4 responses to “World Hearing Voices Day 2011”

  1. Trevor Eyles

    Denmark: There will be a Hearing Voices meeting celebrating International Hearing-Voices Day, in Odense. A number of voice-hearers will speak of their experiences, and former voice-hearer, and keynote speaker Anders Schakow will share his story. The event will take place at Social&Sundheds Skolen from 13.00 – 17.00.

  2. Robin Timmers

    In the Netherlands there is an open day of the Dutch Hearing Voices Network called Weerklank on saturday 17 september.


  3. Kevin Healey

    Greetings from Toronto

    We now have a group in Toronto.
    …if you hear voices you are welcome
    we meet the third thursday of the month.


  4. roberto berroa

    Necesito ayuda, estas voces me tienen loco, estoy cansado de luchar con esto

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