Connecting People and Ideas in the Hearing Voices Movement

The 9th World Hearing Voices Congress was hosted by the Hearing Voices USA

A Revolution of Unseen Voices

August 16-18, 2017 @ Boston University, MA

USA Congress

Summary of the Congress

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Dedicated to the voices that we cannot see, to those who’ve not yet had space to be heard or discovered, and to gathering our collective strength to push back against those forces that have historically drowned us out.

The Hearing Voices Congress is a time for us to come together from across the world – those who hear voices, see visions, and experience other unusual phenomenon, as well as those who wish to learn from us and those with whom we choose to ally. It is a space to connect, to gain strength, to share knowledge, and to push and stretch the boundaries of our understanding. Together, we are not alone.

Hearing Voices USA

Watch Montgomery County Hearing Voices Network’s experience of the Congress


The following keynote presentations have been recorded and shared by HVN USA on YouTube.