2013 World Hearing Voices Day

There have been some really exciting developments in the World Hearing Voices Movement over the last year. New groups and initiatives have been launched, established ones have gone from strength […]

Open Letter to Allen Frances

Introduction This is an open letter from INTERVOICE to Allen Frances, Professor Emeritus at Duke University, about an article he published in the Huffington Post entitled Psychiatry and Recovery: Finding Common Ground and Joining Forces. Professor Frances […]

World Hearing Voices Day - 14 September

World Hearing Voices Day – 14 September

World Hearing Voices Day celebrates hearing voices as part of the diversity of human experience, increasing awareness of the fact that you can hear voices and be healthy. It challenges […]

One of A Million Campaign

Hearing voices is a normal though unusual and personal variation of human experience. Hearing voices makes sense in relation to personal life experiences. The problem is not hearing voices but […]

Patsy Hague: Co-founder

Patsy Hage heard voices and was a patient of Marius Romme. It was Patsy who started the whole investigation into the meaning of voices in the Netherlands. Patsy’s story is […]