Connecting People and Ideas in the Hearing Voices Movement

Sharing knowledge related to hearing voices is an important means to connect people, ideas, and networks throughout the world. Intervoice promotes hopeful and diverse understandings and approaches. By sharing knowledge, we aim to help voice hearers, families, allies and professionals to become empowered to make their own choices. The Intervoice Board should be a catalyst in that process of emancipation, promoting Human Rights and social justice. We recognise the wealth of knowledge within the Hearing Voices Movement and view the Board’s role as a conduit, supporting and sharing this via the Website and the yearly World Congress. As a board we should act according to the Intervoice Community Agreement: information should be respectful and promote choice.

Our activities

  • Maintain and develop our website and social media as a way of sharing knowledge.
  • Select and support the hosts of the annual World Hearing Voices Congress, arranging Intervoice Day
  • Support and promote World Hearing Voices Day (September 14)
  • Facilitate connections in the Hearing Voices Movement, within our resources

World Hearing Voices Day – 14 September

World Hearing Voices Day recognises and values the diversity of those of us who hear voices, see visions or have related sensory experiences. It is a day to promote our right to define our experiences in our own way. It’s a time to expand the narrow stereotypes that still exist about voice-hearing – that it should be a source of shame and secrecy. We want to help create a world where people can talk about their experiences with those they choose – and expect an empathic response. We want to promote the idea that voice-hearing is a diverse human experience and that we need to leave judgements and assumptions at the door.

World Hearing Voices Congress

Each year, with the support of Intervoice, a different network hosts a World Hearing Voices Congress. These congresses are a wonderful opportunity to bring together people who hear voices, family members, supporters, mental health professionals, researchers, academics and other allies to think, share, learn and connect with one another.

Find out more about past Congresses, and look forward to the upcoming one.