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  1. searchingfortheanswerr

    i enjoyed reading this however i would like to add that two years ago i started hearing voices much has happened since then. At the start i went basically full schizophrenic as in every symptom. i eventually worked past being scarred and fearful and started my search as to why this happened for now apparent reason i studied into schizophrenia, ghosts, aliens, 4th dimensional beings, psychology, quantum mechanics and well many other things. I am still searching for my answer and i have became far more enlightened the ever possible if the voices wouldnt have started. i have also gained a few abilities that i never had before this such as very visual memories and ive worked on it to the point i can play movies in my head for short periods in minor detail. i also retain knowledge much better than i used to. i still have very down days when i think about all the shit ive learned and sometimes i mildly go to a somewhat schizophrenic state but i push through and continue my search. The bottom line i learned a towards the beginning schizophrenia wasnt real and it isnt in alot of aspects but the term is really just made because i believe some people become enlightened the fact there is so much more than us and handling the voices is far too hard for many people therefore they become pyschotic/schizo. Also id like to add that quantum physics i believe is the answer to finding out how the voices and other things work. sorry to write so much i hope someone who has had the same problems will find a solution in this.

  2. searchingfortheanswerr

    like to add i put now towards the beginning lol meant to put no 😛

  3. searchingfortheanswerr

    ugh actually there is alot of typo’s

  4. June

    You should look up Jani Scholfield (I believe). She had this as a baby, and if you watch the videos of her you can see she is watching the hallucinations (even as a small infant). I think of her age and her video taped symptoms and story, she really disproves a lot of what is being said here. Just pointing this out. She is a rarity as well as she is a genius, so maybe she is just not within all the other research averages- however she adds an interesting detail to the puzzle.

    Take care,

  5. Lasse

    Good article, but..

    In the 1930’s we got laws against quacks. The winner of the game was the medics. Only medics were allowed to treat the ill, by law.

    In the 1950’s the psycofarmaka were invented. Then the medics took away the manual of diagnosis (DSM) from the psychologists, claiming that people with such severe symptoms as psychosis and hearing voices had to be ill. Medics have been in charge of psychiatry ever since.

    What medics learn at school is about illness and drugs to cure illness. Based on cause and effect, the medics claim that they are using scientific principles in their treatment.

    Today we know that the life of a human being is far more complex than the simple cause and effect thinking the medics are applying in their investigations and treatment. Therefore a new way of thinking has emerged in the west; the holistic.

    We should never use the term ill. The word itself supports the old fashion medical thinking.

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  7. Kevin Garvey

    Ever since my sister was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia with her chief complaint being the voices, I have wondered why are the voices never good or kind. Now I get it. I loved her in a way that others couldn’t. I wish I could have done more.

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