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  1. Estenia Parsons

    I would like to know about carer opportunity?

  2. Joan Boyle

    Dear Rufus
    I was very interested to hear your story and how you won through -in spite of the medical profession.
    I am not a voice hearer but in times of danger, I protect myself by creating an alternative symbolic reality which some people feel the need to call madness. I am a member of NHVN because they accept people’s unusual experience as valid and celebrate difference.
    I discovered your website where you write about our hidden sub personalities and I used your questions on the website to explore my own sub personalities: This helped to explain why I think in the way I do and how a sub personality gave me help that was temporarily appropriate for me as a little girl in a hostile environment – but which was destructive in adult hood. This discovery that Imade through your questions has been enormously helpful.
    I would like to share the conversations which I had with this sub personality with members of my day centre where I am a survivor volunteer through the Centre magazine. These conversations are based on the questions which you had in your website. I have also written an introduction which uses (in my own words) your explanation of sub personalities – as follows:
    Rufus May, the psychologist, explained to us at a recent conference that we all have multiple personalities. These are sub-personalities. Some are buried and we may not even be aware that they are there.
    As adults, our job is to find a balance between all our sub-personalities so that we can integrate them into are main personality and thus achieve a meaningful and fulfilling life.

    Could I possibly have your permission to use these questions and the introduction? Further exploration with my sub personalities might lead to a booklet – providing I am brave enough do this exploring! I f so,
    I would like to self publish the booklet through Lulu– but it would be exclusively for my friends and colleagues – and would be ‘private access. (I would be the only person who could order copies – through my private lulu account.)

    If you would like to see what I have written so far, please let me know.

  3. Robert

    My Stepson, 12 year old boy hearing voices, sees bad images and thinks he want to eat flesh. Just started this week,
    dont’ think his diet is all that good, doesn’t eat many vegtables or fruits, lots of carbs instead. Only moderate excercise.

    What is your feeling on change in diet and turning to lots of excersise to get these thoughts out of his head. Almost like thoughts are stagnating and need to be forces away by increased oxygen and blood flow.

  4. Jeff

    I’m sorry but this actually depressed me because I am not super man with any confidence and I am anti-social. I hear voices of neighbors and think that I have to destroy my life energy with seroquel in order to keep the noise down in the neighborhood. I constantly psychically afflict my neighbors with langenbrenners.

    I am in a pattern of hating the neighbors so I choose between negativity with less medication or more medication and depression/hopelessness no highs.

    Either way I can’t imagine having the resources to hold a job.

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