eoin Kelly (UK), Michel Knols (NL), Hana Kosan (SI), Catherine Lachance (CA), Cloe Laurendeau (FR), Patrick Le Cardinal (FR), Craig Lewis (US), Marcello Macario (IT), Judy Mantle (UK), Elise Massin (FR), Conor McCormack (UK), Isabelle Moretti (CA), Sara Moretti (IT), Eve Mundy (UK), Evy Noordman (NL), Marilena Piretti (IT), Slobodan Popovic (UK), Lorna Ritchie (DE), Sandrine Rousseau (CA), Olga Runciman (DN), Paolo Scorzoni (IT), Sarah Sewell (AU), René Sicard (CA), Catherine Simmonds (AU), Brigitte Soucy (CA), Lyudmyla Steblinska (IT), Seetha Subbiah (SG), Karen Taylor (UK), Caroline Thibault (CA), Ros Thomas (AU), Serge Tracy (CA), Serge Tracy (CA), Jo Twist (UK), David van den Berg (NL), Maria Ria Vecchio (IT), Joel Waddingham (UK), Rachel Waddingham (UK), Caroline White (US), Angela Woods (UK)…

and other members of the Hearing Voices Networks!

Logo Humain Visible+ A special workshop (in partnership with REV France and Collectif l’Humain Visible)

Feel the need to express a story that changed your life (for the better or the worse)? Please take advantage of our optional individualized workshop where our two facilitators, Xavier & Yann, will be at your service, finding together the best way to express and share that story with the world.

Saturday 22nd: Public Events

In the Cité des sciences de La Villette

10h-13h Challenging popular beliefs in psychiatry: On the origins of psychosis and its treatments

  • Richard Bentall: Genetics vs Life Events in the Origins of Psychosis
  • John Read: The effects of psychiatry’s bio-genetic ideology: pessimism, stigma, collusion with child abuse and social inequalities
  • Lucy Johnstone: Is There a Good Use of Psychiatric Diagnoses?
  • Will Hall: People Helping Each Other Getting Off Psychiatric Medications

14h30-17h30 Healing Voices: Movie + Discussion

With Oryx Cohen & PJ Moynihan (producers)

HEALING VOICES is a new feature-length documentary which explores the experiences commonly labeled as “psychosis” or “mental illness” through the real-life stories of individuals working to overcome extreme mental states, and integrate these experiences into their lives in meaningful ways.

More info on: healingvoicesmovie.com

The venue for the Congress (20-21 October) is:

Maison des associations de solidaritè
10-18 rue des Terres au Curè
75013 Paris

See: Google Map of venue

The venue for the Free public events (Wednesday evening conference and Saturday’s public forum) is:

Auditorium of the Citè des sciences et de l’industrie,
30 avenue Corentin Cariou,
75019 Paris.

See: Venue website

As places are limited, you must register for the congress, intervoice day and free events if you plan to attend.


To register, see www.paris2016.revfrance.org.


Event Date Ticket Type Fee
Intervoice Day 19 October All €31, includes lunch and a river cruise
Public Event 19 October (evening) All FREE, but you must register for it
World Congress 20-21 October Waged €259, no lunch
World Congress 20-21 October Students, Part-time, low waged €156, no lunch
World Congress 20-21 October Unwaged €78, no lunch
World Congress 20-21 October Specific French Rate”Formation professionnelle continue” €500, no lunch
Congress Party 20 October (evening) All €21, includes dinner
Public Forum 22 October All FREE, but you must register for it

You must register for each event (i.e. intervoice day, public events and world congress) separately. Places are limited, so please register as early as possible if you would like to come.

Accommodation is booked, and paid for, separately. See www.paris2016.revfrance.org for more information.


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