Connecting People and Ideas in the Hearing Voices Movement

Last month Kellie Stastny, Intervoice’s Chair, spoke on ABC Radio about her experience of hearing voices and the Hearing Voices Movement. 

You can listen to an excerpt from the interview, here:

Kellie Stastny – ABC Radio Interview

After the interview, we spoke with Kellie about her experience of it – and her hopes for doing awareness raising media work.

What’s the interview for?

The interview was organised by Latrobe University media team after a sit down I had with them.

Why did you take part in it?

I took part despite some apprehension about doing a live radio interview but I felt that helping to challenge the stigma associated with hearing voices and the enduring misconceptions.

What message do you most want to get into mainstream media channels?

The message I wanted to be a part of more mainstream narratives is the biomedical model is limited in the way it tries to resolve the problems that can often underline voice hearing. There are other alternative constructs of how to understand and respond to the experiences. 

What more would you have liked to say if you’d have had time?

I would have liked to have had more time to really unpack more of the experience of hearing voices and connecting it to trauma informed care, alongside spiritual and cultural contexts.

How do you feel, now you’ve done it?

I always feel a little exposed sharing myself and my story. Particularly when it is close to home there is a real element rawness and fear which I feel is based around wanting to be accepted.

Intervoice was set up to support the International Hearing Voices Movement, celebrating the diversity and creativity within it. We do what we can to share information and connect people with groups, networks and resources.

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