Connecting People and Ideas in the Hearing Voices Movement

We are excited to share with you the schedule for this year’s World Hearing Voices Congress, taking place online between 1 and 3 September – hosted by Hearing Voices Network Ireland.

In addition to the main programme, the hosts are offering a range of social and networking events – including an Open Mic event hosted by Rai Waddingham and Kellie Stastny.

The Congress hashtag is #WHVC2021

Congress participants are welcome to join our private Congress Facebook Group:

You can book your ticket for the Congress here:

You can download the schedule and Book of Abstracts, below:

Congress Schedule 2021 (pdf) | Book of Abstracts (2021) (pdf)

12th World Hearing Voices Congress: Solidarity in Times of Adversity

Please note: all times are in Irish/UK time (UTC+1)

Wednesday 1 September (aka ‘Intervoice Day’)

A day to focus on developments in the Hearing Voices Movement

Intervoice Day Summary

09.30 Welcome (Community Agreement / honour Sandra Escher)
09.45 Testimony (Italy)
10.00 Country Update (Australia)
10.10 Testimony (Denmark)
10.25 Country Update (Iceland)
10.35 Introduction to Open Space
10.45 Break (people suggest Open Space themes during break)
11.15 Open Space
12.15 Open Space feedback
12.45 Lunch
13.45 Reports from Brazil
14.30 Theme: Online groups
15.00 Break
15.30 Keynote (Hearing The Voice – UK)
16.00 Country Update (USA)
16.10 Intervoice ‘Meet The Board’ (inc Q&A)
16.45 Break
17.00 Keynote (Rory/Anne – Vancouver)
17.30 End

19.00 – 20.30 Open Mic #1. MC: Rai Waddingham and Kellie Stastny, supported by others. A social event to share songs, music, poems and our creativity. See Book of Abstracts for details and how to book a slot.

Open Mic Ad

Thursday 2 September – First day of Congress

2 September Highlights

09.30 -09.45 Welcome HVNI 

Chairperson for the morning: Kellie Stastny 

10.00 -10.30 Congress Opening Address 

Solidarity in Times of Adversity (30 minutes). Jacqui Dillon, UK 

10.45 -11.30 Keynote Presentation 1 

(How) Does Meaning Matter? (45 minutes) Rachel Waddingham, UK 

11.45 -13.15 Concurrent Session A (30, 45 and 90 minutes’ presentations/workshops) 

Artwork presented in some of the intervals across the two Congress days: Megan McNicholas: Artwork Based on my Experiences of Hearing Voices 

See Congress Schedule and Book of Abstracts for details of concurrent sessions.

13.15 -14.15 Lunch 

14.15-14.30 Welcome Back 

14.30 -15.15 Keynote Presentation 2 

The Search for Meaning, Purpose and Connection in Pandemic Times (45 minutes) Cindy Hadge, USA 

15.30 -16.15 Keynote Presentation 3 

Human dignity and creativity in the times of uncertainty: Personal reflection on war, COVID-19 and Hearing Voices community (45 minutes) Adi Hasanbašić, Czech Republic 

16.30 -18.15 Concurrent Session B (30, 45 and 90 minutes’ presentations/workshops)

18.30 – 19.00 Plenary Session 

Reflecting on the day. Looking ahead to tomorrow. 

Friday 3 September – Last day of Congress

07.00 – 08.30 Open Mic #2. MC: Rai Waddingham and Kellie Stastny. A social event to share songs, poems and our creativity. See Book of Abstract for details and how to book a slot. 

09.30 -09.45 Welcome and Welcome Back HVNI 

10.00 -10.45 Keynote Presentation 4 

Listening to Voices: Hero of Myself (45 minutes) The Listening to Voices Project, Australia 

11.00-12.30 Concurrent Session C (30, 45 and 90 minutes’ presentation/workshops) 

12.45 -13.30 Keynote Presentation 5 

Networks, Movements, Emotions and the first poetry of our life (45 minutes) Hearing Voices Network Athens, Greece. 

13.30 -14.30 Lunch. 

14.30 -14.15 Welcome Back. 

Chairperson for the afternoon: tbc 

14.15 -15.00 Keynote Presentation 6 

Working Through the 3 Stages of Hearing Voices Using a Profiling & Focussing Approach (45 minutes) Pete Bullimore, UK 

15.15 – 16.45 Concurrent Session D (30 90 minutes’ presentations/workshops) 

17.00 – 18.30 Concurrent Session E (30 and 45 minutes’ presentations/workshops) 

18.45 – 19.15 Closing Plenary Session 

Reflecting on the Congress, final hugs, saying goodbye and seeing you all again next year, hopefully in person! 

Intervoice was set up to support the International Hearing Voices Movement, celebrating the diversity and creativity within it. We do what we can to share information and connect people with groups, networks and resources.

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World Hearing Voices Day Postcard