Connecting People and Ideas in the Hearing Voices Movement

Prerna, a student at the Anna Freud Centre and University College London, has been working with Voice Collective to do a study on the experiences of young people who hear voices and their families. She’s particularly interested in people’s experiences of getting help and support from these experiences and the way they feel about mental health professionals. Her overall aim is to help mental health professionals learn what is, and isn’t, useful about the way they work.

She has already done a few in depth interviews with families in London, and has used these interviews to create a short online survey to find out whether their experiences are similar to, or different from, a wider group.

If you are a young voice-hearer, or a parent of a young voice-hearer, and would like to contribute your experiences, you can find the survey by clicking on the following links:

Young person’s survey:

Parent’s survey:

Prerna will share her results with us once they are available

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