2 responses to “Redefining Hearing Voices”

  1. Neah

    Good Heavens…

    Im sorry ifi did not read everything – but something pushed me out. How about MIND CONTROL?????What will be said about it? Can you open your mind for that kind of knowledge????Let me say – if you concentrate at that part of reality, reason of “sickness” can be so much different. If anybody would like to know more, please contact me with my mail. Such cases are real – REAL.Schisophrenia???????REALLY?????????????I wouldnt be so sure.


  2. Leoni

    I hear negative voices for 1yr and 2 months now, my husband cant hear the voices and it sounds like family and friends close to me, we are using substance, but I’m always drinking calm pills(48 a week) that I never did. Please what must I do, I cant take it any more.

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