2 responses to “Recovering from Voices by Changing Your Relationship”

  1. Natalie Green

    As part of my recovery from suffering with hearing voices, when I was able to start from being back at home again, from hospital, in order to “have a distraction from them”, so in other words to zap out, of it, I put my walkman on, listening to cds own carefully selected music, and because music is poweful as a positive way as a distraction, is very helpful for me. I am a mental health well person, however I am in a position, where I can’t do paid work, so via at home, i’do my cross stitiching/knitting, with the walkman on combined, go out on errands, shopping this is, to help me get fresh air, and also I am on call for volunteering. I also work out in Aerobics/dance aerobics, 2 or 3 times where needed.

  2. Joanna

    I heard voices from the age of 19 to the age of 34. Nowadays a I realize it was all due to bullying, I suffered a lot at school, at the club and where I lived due to being of foreign parents.

    After a nervous breakdown in May this year i decided it was enough. I relaxed as much as possible and put the voices out of my head. I decided to think only about my self and put the voice of the bullies in their right place. The voices started getting less and less and now they have fully gone away. I can start making plans for the future, look for a steady job, maybe go back to studying a degree, who knows, the skys the limit now!

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