2 responses to “Voices Unlocked: Supporting people in prison who hear voices”

  1. Paulette Dare

    I’ve about this approach to hearing voices, as well as this groups founders have and do. My adult son was “diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia” and is currently in a state mental hospital. He’s been deemed incompetent to stand trial. This is his 2nd time being locked up there. They wont give him Any talk therapy, much less something as new as intervoices approach to help. I would like to know if there is any groups or organizations in the U.S. that practices this approach? If so can you Please email me Any info. You have. So I can help him get some help that will actually help him. This approach makes perfect sense to me. To him as well. I have thought this since the beginning of this hellish nightmare began almost 6 yrs. ago.I hate the thought of any more of his life being wasted. Getting care from a system that doesnt seem to truly understand where the problems are originating from. And they seem to be very closed minded and set in their text book beliefs. In the mean time life goes by and lives are wasted and destroyed. Any help is Appreciated. Thank You in Advance. Respectfully, Paulette Dare. (J.N.D.s Mom)

  2. Paulette Dare

    I meant Ive Thought about….sorry about the mistake at the beginning of my statement.

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