Connecting People and Ideas in the Hearing Voices Movement

The 5th World Hearing Voices Congress was hosted by the Australian Hearing Voices Network.

Hearing Voices: Journeys to Understanding, Sharing Experience, Expertise & Wisdom

Intervoice Day 20 November, Congress 21-22 November 2013

Melbourne, Australia

Over 770 people attended the congress during the 3 days, making it the largest ever Intervoice World Hearing Voices Congress, and the largest ever consumer-led event in Australia’s history.  Most importantly, many voice hearers have now found new ways of living with their voices, many workers now have new strategies and ideas for better supporting voice hearers, and many family, friends and carers now feel better able to understand and support their loved ones.

Picture from congress

We were able to have many difficult conversations with a deep respect and collaborative spirit… keeping doors open for many new projects and partnerships.


Thank you …

  • To the elders of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation for welcoming us onto their land, and to all of the elders of First Peoples who shared their wisdom with us at congress
  • To our sponsors, exhibitors and supporters for helping us make the congress happen
  • To our team of staff and volunteers for making everything run so well, and everyone feel so welcome
  • To our delegates for joining us on this special journey to understanding

Summary of the Congress

voiceswall3The aim of the congress was to build our collective understanding about hearing voices and new ways of thinking about recovery, by drawing on the wisdom of many different perspectives.

This included three days of new ideas, collaborative conversations, innovative research and practice, and stories of hope and creativity.

Congress themes included:

  • Exploring the meaning behind ‘madness’
  • Inviting curiosity about hearing voices
  • A new era in leadership by those with lived experience
  • New practice and research for working with voices
  • Opening new doors for families and carers of voice hearers