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  1. Jacqueline podevin

    I dont see why I should be limited in my attempts at recovery by any one else’s idea of ‘danger’ No one in the psychiatric profession has ever saved me from any danger and I rather think they have put me in danger with pharmaceuticals that have later been taken off the market as unsafe – I think I prefer to face my own danger in my own way . Since I came to the hearing voices group I have a more balanced view of my extra sensory ‘gifts’ I also value my own expertise and that of other voice hearers over any one elses pronouncements – i think I understand very well what is healing and what is dangerous . I got these voices from a process of childhood abuse – I am not goign to fall into the trap of being abused again as an adult

  2. Paul Baker

    Some more supporters of the open letter received since publication:

    Valentina Alexa. Psychologist, Romania.

    Ron Coleman, voice hearer, trainer/consultant, Working To Recovery Ltd, Scotland, UK

    Sentamu Daniel, Facilitator of the Kampala Hearing voices Group, Kampala, Uganda

    Ellen Duff – Psychologist in Clinical Training, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust: UK

    Lucy Goldsmith, Doctoral Researcher, University of Manchester, UK

    Gordon Kay – Senior Social Worker QLD Health; QLD Hearing Voices Project Manager; member of International Society for Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis AU; member of the newly formed Hearing Voices Network committee QLD: Australia

    Roos Korste, psychologist, in2mentalhealth, the Netherlands

    Alison Scarth, Senior Clinical Psychologist, North Community Mental Health, Southern District Health Board, Dunedin: New Zealand

    Dr Claire Seddon, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Liverpool, UK

    Dr Neil Thomas, Director, Voices Clinic, Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, and Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia

    Jenny Turner – voice hearer, Leeds: UK

    1. Jim Probert

      I would love to add my name in support:

      Dr. Jim Probert, peer by lived experience and psychologist, University of Florida Counseling and Wellness Center, USA.

  3. Berton Valérie

    Je ressens tout à fait ce que la psychologue MMe Bed adit de son expérience d’entendre des voix
    Récemment, divorce de mes parents, perte d’emploi ne m’ont pas épargnée. Dans mon enfance, “mariage de nuit” comme le dénotent les catholiques, enfance à la fois lumineuse et tragique de mes relations avec les gens.
    Je suis terrifiée par les voix que j’entends actuellement : tu n’es pas belle, il fallait vivre. quand je résiste, elles me répondent :il est zéro, ton “je vis”
    J’aimerais une réponse à cette lettre et un contact.

  4. Anne Jarvis

    I also would love to add my name in support.

    Anne Jarvis – mental health RN prior to BSW MSW and currently PhD Candidate;also lecturing in mental health social work – teaching critical perspectives. Flinders University: South Australia.

  5. Julie Greene, MFA

    I would like to add my name in support as well. Julie Greene, MFA in Creative Writing, Goddard College. Lithium survivor, ECT survivor, survivor of an eating disorder and the inhumane care thereof.

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