Connecting People and Ideas in the Hearing Voices Movement

The 3rd World Hearing Voices Congress was hosted by the Italian Hearing Voices Network.

Living with Voices, Paths to Recovery

Intervoice Day 1 September, Congress 2 & 3 September 2011

Savona, Italy

Congress Presentations

Robin Timmers wrote a summary of the congress. You can access it here:

Download: Congress Programme – English


Rina van der Voorde (Holland)

Kate Crawford (England)

Kelly Bayley (Australia)

Marina Lykovounioti (Greece)

Elisabeth Svanholmer (Denmark)

Catherine McGroggan (Ireland)

Glenda Piona (Italy)


Paul Baker (England) – Recovery of professionals – Recovery of operators

Ron Coleman (Scotland) – Recovery of voice hearers – Recovery of the hearers

Roberto Pezzano & Laura dowels; Hearing Voices Network Italy (Italy) – Recovery of family members – Recovery of family

Irene van de Giessen & Suzanne Engelen (Holland) – Recovery factors from the voice hearer perspective – What is needed to healing: the dell’uditore perspective

Ros Bowyer; Richmond Fellowship Western Australia (Australia) – Voices at work: a program to support voice hearers in getting a job – “Voices at work”: probation experience in the working world of hearing voices

Rachel Waddingham (England) – Working creatively: developing hearing voices groups for young people – Working creatively: build self-help groups for young listeners

Peter Bullimore (England) – Starting a paranoid self help group and understanding the experience – Activate a group of self-help on the paranoia and understand the experience

Silvana Benaglia, Livia De Renzis, Gloria Zanni, John Ficarelli, Stefano Cavallini, Micaela Pratella, Anna Maria Biffi, Ileana From Home; HV groups from Milan, Imola and Reggio Emilia (Italy) – Start up of an HV group: within / outside / close to the mental health services – Activate a group of self-help listeners: inside / outside / next to health services mental

Ken Rosenthal (USA) – Crooked Beauty (the recovery journey of Jacks McNamara) – Imperfect Beauty (the journey toward healing Jacks McNamara)

“In the open air ‘Association (Italy) -” Norma’s Condo “; Live theater with voices – “The Norma apartment building”; A theater with the voices

Dirk Corstens (Holland) – Eighty constructs, what do they tell? – “Constructs”: what do they tell us?

Jacqui Dillon & Eleanor Longden (England) – Trauma, dissociation and voices – Trauma, Dissociation and voices

Pino Pini et al. (Italy) – Hearing Voices Group of Prato: an evaluation project – The auditors of Prato entries Group: hypothesis of valuation of assets

John Watkins (Australia) – Unshrinking psychosis: understanding and healing the wounded soul – For a non-restrictive view of psychosis: understanding and heal the spirit wounded

Will Hall & Oryx Cohen (USA) – Coming off medication: an harm reduction approach – Reduce and stop the drugs: an approach based on harm reduction

Sandra Escher (Holland) – Children who hear voices – children hearing voices

Cristina Contini & Franca Errani (Italy) – Beyond coping: the dialogue with the voices – Dall’affrontamento to dialogue with the voices

Samuel Ruggiero & Elizabeth Berta (Italy) – Relaxation techniques and yoga for voice hearers – Relaxation techniques and yoga for listeners

Rufus May (England), Alessandra Santoni & Marcello Macario (Italy) – Talk with aggressive voices – Talk to the aggressive voices

Ros Thomas; Gateway Community Health (Australia) – Working with young people who hear voices: early intervention in the community – Working with young hearing voices: early intervention in the community