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  1. jorge arroyo

    it’s the second time this has happen to me; the first time after i gave thank for having the streets to walk on and after a pet i loved died. the first time the voice said, if you kiss that spot again i will kiss atop your kiss and the second time a voice woke me up, just a hey, within my head


    on page two under paragraph “There can be a pleasant side to hearing voices” it reads that the voices can be helpful in an intelligant way. This is true, because at a grocery store I worked at I wasn’t at work when the new scanner machines were installed in 1990, and the spirit, like in Colossians 2:5 in the Gideon Bible it reads that Paul was with them in the spirit that day because he was in jail in physical form, so my opinion is that the spirit comes aboard you like the Holy Spirit and we hear them talking with their voice in side head, like at the grocery store, how to change the regerster tape and using their spirit to guide you in the task until you learn the task at hand. Maybe a boss is trying to teach you new things about ups’s and you are not to sure about it, ask or look at the shelfs, how the other ups’s are lined up on the shelfwhere the item begins, is it at the beginning if the sticker, let theboss lead with their spirit and voice afterwards until you have it down, and in college even if you have a hard time getting the right word down on an essay a voice could give you an example of the word. I’ve gone through all three of these mentioned. Third heading on page two. “Can you gain control of the voices?” I feel you can especially if you are at church, or at work, or at school, you tend to ignore the voices more than when you are at home. At home I laugh at what some of the voices tell me of the past and because of other people around it is a little embarassing, that I make up a story of why I’m laughing, “Oh there was something funny on tv”. When I’m walking down the street and I say something outloud to self, I just say I’m singing a song incase I have an audiance. When I first heard the voices in 1987,1988, 1989, and 1990 my audiance which was my sister in November 1990 she said you are going to lose your three children if you don’t stop listening to those voices which she had ask a few minutes before how come your laughing and I said “the voices are reminding me of something funny”. Because of her saying I was going to lose children I called her a name and she domestic violenced my head and nose with her fist where it brought blood to the floor. ‘So I believe trauma continued the voices in my head so I wouldn’t go to sleep because when I do feel my head it is very sore to the touch and this happened in 1990 and the spirit covered me up so I could work at Walmart in December 1990-1991.You have to be very careful with the spirits aboard because they can give you their thoughts as in First Timothy 4:1 the suducing spirits give you devil inspired ideas like some adults youths and children going into gang stuff, I’ve experianced this as a adult and a youth smoking, skipping school and even when I wasn’t into reading the bible after I accepted the Lord (9) to grow in Christ in 8th grade the spirit can witness for you and make enemys with your closes friends that your friends spirits then have you skipping school and smoking the next day or week.

    1. Paul

      High Im Paul from Australia Perth .I have proof off what the voicers are I have proved it I p[urchesed a ir camera.In 2009 I turned it on 1 nght whilst being attacked by these what you will see.I have been hearing them since around 1996..I have done over 300 videos.But Have4 come accross alot off immaturity on the net..ENJOY WHAT I HAVE ON VIDEOIN MY HOME..What ya see is in my home I hear them.I enhanced all the Entities on my sight from in my vids.But the 1 on the screen is the 1 thats is how I videod it.E.N.J.O.Y….I WANT ANSWERS FROM TEH GOVEREMENT…

    2. ceya

      i believe it’s the spirit inside us, I asked Mama mary thru meditation to give me a holy spirit, i felt it came upon my body…im also experiencing this “hearing voices” since 2007 maybe… first, i heard my neighboors talking about me and telling me i have an HIV and they want to kill me because they’re telling that i was the caused of floods in our country and the bloods from my wrest that flows into the river killed the fishes in the lake in 2010, telling me i am the Mama Mary that my tears causes floods… I really dont believe on it so im trying to ignore the voices i heard… Until i found out it was real when i heard my officemates talking about me even im one floor away from them or im in the stairs i still can hear them, everytime im conscious i heard their mind talking about me too…. i heard their minds saying bad things to me….One says it’s a gift. We just need to pray more, let our heart be filled with pure love from our lord so the spirit will be good and will not do harm to us and to our family, let this voices comes to our mind but choose only the good one that will give us knowledge and words of wisdom 🙂 we still have the power to control it 🙂 and choose whether to listen to them or not 🙂

  3. sam

    Yep they tell me stuff i couldnt possibly know, its just like having a conversation with someone else, but there quite er bossy

  4. Jesus

    This kinda helps but not really:(

  5. Charlene

    This is all too familiar, and not all at once. My voices are very irritating and ignorant they try forcing me into certain belief structures and telling lies about me or so it feels to others. They remind me of the corruption of bullies that can frame you do others won’t listen to your pleas for help. I wish I could kill them… I’m not very smart but me against my voices they are either very smart at hiding their intelligence or they are the most ignorant bulling sack of shit I’ve ever known. They know they lie and are constantly pushing to try force me to do something I wouldn’t imagine doing?… How do I make them stop?

  6. Nancy Kuhn

    If you do find a way, please let me know , OK?

  7. Margaret Sawicka

    Yes, I do agree some voices are very intelligent. Some remind me what to do, some prioritize for me, and then there was this one who helped me write a comparison essay. I wrote the thesis myself. It took me about a month of analyzing two poems to come up with something superb. My professor doubted whether I could prove this thesis. I could have proved it if I sought help from a tutor. But I had so much stress that I started to hear voices despite of taking my meds. I thought I’d write it anyway. Well the voice didn’t organize and dictated my complete analysis and I got a D. I’d like to rewrite the essay just to show I could prove the thesis. But, I can’t find the thesis on my computer. Which is a shame because I really impressed myself with that thesis. 🙁

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