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Rufus May recently posted a link to a Spanish sub-titled version of ‘The Doctor Who Hears Voices’ on Youtube.

Talking about the documentary, he says:

Some Spanish friends have put Spanish sub-titles on the film, the Doctor Who Hears Voices and have put it on Youtube. Its a drama-documentary about a Junior Doctor who started to hear voices and could not seek medical help as it would jeapordise her career so she sought non-medical confidential help (from me).

The film polarises medical and non-medical approaches (largely developed by the Hearing Voices network) and makes the risks seem very dramatic but conveys many of the dilemmas and issues trying to change your relationship with voices in a medicalised world.

Rufus May participó como ponente en la IX Jornada Anual de Fundación Manantial celebrada en Madrid en noviembre 2011.

En 2008, la BBC, produjo y emitió este documental, dirigido por el documentalista Leo Regan.

Traducido y subtitulado al español por profesionales y usuarios de Fundación Manantial, con la autorización de Rufus May para su difusión en castellano.

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