Connecting People and Ideas in the Hearing Voices Movement

The International Hearing Voices Movement consists of the diverse conversations, initiatives, groups and individuals around the world that share some core values. These include: hearing voices, seeing visions and related phenomena are meaningful experiences that can be understood in many ways; hearing voices is not, in itself, an indication of illness – but difficulties coping with voices can cause great distress; when people are overwhelmed by their experiences, support offered should be based on respect, empathy, informed choice and an understanding of the personal meaning voices have in someone’s life.

As a movement of diverse people, countries and ideas, we recognise the importance of hearing and including many voices. As such beside our basic values we do not speak with one voice. We welcome multiple perspectives and ways of contributing. Change can happen on an individual, group, community and societal level – so whether you are working towards making sense of your own voice hearing experience, sharing information in your social circles, trying to improve the support on offer to others or are creating systemic change – we welcome you.

Am I a member of the International Hearing Voices Movement?

If you are asking this question, the most likely answer is ‘yes’. The movement has no formal membership structure, no governing body or leadership. It exists solely because of people, like you, that share its values. If you want to be a part of this, you are.

You can link up with other members of the international movement via our Facebook page, twitter or by using our website as well as coming to the World Hearing Voices Congress. You can link up with local members by joining a national network, local group or – where none are available – launching your own initiative.

How do Intervoice and the Movement connect?

Intervoice aims to support the movement, not lead or govern it.

As such, Intervoice aims to:

  • Maintain and develop our website and social media as a way of sharing knowledge.
  • Select and support the hosts of the annual World Hearing Voices Congress, arranging Intervoice Day
  • Support and promote World Hearing Voices Day (September 14)
  • Facilitate connections in the Hearing Voices Movement, within our resources

Can I become a member of Intervoice, the charity?

Whilst everyone involved in the Hearing Voices Movement is a member of it, Intervoice – as a registered charity – has a more formal membership structure. Members of Intervoice have the right to vote at the charity’s AGM and, to ensure the charity operates within a legal framework, it is important that we know who our members are and how to contact them.

We welcome individual and group members, and membership fees are collected annually.

Intervoice is funded solely by membership fees and donations, so our members really do help directly support our work.