Connecting People and Ideas in the Hearing Voices Movement

We’re really excited to share that HVN Western Australia has had plenty of media airtime in recent months. In addition to launching a new website, they released an inspirational you tube video to reach out to people who are hearing voices and share some friendly advice.

Check out this clip: ‘You Hear, We Listen’

On 30 June, HVN Western Australia received an IPAA Achievement Award in the category of “Business News Innovation Award for Innovation in the Not-For-Profit Sector. Receiving the award alongside volunteers, Amanda Waegeli (co-ordinator) said:

“We know from our work that not all people experience distress with these experiences, but for many it can be extremely disruptive. However, when explored, and when useful coping strategies are applied, these experiences can lead to understanding and acceptance.”

“The more recognition the Network gets, the more people living with voices, their families, friends, professionals, support workers and all members of the community will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the experience of hearing voices.”

Then, in July Amanda was featured in a LotteryWest ‘Community Stories’ advertising campaign – demonstrating that recovery really IS possible.

Well done to everyone in HVN Western Australia!

Intervoice was set up to support the International Hearing Voices Movement, celebrating the diversity and creativity within it. We do what we can to share information and connect people with groups, networks and resources.

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