One response to “Report: 3rd World Hearing Voices Congress 03/09/11”

  1. Rosemary Campbell

    I have found that the voices most people including me hear are the voices of their departed relatives and friends trying to speak through them and help them to understand that the spirits of the dead can return to earth and speak through those who want to communicate with them.
    I am hoping this will help more doctors to know that their patients who hear voices may not know what is happening to them, and with the attitude that many people have they don’t accept that the spirits of their dead realtives and others can come back and speak to them, give advice and just carry on general conversations with them, in an effort to help them to understand better that there is really life after death.
    when a human passes away the spirit leaves the body and takes with it all its intelligence, and memories good and or bad depending on how they pass and they at times want to come back and talk to someone about these things, and normally its their relatives and friends that they try to return to talk to.
    Many people don’t understand what is happening to them, and they become frightened and think they are mentally ill, and with the attitude of many who refuse to accept the truth due to some of their religious beliefs, they have been taught when we die we go to heaven and or hell and can never return, but they can visit.
    After many years of communicating with the spirit world its my opinion the demons Jesus wrote about may be the disgruntled spirits of the dead that no one will listen to.
    The spirits of course may become angry when people bring in exorcists and reject them and refuse to believe they are alive, wanting to let them know they are still alive in spirit.
    Better Education is what is necessary in these situations.

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