Connecting People and Ideas in the Hearing Voices Movement

This section lists some of the freely available articles and websites that we hope will be of use and interest to you.


Maastricht Interview for People who Hear Voices (Adults)

An interview schedule to help people explore their experience of voice-hearing.

Maastricht Interview for Children who Hear Voices

An interview schedule used by Dr Sandra Escher in her research on children and young people who hear voices.

Self Help Guide to Talking with Voices

Ideas for people who hear voices and want to try engaging in dialogue with them by Rufus May and Elisabeth Svanholmer.

Coping Strategies for Hearing Voices from New Zealand Hearing Voices Network

Things that help people to cope, things that don’t and techniques you can try from New Zealand.

Better Sleep for Voice-Hearers

A booklet written by the voice hearers of York Hearing Voices Group (UK), sharing tips on dealing with difficulties sleeping because of voices, visions, sensations or difficult thoughts.

Voice Collective: Straight Talking Introduction

A straight-talking introduction for parents, carers and family members of young people who hear voices.

Voice Collective: Guide to Coping & Recovery

A guide to coping and recovery for parents, carers and family members of young people who hear voices.


'I heard voices in my head, I hit rock bottom but I turned my life around'

An article written by Kellie, our Chair, on her experience of hearing voices and finding a way through.

Shamans as Expert Voice Hearers

An article by Ingo Lambrecht, building on dialogue he had with Debra Lampshire around the parallels between voice-hearers and shamans.

New Statesman: The Voice In Your Head

“How a movement of people who hear voices is reshaping our understanding of ‘mental illness’ – and consciousness itself”

Accepting and working with voices: The Maastricht approach

An article about the Maastricht Approach, authored by Dirk Corstens, Sandra Escher and Marius Romme.

Hearing voices is more common than you might think

An article by Prof. John Read on Hearing Voices.


Understanding Voices

Understanding Voices is a website created by Durham University’s Hearing The Voice Project team, in partnership with people who hear voices.

OpenMindedOnline: Engaging with Voices

A series of 15 videos intended as inspiration and support for people interested in compassionate approaches to voices, by Elisabeth Svanholmer, Charlie Heriot-Maitland and Rufus May.

International Spiritual Emergence Network

A collaboration of not-for-profit support networks from around the world. Each network is run by volunteers and offers information and referrals at no cost to those experiencing or affected by Spiritual Emergency.


An international organisation promoting psychological and social approaches to psychosis.