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  1. Lucinda

    I frequently hear voices after a person I know dies. Sometimes without my knowing that they have passed. And no voices after they are buried or cremated. For instance a man who had been married to a cousin of mine, (she died about 8 months before he did) (I had made it possible for the two to talk on the phone a few months before she died) he died on a Wednesday and I began to hear a voice over my shoulder and had no clue to who it might be. Late Thursday evening, I was looking at pictures with a friend, ( I turned to expect someone standing behind me), because I heard in a laughing voice “…that is funny”. I turned back to my friend and ask “Did you hear that?” Early Friday morning I learned he had passed on Wednesday. He was buried on Saturday, and as usual I haven’t heard any voices since.

  2. susanhess

    you have no ides what you are talking about. it doesnt always play out like youre saying.sometimes people from the past or people you ndont even know talk to people,it sometimes has nothing to do with the passing of a loved one. quotes from whatever you have is misleading at best. if people are asking you a question about talking to dead people, dont give them bs quotes for and answer.

  3. Amanda

    I just googled this thought maybe i was under stress who knows….I had lost my dad 3 years ago, Back in september, i had my guallbladder removed, right before i came out of the anistetic I reber having an out of body experiance talking with my dad to the right of me all i remeber was he told me it was time to go back and i woke up, after i got home i was rushed back to the er were they kept me in recovery for 4 days. Months had past like 9 months it was hurting were i had the surgry, it had bothered me for some time, but i was having hose sharp pains and was tossing and turning just trying to rest i heard my dad say Amanda it scared me and i went straight to the hospital, they think i have a bile stone. again months have past today would have been his birthday, im filled with sadness. I have always believed you die you go to heaven are hell. I struggle with my faith at times an blame it on the devil. idk what to think but i know it was my dad whom said my name.-Sorry not wearing my glasses

  4. Phil

    I have had experiences that I have no explaination for and want to be able to fine tune these things to get a better grip on what is really going on. I will not go into specifics at this time as I wonder if these things are real or what. I know I am not going crazy but there is a sense of frustration and fear that I am feeling because I know things aropund me that I feel are real but have yet found a way to prove it to my self or better put I know something is going to happen like death but can’t pinpoint who it will be or who will loose a loved one but the feeling is there and someone dies within a week or less and someone I am around is effected. It is hard to explain! I also get vibes off of people really easy almost like being able to read there mind but not that deep. CAN ANYBODY HELP ME DO SOMETHING POSITIVE WITH THIS?

    1. CJ

      Hi Phil – it’s ok, it can be a positive experience if you allow it to be. Don’t worry about proof. Just take it for what it is – information. Use it to prepare to support someone, and let the rest of it go. Death is part of life – it’s sad, but you don’t have to stop it. You’re lucky if you have the ability to be a bit more informed than the rest of us.


  5. dave

    I am neither a religious nor a ‘spiritual’ person, but I’ve had experiences over the past three years that convince me that souls have powers of communication of which we remain unaware.

    During a hospice deathwatch for my mother, I was sitting up at 1:45 in the morning, tending to her with morphine droplets every 15 minutes or so. She had been completely unresponsive for over two days. Watching the Australian open tennis match, I heard a young woman’s voice clearly an concisely say my name in a non-theatening and even peaceful manner. Somewhat puzzled, I got up and looked down the hall, thinking, perhaps, my brother’s wife had walked down the hall, but this wasn’t the case. Sitting back in my chair for a few minutes I heard the voice again, just as clearly as before. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. I quickly got up and went to my 92-year old mother’s bedside. She was still breathing, but she seemed a bit cold. I pulled the blankets up around her and patted them down. I went back to the TV. Less than five minutes later, my brother appeared at my side, having just woken for his 2 a.m. shift, telling me that our mother was dead. There is no question in my mind d that the voice I heard was that of my mother, as a younger woman, getting my attention to say goodbye.

    About 4 days ago, my uncle passed away on a hospice deathwatch. We were quite close. Early on the final morning his daughter told me she was going to see him early owing to a call from the hospice nurses. I told her I would arrive a short while later. While taking a shower I heard a distinctly audible groaning man’s voice. I was so struck by this that I open the shower stall and looked at the clock. Thinking I was over reacting, I drove off to see my uncle. I arrived at the hospital to see my cousin sitting by her father, now deceased. I told my cousin about hearing a man’s voice. She asked me at what time. It turns out that, to the minute, it was exactly the time e she had taken her father’s hand — four minutes later he stopped breathing.

    I never hear voices, nor do I imagine things. These two incidents, as well as some long past involving a girlfriend, convince me that communications between people can occur in ways that we don’t yet understand. As a scientist myself, my view is that intimate people exchange subatomic particles that, ultimately, are capable of allowing communication that appears to transcend normally understood or accepted physical laws.

    It is as real as anything I’ve ever experienced.

  6. dave

    I might add that these voices have nothing to do with bereavement, as I never hear them before or after the person’s death, but rather at the minutes immediately preceding death.

  7. Tide (Asian)

    It’s a long story but i’ll tried to make it short. It’s been about 8 years now since my younger bro sue passed away. One evening I was over at my parents house, my bro said to me (can I sleep over tonight?) I said to him, well I’ve got work tomorrow and I don’t have the time to take you to register for a new school. So I left home that night. But I didn’t know him and pap had argument before I went over that’s why he was asking to sleep over but I refused him. But if they would of told me I would say ok if that’s the case. He also had a lots of stress about his girlfriend who is pregnant by the age of 13 and his 14 at this time do to my parents won’t let them get married do to young age. But our people do get marriage at that age as a matter a fact more then 50% marriage of that age, my married when she was 13 it’s our way of life. So I didn’t understand why they won’t let them get married especially when she’s pregnant. So he have a lot of mixed up issues in his time. The following morning around 8 or 9 my dad called me, he said OMG HE’S DEAD HE’S DEAD Sue’s dead the first thing in my head was omg somebody killed him. When I got there it wasn’t what I’ve expected no body killed him he hang himself in the closet. He’s brain is shut down nothing works. They kept his heart going by using one of the machine hoping his brain would come back. Doc told us even if by a miracle and he wakes up he will not know anything because the brain won’t be the same anymore. Doc also said its up to us to decide we can waited another day or two it won’t make any difference. So the elders decided to wait tell 12 am befor unplugging the machine. nothing no sighns of any kind, by 12am they unplugged the machine everyone cried out loud just watching and hoping he’ll wake up. Now this is the part that shocks me and my parents and so what you call it miracle. Yes he died and he died at exactly 12am Wednesday. I don’t know why or what so ever reason I didn’t have my phone with me the time the incident happened all the way tell he died. After we came home I took my phone from where I put in my house. Get in the car with my wife I start driving but don’t rember where we’re going. She took the phone she opened it and listent to the voice massages. As soon as she listen to the massage she looks at me in a shock way and throw me the phone as I was driving. I picked it up pressed play but befor it plays the massagess the voice operator always remind you of the date and times of the massage receives right. New massage Wednesday 12am, it says ( jay please help me jay please help me) sounds like in a way that someone was chocking and you’re struggle to get some air out and speak at the same time. And it was his voice and I know it’s his voice but my family didn’t want to agreed with me when they heard the massage they said someone is playing trick on me and they force me to delete it and don’t let anyone els listen to it so I deleted it. I think of this everyday for 8 years and even now. So first time I refused to help him second I failed to help him and only end up with a massage, would it of been a different way if I had my phone with me, could I really helped him. He desperately needs my help and I just turn him down. I think of this everyday and telling myself it’s my fault. Can anyone please tell me what should I do. Thanks for your time.

  8. Tide (Asian)

    I use to call jay I just change my name when I got my citizenship.

  9. Name

    I’ve been experiencing similar things lately. Happened last Wednesday and today. I hear my deceased brother’s voice on the answering machine and all he says is his old cell number. When this happens, I get an actual phone call ringing and I let it go to voice mail. That’s when I hear his voice sometimes. Sometimes his voice is heard just before the telemarketer/ recorded message starts speaking. The call back number is always to some organization to donate to, or from a free trip scam. I’m not sure what to make of any of this.

  10. felicia

    My name Felicia,i lost my husband 6 years ago to a collapsed building at his working place.So ever since then life has not be unfair to me and my only son.A friend of his advice to find a diviner to that i can speak to him at least for once.I thought that it was not possible for someone to speak with dead people.He persuaded me to do it,so i searched on the internet so i found people testifying on how Doctor Jefferson has helped them to speak to their dead ones.I contacted him and guess what i finally spoke to my husband,and my son also spoke to him.I am very happy and thanks to doctor Jefferson.

  11. kim

    I lost my uncle June 24the 2012 …he was only two months older than me so we were more like brother and sister. I am the only family member that did a reception for the friends. No family bothered to help me in any kind of way…alot has happened in my life since the love. For the last month I have seen and heard him numerous times… I thought that it was just me but two of my best friends have heard him breathing into the phone,he has waved at my best friend from a picture I have of him hanging on my wall..I have seen him wwalking down the road. He visits me nightly in my sleep…i recently went out of town to clear my head and the day i got back home all the positive energy i had reclaimed out of town waa sucked right back out of me…i know i am grieving and have held it in for to long…i just dont understand why someone I was so close to is trying to drive me crazier than I already feel. To say the least over the paSt three weeks I have tried to commit suicide. I am today going for a assement with a psychiatrist to try to figure out where to go from here….just wanted to know if anyone elseas been through this and what can I do to make him let me move on…and the whole time i was writing this he was messing with me through my phone like he doesnt want me to get better or get advice…what to do very confused!!!

  12. Bob

    I had a very close female friend for 40 years. She considered me her best friend and she was my best friend. She had what is known as a silent heart attack. She thought it was indigestion/GERD, but things went down hill as the week progressed. Finally her sister (a nurse) took her to the hospital, and she was immediately admitted into the cardiac intensive care unit and later transferred to a high tech big city hospital in Ohio. I spent the night in the intensive care facility with her, but was forced to leave during morning restrictive hours. I needed sleep desperately and found my way to a motel miles away from the hospital intending to return as soon as I could. During a heart cath procedure early that morning, my dear friend went into cardiac arrest and died. I was in my motel room in bed, but I am sure I was awake. I heard her gently call my name. I thought I was imagining or hallucinating after spending the night in this high stress situation where nothing was going right. I looked at my watch after I heard her say my name. I had my eyes closed when it happened, but I am sure I was awake because I was so wired up. It sounded like her voice came from above me and to my right. A little later, I got a call from her sister telling me she had died. I totally lost it. I know what happened, but cannot explain it or prove it happened. I have never had a similar experience, and I was a Hospice volunteer for 10 years and have seen some heavy duty stuff. This experience…this one second connection, has totally blown me away. I am and continue to be in deep grief, but I now feel my friend is gone. I have been told this was a gift from her or from God, and I believe it was, but it has also totally blown me away. I do not understand how this could happen.

  13. Jennifer

    I lost my mom in 2001. She had pancreatic cancer and past away when she was only 41 years old. The day she died was the worst day of my life. I was only 19 and I was pregnant and feeling awful. She had always been my strength. That night after they took her from our house me and my grandmother fell asleep in her bed. She had only been taken from the bed a couple hours before and I felt close to her there. That night I woke up feeling arms around my body very tightly,so I threw myself off the bed. I got scared. I wish now I didn’t do that. The next day I was looking through photos in her room and I heard her yell “JENNY” like she always did. I flipped out, and asked everyone if they heard her, but no one did. I never heard her again, or physically felt her again, but I always feel that she watches out for me. I miss her so much, but knowing this happened helps me feel that life after death is real, and that is a blessing.

  14. vrsubbu

    No. of times,I have heard fine tune with a clear voice, It was misleading me during deep sleeping day or night. When I was traveling in the train on 18-09-2015 at 2 to 3 O’clock am, I heard a bad message. which disturbs me.

  15. Wilf Richmond

    My wife passed away , a final kiss and goodbye , I turned to walk away , a voice close to her but not from her said , Thank you. This has given me comfort over the last few days

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