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The development of a Canadian HVN is underway!  Maria Haarmans from Toronto, Ontario. Maria is the INTERVOICE representative in Canada and is bringing together organisations and  individuals to stimulate development of hearing voices work across Canada

Quebec Hearing Voices Network

Le Pavois is a mental health organisation based in Quebec, they work with the Francophonic community and have been developing work on hearing voices since 2007, including providing training and supporting groups, producing DVD’s and conducting research and evaluation projects.. They have translated “Working with Voices”, and are also translating ‘Accepting your Voices’.

They have also produced a French language introduction to their work, which you can read here (

Contact Us

Canadian HVN: Maria Haarmans

Website: Hearing Voices in Canada Website and Forum hosted by Brian Glover

Quebec HVN: Brigitte Soucy | 418-627-9779

Le Pavois de Québec, 2380, Mont-Thabor avenue, Québec (Québec), G1J 3W7


Find A Group

In addition to contacting the networks above, you can also contact the following:


Meeting Place: ROBSM (Regroupement des Organismes de Base en Santé Mentale)
1285 rue Notre-Dame Centre, Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada, G9A 4X2 [email protected], (819) 691 – 2592

People have to contact Gaëtan Legault before going to the meeting

Gaëtan Legault: Tel: (819) 297 – 2006 | Email: [email protected]
9290 des Noyers, Bécancour, Québec, Canada, G9H 3R9

Meeting time and day and frequency: Tous les vendredis à 19h00 (Every Friday at 19h00)

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8 responses to “Canada”

  1. Shelby Ososkie

    I really like studying and I believe this website got some truly useful stuff on it! .

  2. Gaëtan Legault

    Hi, I am the concellor of the Trois-Rivières group in Québec, Canada.

    I write this comment to let you know that we now have a website, constructed and update by the ROBSM organisation.

    Thanks for your time,


    P.S. The name of the Trois-Rivières group is ” Entendons-nous “

  3. Meg

    Hi, are there any meetings in or around Toronto?
    If not how do I go about starting one, are there guidelines or a format of how a meeting should run?

    1. milos
  4. Nancy

    I just clicked on the link above “hearing voices in Canada website and forum” and it said the website is currently Expired… would have been nice to have this resource in Canada.

  5. Amina


    Can anyone tell me if there is a hearing voices meeting group in and around Simcoe County or Barrie, ON, Canada?

    Thank you

  6. Kevin Healey

    I don’t know why this old info is still up..I’ll try to find out who to contact to update it.

    We’ve had a Hearing Voices Group in Toronto since 2009.

    We meet the third Thursday each month

    Near Ossington Subway

    If you want to come contact Kevin Healey
    we’ll send you the address.

    We also have Hearing Voices Cafe
    {usually] the first Monday each month

    Coffee and All That Jazz,
    Howard Park Ave

    For more about what’s on in and around Toronto
    as well as trainings and workshops,
    take a look at …


  7. Kevin

    Its mostly pretty old.

    Also I’ve started a simple site for Canada the one listed above is defunct: it will be a simple hub to share info about what you’re doing where you live..

    Toronto’s group is coming up to is sixth birthday.

    If you have info to share I can add it.

    Kevin H

    you can reach me at
    [email protected]

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