2017 Congress - USA

2017 Congress – USA

Hearing Voices USA is proud to present the 9th World Hearing Voices Congress: A Revolution of Unseen Voices. August 16-18, 2017 @ Boston University, MA The Intervoice Day will be held […]

2014 World Hearing Voices Day

There have been some really exciting developments in the World Hearing Voices Movement over the last year. New groups and initiatives are being developed across the world – including Bosnia, […]

2009 Congress – Maastricht, Netherlands

The 1st World Hearing Voices Congress took place in Maastricht, Netherlands in September 2009. It was this congress that led to the formation of Intervoice. Summary of the Congress Presentations in this conference […]

2010 Congress - Nottingham, England

2010 Congress – Nottingham, England

The 2nd World Hearing Voices Congress was hosted by Hearing Voices Network England and Asylum Associates. Raising Our Voices – Speaking Our Truths Intervoice Day 2 November, Congress 3 & […]

2011 Congress – Savona, Italy

The 3rd World Hearing Voices Congress was hosted by the Italian Hearing Voices Network. Living with Voices, Paths to Recovery Intervoice Day 1 September, Congress 2 & 3 September 2011 Savona, Italy Congress Presentations […]

2012 Congress – Cardiff, Wales

The 4th World Hearing Voices Congress was hosted by Hearing Voices Network Cymru, Working to Recovery and Asylum Associates. Learning from the Past, Practising in the Present, Visioning for Future […]

2013 Congress - Melbourne, Australia

2013 Congress – Melbourne, Australia

The 5th World Hearing Voices Congress was hosted by the Australian Hearing Voices Network. Hearing Voices: Journeys to Understanding, Sharing Experience, Expertise & Wisdom Intervoice Day 20 November, Congress 21-22 […]

2014 Congress – Thessaloniki, Greece

The 6th World Hearing Voices Congress was hosted by the Hellenic Hearing Voices Network and the Hellenic Observatory for Rights in the Field of Mental Health. Odysseying with the Sirens: Struggling Towards […]

2015 Congress - Madrid, Spain

2015 Congress – Madrid, Spain

The 7th World Hearing Voices Congress was hosted by the Spanish Hearing Voices Network – Entrevoces. Building on our common experience, building a world in common Intervoice Day 5 November, […]

2016 Congress - Paris, France

2016 Congress – Paris, France

The 8th World Hearing Voices Congress is hosted by REV France, the French Hearing Voices Network. Making History, Owning Our Stories 19 – 22nd October 2016,  Paris (France) See: www.paris2016.revfrance.org […]

Annual World Hearing Voices Congress

Annual World Hearing Voices Congress

Each year, with the support of Intervoice, a different national network hosts a World Hearing Voices Congress. These congresses are a wonderful opportunity to bring together people who hear voices, family […]