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Please note, this research is being undertaken independently of Intervoice. Please contact the researchers directly for more information. As always, make sure you read what’s involved carefully before deciding whether you wish to take part or not.

Measuring and understanding different types of voice hearing

We are looking for people who have the experience of hearing voices which other people do not hear.

People have a range of experiences of hearing voices, which has made researchers think that maybe there are different types of voices.

This study is testing a new questionnaire about voice hearing to see if different types of voices exist and can be measured easily using a questionnaire. It will also look at whether certain types of voices are linked to different styles of thinking. It is thought that this might help us understand the causes of certain types of voices, and could then be used to improve therapy for people who are distressed by voices.

We are looking for about 100 people over the age of 16 who speak English. We need people who have heard voices in the last three months. The study takes place online, where people will be asked to complete some questionnaires about their experiences.


If you are interested in finding out more, you can contact the researcher:

Petrina Cox: petrina.Cox@postgrad.

Supervisors: Eleanor Longden, Filippo Varese, Tony Morrison

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