Connecting People and Ideas in the Hearing Voices Movement

Whilst everyone involved in the Hearing Voices Movement is a member of it, Intervoice – as a registered charity – has a more formal membership structure. Members have the right to vote at the charity’s AGM and, to ensure the charity operates within a legal framework, it is important that we know who our members are and how to contact them. We welcome individual and group members, and membership fees are collected annually.

Intervoice is funded solely by membership fees and donations, so our members really do help directly support our work.

You are welcome to sign up to our e-newsletter, whether or not you decide to be a member of our charity.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Receive our e-mail newsletter
  • Are invited to, and have voting rights at, our Annual General Meeting
  • Receive a special members welcome pack, full of useful articles and information
  • Have permission to use the Intervoice Supporter logo/ badge on their stationery, website, social media etc
  • Provide financial support for our work

Cost of Full Membership

Full Individual Membership 1 year

Type Price
Unwaged £10
Student £15
Waged £30 

Full Organisational Membership 1 year

Income Price
Less than £15,000 pa £10
£15,000-£50,000 pa £35
£51,000-500,000 pa £70
£500,000-£1,000,000 pa £150
More than £1,000,000 pa £250

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We also welcome additional donations, if you choose. Please click on the ‘Make A Donation’ button on the right hand side of this page.

I would like to join Intervoice, but can’t afford the fee?

Whilst we have set the lowest membership fee at £10 per year, which is reasonable for many, we also recognise that this may be simply too expensive for some potential members. As an international organisation, we are aware that there are parts of the world where £10 is a week’s wages. In countries without a benefit system, we know some people live without an independent income and rely, instead, of money from their family which – in some cases – can be extremely restricted. Even in England, in the era of austerity there are a significant number of families who are living far below the poverty line. We never want people to have to make a choice between essential items for themselves or their family (e.g. food) and membership of our charity.

As such, in consultation with members of the Hearing Voices Movement, we have decided to offer our membership at a fee of £1 per year for those who genuinely can’t afford the £10.

For those unable to afford £1, which in some parts of the world is a reality, please email us – money should not be a barrier.

We are operating this system on trust, so we value your honesty. If people start to use this as a cheap membership option when it is not needed, it will greatly reduce our membership income and risk the future of our charity.

If you would like to find out more about Intervoice, please email us at [email protected].

How to become a member:

  • You can buy your membership online, using Paypal (via credit or debit card)
  • Complete the membership form, return it to us and pay by cheque or bank transfer.

Download: Intervoice-Membership-Form | Intervoice-Membership-Form

Pay Online: